The Big Question

The big question isn't "To be, or not to be" it is "Will you be my Maid of Honor?." This question shouldn't be taken lightly and you can't just ask anyone now can you.. it's sort of a big deal. Sure, you know who you want to have as your maid of honor, but have you considered how you want to ask or maybe you feel that it is a unspoken understanding that if and when you walk down that aisle, your bestie will be right beside you along the way. Either way we think we have found some pretty cute ways to ask:

1. Come right out and ask with a card The Big Question : Wild Strawberry Designed by Eleanor Grosch from: Shutterfly, Inc.

Stylish Request : Bay Designed by Tallu-lah from: Shutterfly, Inc.

2. Put a frame on it Maybe you don't have to ask, it is just a given.. place your fav photo here

Personalized Maid of Honor Frame from: Koyal Wholesale

3.  Pop the question Will you be my

Pop up Message from Etsy


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