'I Do' Responsibly

Drink Station Weddings are a time we bring friends and family together to celebrate your new chapter in life, so unless you have chosen to have a "dry wedding" odds are there will be a champagne toast and then some!  You can choose to serve drinks during either the cocktail hour, reception or both.

When deciding on what types of beverages to serve, consider your guests, budget, and the type of atmosphere you want to have. If you are concerned with over indulgence or expense considering limiting the amount of alcohol per guests, or perhaps only offering beer and wine.

Many wedding venues will specify their requirements and limitations with serving alcohol, some may require a licensed bartender, event insurance, and/or an additional deposit. Some may allow you to supply your own alcohol, while others may not.  If you are supplying your own alcohol but don't know how much you need, try the Bevmo Calculator http://www.bevmo.com/Misc/PartyPlanner.aspx

We recommend hiring a licensed and insured bar service to host your event as they are not only great bartenders but they specialize in weddings and events and know how to determine when someone has had too much to drink.  They can discreetly handle this for you without causing a scene, and in the end will help ensure everyone has a safe but responsible evening.  A professional bar service will also assist you with selecting wines & spirits as well as the quantity needed for the size of your event. For help choosing a Bar Service in the 530 area, visit our directory.

When it comes to the end of the night (your wedding night is a blur so take care of these details ahead of time) have a transportation plan in place.  If your location is a distance from town consider a shuttle for larger groups.  Make sure that you discuss vehicles and over-night parking with your venue, you don't want any guests to have their cars towed!

Cheers to an amazing wedding night, and to celebrating responsibly!

~Happy Planning!~