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We've all heard that old saying - "practice makes perfect;" well when it comes to weddings we think it is the logistics that save the day! 

When you book your wedding venue or even when planning a wedding in your own back yard, you are taking a canvas and filling it with tables, chairs, DJ equipment, dance floor, buffet tables, a bar and much more.  Then the task becomes designing the space so that it is not only beautiful, but so that it is nice and open - no bottle necks of traffic at the bar or the buffet line and that everyone can see the events going on throughout the evening.  

Adding tools, features and resources to our planning packages not only improves efficiency on the backend but we know it gives couples the extra reassurance that all of the details are being managed.  When we sit down with our full service and design clients we are able to build the experience with them from day one!


This process takes vision, and critical thinking skills because we aren't always working with a cookie cutter space.  We also have to consider power supply, lighting, level ground and the logistics for catering to prep and serve the food.  Sometimes we sketch the space and give an outline of the set-up after walking through the space, and getting to hear more about your vision.  Then we can apply these sketches and the couple's wish into a more detailed floor plan design that we can share with all of the vendors ahead of time. 


Need to figure out how many extra uplights to add on with your DJ? Let's see those lights in action and plan out your space accordingly.  Visualize where the guests will be when the reception is underway!


Aside from the planning of the space we also build your timeline so that you can make the most of your day.  We don't want to waste any precious moments due to something that could be prevented such as transportation problems, lighting or venue access.  

Our couples can log into their planning dashboard and have 24/7 access to their timeline, guest list, budget, design studio and planning checklist among many other helpful tools!


When your guest count changes so does your rental order, catering invoice, floor plan and transportation schedule.  Having a wedding planner on board to communicate with all of the event partners you have booked will save you time and ultimately give you a smoother wedding experience overall.  

Are you considering hiring a wedding planner for your special day? We would love to learn more about your vision and help you create the logistics to make it all happen!

~ Happy Planning! ~ 

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The 530 Bride Anniversaries | Celebrating our 2015 Couples

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest..well it may not always be easy but a successful and healthy marriage takes commitment and communication but it doesn't have to be "hard."  We get to experience all of the planning milestones with our couples from their engagement excitement to bigger decisions and the "busyness" of life while planning their wedding.  When their big day comes and they sign the marriage license, it's real! They are finally hitched. 

After the wedding as life returns to the new normal, there are often big changes like a new home, new jobs or just adjusting to married life.  We wanted to take a moment to celebrate more than just the beautiful dress, decor, and the glow of their magical day. We want to acknowledge the commitment they have made to each other by celebrating their first year of marriage! 

You are my today and all of my tomorrows.
— Leo Christopher
Cate & Chris | 4.2.15 - Photo by  Julia Lukash Photography  

Cate & Chris | 4.2.15 - Photo by Julia Lukash Photography 

Merrit & Eric | 5.2.15 - Photo:  Katelyn Owens Photography

Merrit & Eric | 5.2.15 - Photo: Katelyn Owens Photography

Teresa & Jason | 7.25.15 - Photo by  Wurzbach Fisher Photography

Teresa & Jason | 7.25.15 - Photo by Wurzbach Fisher Photography

Erin & Seth | 8.29.15 - Photo by  Artpix Portrait Studio , See more photos of their day  here

Erin & Seth | 8.29.15 - Photo by Artpix Portrait Studio, See more photos of their day here

Mmm Monday | Comfort Food Entrees & Appetizers

Guests won't be leaving hungry!

Planning your wedding involves deciding on a menu that will please the masses.  While the traditional wedding menus are always a sure thing, we are thinking about some of the options "outside the box."  We have rounded up some interesting entree options that will be sure to not only keep your guests talking, but they will be sure to enjoy your cocktail hour and look forward to dinner.  From Mac'n Cheese cups, wontons & guacamole dips they all hit the spot! Ask your caterer what type of entrees and appetizers they offer, you might just be surprised at how many options they have.

Two Bite Mac and Cheese cups -

Two Bite Mac and Cheese cups -

Crispy Wonton Mozzarella Sticks - via

Crispy Wonton Mozzarella Sticks - via

Beer Braised Chicken Sliders -

Beer Braised Chicken Sliders -

Italian Pizza - via  

Italian Pizza - via 

Mexican Food Truck - Via  Wedding Bee

Mexican Food Truck - Via Wedding Bee

Baked Potato/Spud Bar via  Pinterest  

Baked Potato/Spud Bar via Pinterest 

Single Serving French Fries - via  Pinterest

Single Serving French Fries - via Pinterest

Feeling hungry yet? Hope these ideas give you some inspiration for your wedding menu!
~Happy Planning~

Pre-Wedding Beauty Trends

1. That Healthy GlowTips-to-Have-a-Healthy-Skin Many brides will start focusing on their skin as the wedding count down begins and want to achieve a "healthy glow."  Consider seeking a beauty professional/estitician for recommendations on products and treatments to help clear up any uneven tones, blemishes etc.

While controversial to some, tanning is often a go-to regimen for brides. There are many ways to achieve this look, and luckily there are sun-free options to consider such as spray tans & lotions.  Make sure to follow safety recommendations with any of these products or tanning services, and be sure not to over expose your skin to any harmful rays.

Remember that staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet will often help improve skin conditions!

2. Hair Extensions feature-hair-extensions Who doesn't want to have the wedding day hair of their dreams?  If aren't naturally gifted with long locks or just want to do something different than your "normal do" consider extensions.  Extensions come in different price ranges depending on how permanent or natural you want them to be.  For example, their are hair pieces that are made to enhance an up-do and can be clipped in easily.  These are much less expensive than individual extensions that need to be glued in.  Natural human hair extensions will cost more than synthetic, but will offer the option to use heat tools like straighteners and curling irons.

It is recommended to talk with your hair stylist regarding your plans for your day of hairstyle, and give yourself time to explore the different options for hair extensions so that you have purchased  them in time for your up-do trial.

3. Nail Care  tumblr_ml242fjr021qkm7v2o1_500 Since the moment he proposed, your nails have become a little higher priority with that rock on your finger. You may have already started taking bette

r care of your nails by using cuticle oil, hand cream or getting regular manicures.  While acrylic or gel nails have been a staple of the wedding day look, many brides are opting for a gel or shellac style manicure.  Prices can vary depending on the application of the nails, and the products used.  Often the bride will schedule a day with their wedding party to get manicures/pedicures/artificial nails done before the wedding.

4. Fitness/Dieting

wedding dumbells Ask any fitness trainer and they will tell you that your health and fitness should not be a temporary goal, but rather an on-going and continuous effort for your own well being.  Realistically, brides may want to shed a few extra pounds or tighten/tone up before their big day.  It is important to try to eat a well balanced diet, and to not do anything extreme to achieve "rapid results" as these types of scenarios are not only dangerous but are usually very temporary. 

5. Artificial Eyelashes eyelash_extension_ba "False" or artificial lashes can enhance your wedding day make-up application and help define your eyes in photographs.  Lashes come in different styles depending on if you want individual lashes, full sets of lashes and will also vary on how natural they look.  A newer trend is to have eye lash extensions applied before the wedding, and often brides will start having this service months before the wedding so that they feel more natural and you can find a good length/fullness that works for you.  Make sure to do your research before having  artificial lash extensions done to ensure you this person has experience and good results with other clients.  Don't be afraid to request to see before and after pictures or testimonials from past clients.

Whatever beauty regimen you decide to partake in, just remember that you don't need to do anything drastic to look stunning walking down the aisle.  Your future husband, friends and family already love you just the way you are! 

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Bridesmaid dress

Wineries in Our Backyard

WineCountry2 There is something about a winery that is just effortless and romantic, making it a perfect location for an engagement party, engagement photography, bridal showers and even an intimate outdoor wedding.  We tend to associate these beautiful winery venues with places like Napa, California or further south but there are locations here in the "530" area that would be just as magical.  Here are a list of some of the local wineries that may be just what you are looking for.

Anselmo Vineyards 28740 Inwood Rd, Shingletown, CA 96088 (530) 474-5546

Long Creek Winery Oroville, CA

Gale Vineyards Durham, CA

Dog Creek Cellars Durham, CA

Bertagna Son Kissed Vineyards Chico, CA

Odyssey Winery and Vineyards Chico, CA Visit their Facebook page

Rough and Ready Vineyards 17860 Cattle Drive, Rough and Ready, CA (530) 432-7373

Vintner's Cellar Redding, CA


If you are thinking of a destination winery event, check out this cool resource mapping out the wineries in California!


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Floral Inspirations to Spring For!

Choosing your floral arrangements can be a little overwhelming, but sometimes all it takes is the right mix of color or textures to get you inspired.   Here are a few designs to put some spring in your step when working on your wedding to-do list. 1.  Ombre Floral Centerpiece - Green Wedding Shoes Blog

Ombre Centerpiece

2: Keep It Simple - French Wedding - Style Me Pretty


3.  Stunningly Budget Friendly - Astilbe The Wedding Flower Spring Flowers

4. Pretty In Peach - Want That Wedding peach

4. Spring Inspired Succulent Bouquet - Aileen Tran Events Rustic-vintage-bouquet2

5. A Bouquet that Pops! spring wedding bouquets, spring wedding bouquet, wedding bouquet

Custom Shapes For Your Cards at Zazzle

'I Do' Responsibly

Drink Station Weddings are a time we bring friends and family together to celebrate your new chapter in life, so unless you have chosen to have a "dry wedding" odds are there will be a champagne toast and then some!  You can choose to serve drinks during either the cocktail hour, reception or both.

When deciding on what types of beverages to serve, consider your guests, budget, and the type of atmosphere you want to have. If you are concerned with over indulgence or expense considering limiting the amount of alcohol per guests, or perhaps only offering beer and wine.

Many wedding venues will specify their requirements and limitations with serving alcohol, some may require a licensed bartender, event insurance, and/or an additional deposit. Some may allow you to supply your own alcohol, while others may not.  If you are supplying your own alcohol but don't know how much you need, try the Bevmo Calculator

We recommend hiring a licensed and insured bar service to host your event as they are not only great bartenders but they specialize in weddings and events and know how to determine when someone has had too much to drink.  They can discreetly handle this for you without causing a scene, and in the end will help ensure everyone has a safe but responsible evening.  A professional bar service will also assist you with selecting wines & spirits as well as the quantity needed for the size of your event. For help choosing a Bar Service in the 530 area, visit our directory.

When it comes to the end of the night (your wedding night is a blur so take care of these details ahead of time) have a transportation plan in place.  If your location is a distance from town consider a shuttle for larger groups.  Make sure that you discuss vehicles and over-night parking with your venue, you don't want any guests to have their cars towed!

Cheers to an amazing wedding night, and to celebrating responsibly!

~Happy Planning!~

Tips To Keep Young Children Occupied At A Wedding

Children attending a wedding can be a touchy subject. You may be planning a formal event, your venue may or may not allow kids, or your budget may not allow room to pay for a child's attendance. Or perhaps you just prefer that your weddings be kid free - an evening where adult family and friends can come together and celebrate - which I totally respect and understand. There are no words to describe how much I love my daughter, but I would much prefer to attend a wedding sans baby - giving myself and hot date (my husband of course!) a night free of graham cracker smears and adult conversation - and dancing! Some other attendees may feel differently: cousin Jane R.S.V.P'd five people (two adults, and three kids), when clearly the invitation was addressed only to Mr. and Mrs. John & Jane Doe; or your friend Stacy's babysitter cancelled last minute; or perhaps you invited the entire Smith Family intentionally (2 parents and 4 kids!) There are many reasons children attend weddings - hopefully, it is because you requested their presence, but circumstances arise that may be our of your control. Fortunately, you have 530 Bride Event Coordinators to help you navigate the child attendance dilemma.

Below are some ideas to help  you control the uncontrollable, and maintain your desired atmosphere by providing some entertainment to keep your little guests occupied and well-behaved.

1. Designate a separate kid-friendly space!

Look to see if your venue has a separate room or outdoor space that would be available to act as a 'childcare' setting. Hire a babysitter(s) and pay them an hourly wage. Make sure you have an appropriate babysitter to child ratio, and sitters who are CPR trained. Parents will want to make sure that their child is sufficiently cared for. For kids who are relatively young, make sure your space is child-proofed. For example, cover electrical outlets, make sure stairs are blocked off with a gate, and breakable items are stored out of reach. Bring in books, movies, coloring books, or other craft items to keep children occupied.

2. Offer a kid-friendly menu and dining table!

Designate a "kids table" where kids can eat unbreakable dinner wear (paper plates and plastic cups for example.) If you feel up to it, provide a more kid friendly main dish (chicken strips, hamburgers, carrot sticks, 100% fruit juice, cheese sticks, etc.) You may opt to avoid foods like spaghetti that may end up staining a young boy's clean white shirt. Cover the kids table with a paper 'tablecloth' and allow kids to draw silly versions of the bride and groom.

3. Provide alternate activities!

  • Provide kid-friendly (quiet) activities. For example: coloring books, crayons, quiet toys (foam blocks, bubbles (kids love bubbles!), balloons), puppet show, hop scotch or other crafts. Avoid providing kids with balls, bats, swords, or other fun toys turned weapons. A fun game of wiffle ball or tag would be fine if there was a space away from your reception area.
  • If it fits within your theme (and budget), you could hire outside entertainment (like a magic show!)
  • Show a "drive-in" movie. Lay some blankets on the ground, pop some popcorn, hang a sheet, and feature a popular Disney movie.
  • Give kids some glow sticks, and let them have their own dance party.
  • Get a polaroid camera and some photo booth props (mustaches, boas, hats, sunglasses, dry erase board with markers, etc.) and allow the kids to create and enjoy their own photo booth.

4. Include them!

Depending on their age, you can always include them by give them jobs, such as manning the guest book table, helping guests find their seats, or passing out wedding programs.

5. Don't be afraid to designate a person to monitor out-of-control behavior!

However you decide to provide entertainment to children - or not provide alternative activities - ideally, a parent or guardian should be responsible for their children's behavior. It is your big day, which entitles you to whatever type of ceremony and reception atmosphere you and your groom desire. However, sometimes our hopes do not turned out as planned - in extreme circumstances, be prepared to have an individual that can nip chaotic behavior before it ruins the atmosphere and vibe of your wedding.

We'd love to hear our 530 Brides thoughts and ideas on innovative ways to include children in your wedding!

Posted by 530 Bride Event Coordinator, Alisha Rouland (

Organizing your Day of Timeline

A wedding timeline or "order of events" is the glue that holds all of your wedding plans together.  Your vendors will rely on the timeline to allow them to work cohesively with each other and your guests will enjoy a well organized order of events to let them know what is happening next. Creating the timeline involves not only the couple but each of the vendors should be able to review and give suggestions before for the final timeline is decided.  Being aware of how much time is required for bridal portraits & family shots will be important so the caterer will have the food out at the correct time, the limo picks the couple up at the right time etc.

When you are selecting your wedding vendors and finalizing your agreement make sure to ask them confirm how many hours are included in the package or service.  Then confirm what time they expect to arrive and depart from the event.  These times should be noted on the master or vendor timeline, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Every wedding is different, so the couple should feel free to re-arrange the timeline to what feels right for them.  For instance if the bride wants to have the photographer in the room during hair and make-up, the make-up artist and hairstylist should be aware of what time the photographer would need the bride to be photo-ready!  Other factors include whether or not the couple will see each other before the wedding, if they would like to have an extended or standard cocktail hour, distance from ceremony site to venue (if separate locations.) If the couple is leaving to their honeymoon or to an offsite hotel, the photographer won't want to miss the friends & family "sending off" the couple.

Often times several of the vendors will have their own basic of the order of events drawn up after your initial consultation, but if you can hire a coordinator he or she can ensure that all aspects of the timeline will run smoothly.  A coordinator will be able to spot any areas that might otherwise be missed, and will also be able to establish cues for certain vendors like the DJ or Musicians to play a specific song or make a requested announcement.  Adding notes on the timeline such as listing the names of the wedding party in the order they will walk down the aisle and order they will be announced will allow the DJ to find the information easily.

Make sure you have given yourself plenty of time to finalize your timeline, and do not hesitate to ask your vendors to look it over! Feel free to contact us regarding any timeline questions or concerns for your big day.

~Happy Planning!~ The 530 Bride Team

__________________________ The 530 Bride offers creative and affordable event coordination.  We utilize a toolkit designed to keep our clients organized during their planning process.  We offer a complimentary consultation and are available for a la carte services such as creating or reviewing your wedding timeline, communicating with vendors, completing projects & more.

The Chico Bridal Show Recap

Chances are you're coming down from your sugar high from cake samples, and your feet are a little sore from the Chico Bridal Show today.  There is one thing we know for sure, you won't leave a bridal show hungry with all of the food, sweets & refreshing drink samples.  We want to thank all of the couples who stopped by our booth today, we always enjoy having the opportunity to meet new people and share in your excitement.  We look forward to sitting down with all of the couples who signed up for a complimentary consultation.  Don't forget, all of the couples who meet with us for a consulation will be entered to win coordination for their bridal/wedding shower.  If you need more information about the drawing please email us with any questions.  For anyone who wasn't able to attend, here are just a few images we snapped of the show (forgive us for our iPhone photography!) Thank you to WeDoDesigns & Cambray Rose for collaborating on the open concept design of our booth for the show. We hope all of the attendees liked our booth and we are looking forward to a great show in August! For more information on any of the vendors you see here, you can check out our Bridal Show Page for direct links.

Happy Planning!

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Wedding Giveaways & Sweepstakes

If you have been following our blog you have seen our posts about some of the reasons why attending a local bridal show is important, mainly because it can save you time and money. If you didn't catch the part about all of the prizes you can win at a bridal show; listen up! The Chico Bridal Show is this Sunday, February 24th at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds. Check out some of the prizes that will be given away at the show!

Make sure to attend the Chico Bridal Show for your chance to win some of these sweet prizes: ♥ Thousands in door prizes ♥ Two honeymoon giveaways ♥ Three sets of wedding bands at the show! Valued at $600 each (shipping and handling not included)

These are just a few of the prizes available, as most of the vendors will also have their own raffles and contests at their booths so don't pass any booths on your way through the buildings. You never know what you will miss if you do! Signing up to win prizes may seem like a waste of time but if you end up winning you can save a lot of money, so bring your mailing labels with you!

Mark your calendar, the Chico Bridal Show is Sunday, February 24, 2013 from Noon to 5 p.m. at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico. For more information visit the Chico Bridal Show Facebook Page

Good Luck and stop by to see our booth at the show!

_____________________________________________________ Here is another contest going on in 2013:

Michaels Craft Store is having a 2013 Ultimate Wedding Contest


Dieting Stinks

All of us at some point may have felt the pressure or need to diet, but brides, their grooms, and other guests may feel an enhanced urge to shed a few pounds before the big day. We just got through the first few weeks of the New Year, the part of the year where we redeem ourselves for the splurge from the past year’s holidays, and start fresh. Whether or not you have tried a diet yourself, I assume most people are familiar with dieting; magic weight loss pills, and cleanses. Who can honestly say, “I love dieting! I love not feeling satisfied! I love feeling guilty when I slip up and eat that stupid piece of chocolate!” No one.

Other than the fact that dieting is physical and emotional torture on our bodies (and possibly wallets - cleanses and pills are expensive and not conducive to a wedding budget), dieting does not work! Well, let me rephrase that last statement. In a short time frame people can be successful on a diet and lose some weight. However, rarely anyone can maintain a diet for a lifetime, and even if you could, why would you want to? In dieting, or cleansing, or whatever other measures you choose to take, you may not be providing your body with sufficient nutrients. Think of your body like a beautiful car. Cars will not run without fuel – just as our bodies will not run without fuel, or food. We must properly fuel our body if we want it to perform. Or if you are not feeling the car metaphor, lovely lilies and hydrangeas will begin to wilt without sufficient water. Not eating enough, or enough of the right nutrient-dense foods will cause our bodies to become fatigued. Fatigue prevents us from doing the things we want or need to do - like planning our wedding, being active, working, and enjoying the winter sunshine. Just to clarify, when I say nutrient-dense food, I am talking about whole grains, fruit, vegetables, lean meats, and low fat dairy products - not a dense piece of German chocolate cake.

We cannot meet our weight loss goal and just go back to doing what we have always done…which was what got us into the predicament of needing to lose weight in the first place. If we always do what we've always done then we will always be what we've always been.

Weddings are a major life event, an event that will be photographed and remembered for a lifetime. Why not make a lifestyle change that will last as long as the memory of your wedding. A lifestyle change is something that we will be able to maintain throughout our lifetime – by itself it is not drastic or earth shattering, but over time will add years to your life, and quality to those years.

So how do we go about making a lifestyle change?

  1. Start with something that really matters to you – not media, not your friends – just you. Choosing something that really matters to you keeps you motivated to maintain the change.
  2. Start small. You do not want to make a huge change that cannot be achieved – that is essentially what dieting is all about. An example of a small change may be switching from a grande mocha with whip cream (330 calories) to a tall mocha without whip cream (200 calories). This small change would save you 130 calories each cup. Say you did this small change 4 days a week, that would save you 520 calories a week or 2,080 calories a month, or 24,960 calories a year. This minor change would save you from gaining over 7 pounds throughout one year! You are not eliminating your daily coffee; you are just modifying the size. This would be a change you could maintain for a long period of time, without feeling deprived.
  3. Make one change at a time. Choosing to take on too many changes at once can be overwhelming. Feeling overwhelmed can cause us to give up on our goals.
  4. If it helps, involve a friend, or ask for help. Being surrounded by people who support your new change will help you be more successful. That may mean having a walking buddy to meet you at the park or gym, or getting your fiance on board with a small nutrition change (like switching from full fat milk to a lower fat choice.)
  5. Remember that NO ONE is perfect. It would be ridiculous to assume perfection for anyone. We are human. The best thing to do after a slip-up is to get right back on the horse. Do not think that just because you slipped up one time, you have to wait until Monday (or after vacation, or the holidays, etc.) to get back on the saddle. If you splurged at lunch, have a healthy dinner. Or if you haven’t exercised in a few days, get up off the couch and go for a walk.

Here's to a happy engagement, amazing wedding, perfect honeymoon, and long healthy life with your other half!

Budgeting and The Elusive "Average"

As wedding coordinators we meet with couples who may be planning a very intimate wedding of 40 people or under, or on the other hand couples who are trying to keep the guest list under 300.  After the engagement is official and the couple begins making selections for their venue and vendors, it becomes a question of where to start.  There are many tools and checklists that are helpful, and we offer our assistance for every step of the way during the planning process even if a couple books us for Day of Coordination vs. Full Service.    The biggest question that I hear brides ask is "what is the average cost of _________?" The reason this question isn't always easy to answer is because there are many variables to cost, therefore the photographer or venue for one wedding may not be comparable to another event due to some of these reasons: ♥ Location ♥ Time of Year ♥ No. of Expected Guests ♥ Specific Package Selections ♥ Demand for Service/Product ♥ Level of Experience of Vendor

Watching the Wedding Programs on TV or flipping through a magazine may have skewed your grasp of what a realistic budget is in your area.  While it is important to understand what is realistic, it is even more important to establish your budget based on what you feel comfortable with.  Even if a $2k floral budget is average in some areas, it may not be a number that you can or want to spend for your event.

When clients contact us, we ask them to complete a questionnaire and rate what the most important areas of their budget is.

We ask questions such as:

From 1 -5 in importance (1 being most important) rate the following:

  • Abundance of Fresh Flowers
  • Extensive Photography and/or Videographer Package (over 6-8 hours of photography and printed images in album)
  • Luxury Linens, Centerpieces & Decor
  • Venue
  • Food & Beverage

If budget was no option we would splurge on: a. Gourmet Food & Premium Drinks for our guests b. Chandeliers, Draping & Up lighting c. Modern Furniture & Lounge areas d. Gift Baskets /Custom Favors e. An over the top Wedding Cake f. Custom Stationary (Invitations, Save The Dates, etc) g. Other(s) ______________________

These types of questions give us insight on helping you establish your budget, and pair you with vendors that can not only provide the products and services you are looking for but also stay on budget.  We can assist clients prioritize the expenses so that all of the major areas are covered and we can identify some of the "extras" to have on standby if budget permits.

We support the DIY Couples in their projects and creativity, and can even help you budget for your DIY projects to estimate your savings and cost effectiveness for each project.  Our goal for the DIY couple is to help you organize all of the projects and elements that you have worked on creating, and put them together into a smooth timeline with tasks and detailed information to keep everyone on the same page.  If you would like information on our packages, or our upcoming DIY Workshop please shoot us an email at

We will be seeing our Northern California Brides at the upcoming Bridal Shows!

Yuba Sutter, January 27th at the Yuba City Fairgrounds Chico Bridal Show, February 24th at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico

Want tickets? Shoot us your information from our contact us page to get on the list for fast pass tickets!