Organizing your Day of Timeline

A wedding timeline or "order of events" is the glue that holds all of your wedding plans together.  Your vendors will rely on the timeline to allow them to work cohesively with each other and your guests will enjoy a well organized order of events to let them know what is happening next. Creating the timeline involves not only the couple but each of the vendors should be able to review and give suggestions before for the final timeline is decided.  Being aware of how much time is required for bridal portraits & family shots will be important so the caterer will have the food out at the correct time, the limo picks the couple up at the right time etc.

When you are selecting your wedding vendors and finalizing your agreement make sure to ask them confirm how many hours are included in the package or service.  Then confirm what time they expect to arrive and depart from the event.  These times should be noted on the master or vendor timeline, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Every wedding is different, so the couple should feel free to re-arrange the timeline to what feels right for them.  For instance if the bride wants to have the photographer in the room during hair and make-up, the make-up artist and hairstylist should be aware of what time the photographer would need the bride to be photo-ready!  Other factors include whether or not the couple will see each other before the wedding, if they would like to have an extended or standard cocktail hour, distance from ceremony site to venue (if separate locations.) If the couple is leaving to their honeymoon or to an offsite hotel, the photographer won't want to miss the friends & family "sending off" the couple.

Often times several of the vendors will have their own basic of the order of events drawn up after your initial consultation, but if you can hire a coordinator he or she can ensure that all aspects of the timeline will run smoothly.  A coordinator will be able to spot any areas that might otherwise be missed, and will also be able to establish cues for certain vendors like the DJ or Musicians to play a specific song or make a requested announcement.  Adding notes on the timeline such as listing the names of the wedding party in the order they will walk down the aisle and order they will be announced will allow the DJ to find the information easily.

Make sure you have given yourself plenty of time to finalize your timeline, and do not hesitate to ask your vendors to look it over! Feel free to contact us regarding any timeline questions or concerns for your big day.

~Happy Planning!~ The 530 Bride Team

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