Not So Traditional? Not To Worry!

Do you consider yourself a non-traditional couple?  If so, you may be questioning if you really need to follow all of the wedding customs like wearing a veil, not seeing each other before the wedding, or wearing boutonnieres and corsages.  While it is completely up to you if you decide to skip these traditions, you might be suprised how these types of details makes it "feel" like a wedding.  Where do these traditions come from anyway? Boutonnieres Traditionally, the flower was placed in the button hole of the man’s suit or tuxedo. However, these days, most bouts are pinned directly to the man’s lapel, a long standing trend that aging French women still scoff at. Alternatives: Pocket Sqaures, non-floral boutonnieres such as feathers, fabric, twine etc. Bridal Bouquet The bridal bouquet today is anything from lilies to roses or orchids or a combination or many beautiful exotic or ordinary flowers.  The use of flowers in a bridal bouquet started off as a way to symbolize fertility and everlasting love.  Before flowers, many brides carried bouquet of garlic, herbs and grain to ward off evil spirits.

Ceremony Seating, Why on the Left? Have you ever wondered why the bride’s family is seated on the left side of the church and the groom’s side is seated on the right? The tradition stems from medieval times when men wore swords on their right side. It is said they needed that side free in order to draw their sword and protect his bride. Alternative: Open seating for guests to sit where they please, except for reserved seating.


The Veil The Tradition: The introduction of the veil came into  Europe during the time of the Crusades.  In early weddings the bride was  bargained for through her father. Covered in a veil, she was revealed  to her husband after the ceremony.  Brides also wore orange blossom  wreaths in the hair on top of the veil, which is where the tiara could  have originated from.  Veils were used as a symbol of virginity and  purity for brides given to their mates. Alternative: If the idea of wearing a veil doesn't appeal to you, consider an alternative such as not covering your face, or skipping one altogether.  Photo Courtesy of

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