Vegas Baby!

When you announce your exciting news to your closest friends, odds are the responses will be the following: 1. "OMG Congrats, Soooo Exciting!" 2. "Let me see that rock!" 3. "So let's talk bachelorette party details, Vegas?"

Okay so you may have some variations but the general consensus is that your friends are super excited for you and therefore must plan the ultimate bachelorette party of course.  I personally have not done the Vegas bachelorette party, but my girls and I definitely gave Tahoe a run for their money.

If you see yourself walking down the strip in a veil and sash, than this post is for you. 1_Las_vegas_strip

Hotel Stay Before your designated bridesmaid or maid of honor books rooms at a hotel, first make sure that you have a solid head count of everyone who plans to attend and who can agree to put money towards a deposit.  (Tip: Use one credit card, and have everyone pay their portion of the bill to the designated card holder.)

Other things to consider are the amenities included, distance from the airport, and/or to the major attractions or sites you plan on seeing, and the general vibe of the hotel.  (You don't want to get kicked out or anything..)


When planning the attire for the trip, a good idea is to put together an itinerary first and then plan on what to wear.  For example, decide if the group will explore the town on the first night and eat in, pool day and then a nice dinner afterwards etc.  Some groups decide to do a themed outing like little black dresses (bride wears white, or other color to stand out) costumes, or fun hair/make-up.    Here are a few pieces for inspiration: Mystic Snow White Dress from: For Elyse Inc. Love Stitch Nashville Dreams Dress from: For Elyse Inc.

Stella & Dot Sutton Necklace - White Stone from: Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot Mallorca Chandeliers from: Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot Devon Chandeliers- Silver from: Stella & Dot Women's Shoes - ShoeDazzle - over 3.5" up to 5" Pump - White/ Off White from: ShoeDazzle Women's Shoes - ShoeDazzle - over 3.5" up to 5" Pump - Pink from: ShoeDazzle

Women's Shoes - ShoeDazzle - over 3.5" up to 5" Pump - Pink from: ShoeDazzle



Sashes, Tiaras & Party Fun The Bachelorette Tiara - $8.99 from: Bachelorette Sash - Pink Gemstone from: Bride-to-Be Spin Book - Tons of Wild Games! - $5.99 from: The 51 Most Popular Drinking Games - $13.49 from:

VIP Reservations Planning a trip for a large group can have some challenges, make sure to consider the size of your party when booking tickets, tables and other services.  Additional gratuity may be applied in some cases, so plan accordingly.  There are some benefits to a large group as you can often get into clubs and events and get upgrades such as tables or VIP etc because you are bringing a large group to their venue.  Call around to promotors and event companies to see if there is anything you can do ahead of time to snatch up some perks!

The point of this trip is to have an amazing time with your close friends or family members, so be safe and keep it classy!



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