When It Is Time For The Bustle, Be Prepared!

After you have said "I'Do," that beautiful train on your dress may become very inconvenient for walking throughout your reception or even being able to be seated for dinner.  Make sure that your wedding coordinator and at least two people in your wedding party are comfortable bustling your gown.  I have seen several brides attempt to explain to someone else how they would like their gown bustled, but it is often difficult to explain when you most likely can't see or reach the bustle loops while in your gown. Having two or more bridesmaids or family members who have been shown by you or the bridal salon how to properly bustle the gown, will save you time and energy during your reception.  You may want to practice, as well as bring a photo of what the dress should look like when bustled.  Depending on the weight of the train itself, bustling it incorrectly could damage the gown.

If you haven't selected your gown yet, make sure to ask the bridal salon to show you the different options and styles for bustling your top three to five gowns.  Click here to see some examples of bustles.  If possible, have your wedding planner, bridesmaid or family member with you at your final fitting so that you can practice with the bridal consultant there to assist you if needed.  I also recommend to make sure you have a small sewing kit in your "emergency kit" just in case your gown gets stepped on and pulls out your bustle.  You may be able to pin it, or reinforce the loops and buttons.

Happy Planning!