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Bohemian Wedding Inspiration 

A bohemian themed wedding can include details like floral wreaths with a lot of greenery, woods and neutral earth tones also work nicely.  A bright use of color along with lighting that gives a whimsical look can set the mood.  We love the mismatched, repurposed items that add a uniqueness and personal touch.  Brides often choose loose braids, or flowing waves for their hair and may even choose to incorporate floral headpieces as well.  Yep we heart bohemian!

Forest Wreath Wedding Invitations
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Image via Pinterest

What says bohemian to you? Share your pinterest board in the comments below! 

Happy Planning!

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TBT | Wedding Throwback Thursday

It's Throwback Thursday on The 530 Bride!


Trends have changed a lot over the years when it comes to wedding gowns and accessories.   Although this look is from 1956, many of the current wedding gowns on the runway have similar elements.  Timeless is always in style!

Grace Kelly, in a gown by MGM costume designer Helen Rose, kneeling at the altar during her wedding at Saint Nicholas Cathedral to Prince Rainier III of Monaco in April 1956.  Image Courtesy of

Pre-Wedding Fashion Ideas

Sure the wedding dress is important, but what should you wear for other pre-wedding fun like your engagement party or bridal shower, bachelorette party or even rehearsal dinner? Here is a few looks that could work for any of these events.

Casual Bride


Pre-Wedding Attire


The Maxi Dress


Elegant Bridal Look

Elegance is timeless.  This look features a 1920's inspired floor length gown with sheer caplet sleeves and mother of the pearl style beading.  Paired with a vintage crystal filigree and pearl hair comb and vintage chandelier earrings.

This is Elegance


A New Twist on Bachelorette Parties: Glamour!

Who says that a bachelorette party has to involve going out, these days staying in is much more glamorous!  What if you can not only have a night of bonding with your gal pals, but also give them a wonderful gift of feeling a little pampered?

Have a favorite salon? Ask about booking services for each of you or reserve the salon for after hours.  Most salons will customize a menu of services with special prices for a group, so often you will spend less on each service than you would if each of you were going individually.  

You can be as silly as you want, and have a good time talking about anything and everything other than your wedding!  You can go out for a nice dinner afterwards since you all will be dolled up, and then even go out on the town if you would like.   

Create a theme like Pin-Up for example and have the hair and makeup artists create similar looks for each of you.


Image Source: LA Bachelorette Party

A few ingredients can make a really fun and memorable night for you and your ladies, not to mention you will have the photographs to look back on (and these are photos that you could show your grandmother without blushing!)

1.  Your closest gal pals or bridal party
2. Hair and Makeup artist (this will cost less than a night out on the town in most cities)
3. Reserve a salon, or hotel room big enough for the slumber party bash
4. Photographer (talk to photographers about their a la carte or portrait packages)
5. Refreshments

Whatever you decide to do for your party, have fun and be safe!

Throw the Ultimate Bridal Shower

Bridal Showers are a fun event to throw because let's face it you mix a little champagne with some pre-wedding excitement and everyone has a good time!  Besides, the design options are endless so get creative with your theme.  Note:  You do not have to stick with the colors the bride has chosen for the wedding! I consider the bridal shower as an event that the bride really shouldn't really have to much input it other than the guess list.  She has enough on her plate with the wedding, so let this be something that even she will be surprised when she walks in!  However, if your bride to be is very hands on, this approach may not work so play it safe if need be.

Suggestion: Contact a local wedding coordinator if you need assistance getting organized or getting vendor suggestions for  food, rentals (such as tables, chairs, linens) or even fun favors!  

1. Decor  Choose a playful or glam color scheme with fun pops of color or textures.  Save yourself time by finding coordinating paperie/decor packages that include invitations, banners or signage.

Minted's "Wildflowers" theme uses graphic prints and an understated color palette which allows you to throw in mixed textures and metallics for accents.

Wildflowers Party Decor - $1.70 from: Minted

You can mix textures like glittered champagne flutes to add a little sparkle. Catch the How-To Project on DIY Champagne flutes here.   Original_Farima-Alavi-glitter-champagne-flute-step-2_s4x3_lg


Create a simple floral arrangement and spruce it up by adding the glitter element on a variety of glassware.

Photo Credit:

"Botanical Wreath" Mixes a variety of colors which gives you a lot of options for decor. You could easily choose a cream or blush linen to keep it light, or add a hint of formality with a black linen. Botanical Wreath Party Decor - $1.70 from: Minted

Botanical Wreath Circle Garlands - $1.70 from: Minted Botanical Wreath Table Signs - $1.70 from: Minted

2. Refreshments Lets face it, a party just isn't a party without yummy treats!  Depending on the time you plan on starting the event, you can choose to serve light refreshments, heavy hors d'oeuvres or a full meal/dinner.  We found a few inspirational ideas: powdered-donuts-with-rings-for-bridal-shower-sweets CocktailRollerPlatterSmall-582x313 meatballs



Photo Credits: www.Bridal Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:

3. Entertainment

Choose the entertainment based on the group, usually a couple of games will get the party going and the crowd to mix. Bridal Shower Bingo Exclusive Personalized Things in a Bride's Purse Game Exclusive Personalized Why Do We Do That Game

If you know the bride well, and want to create a little spicier of a party: Ask the guests to each bring a pair of panties (you can call each guest and tell them what size the bride is and explain the game) so that the bride will have to guess who brought what, and turn a few shades red.. Panty Game Check out this blog post from "Skip to the Details" where we found the game (it looked like a fun bridal shower!)

There you have it, the bride will be sure to remember this day as a time when her friends and family threw her a kick *** party!  Send the bride home with some treats, and of course the list of who gifted what so that she can get started on those thank you cards!

Happy Planning! Related Articles: 50's Theme Bridal Showers

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Pre-Wedding Beauty Trends

1. That Healthy GlowTips-to-Have-a-Healthy-Skin Many brides will start focusing on their skin as the wedding count down begins and want to achieve a "healthy glow."  Consider seeking a beauty professional/estitician for recommendations on products and treatments to help clear up any uneven tones, blemishes etc.

While controversial to some, tanning is often a go-to regimen for brides. There are many ways to achieve this look, and luckily there are sun-free options to consider such as spray tans & lotions.  Make sure to follow safety recommendations with any of these products or tanning services, and be sure not to over expose your skin to any harmful rays.

Remember that staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet will often help improve skin conditions!

2. Hair Extensions feature-hair-extensions Who doesn't want to have the wedding day hair of their dreams?  If aren't naturally gifted with long locks or just want to do something different than your "normal do" consider extensions.  Extensions come in different price ranges depending on how permanent or natural you want them to be.  For example, their are hair pieces that are made to enhance an up-do and can be clipped in easily.  These are much less expensive than individual extensions that need to be glued in.  Natural human hair extensions will cost more than synthetic, but will offer the option to use heat tools like straighteners and curling irons.

It is recommended to talk with your hair stylist regarding your plans for your day of hairstyle, and give yourself time to explore the different options for hair extensions so that you have purchased  them in time for your up-do trial.

3. Nail Care  tumblr_ml242fjr021qkm7v2o1_500 Since the moment he proposed, your nails have become a little higher priority with that rock on your finger. You may have already started taking bette

r care of your nails by using cuticle oil, hand cream or getting regular manicures.  While acrylic or gel nails have been a staple of the wedding day look, many brides are opting for a gel or shellac style manicure.  Prices can vary depending on the application of the nails, and the products used.  Often the bride will schedule a day with their wedding party to get manicures/pedicures/artificial nails done before the wedding.

4. Fitness/Dieting

wedding dumbells Ask any fitness trainer and they will tell you that your health and fitness should not be a temporary goal, but rather an on-going and continuous effort for your own well being.  Realistically, brides may want to shed a few extra pounds or tighten/tone up before their big day.  It is important to try to eat a well balanced diet, and to not do anything extreme to achieve "rapid results" as these types of scenarios are not only dangerous but are usually very temporary. 

5. Artificial Eyelashes eyelash_extension_ba "False" or artificial lashes can enhance your wedding day make-up application and help define your eyes in photographs.  Lashes come in different styles depending on if you want individual lashes, full sets of lashes and will also vary on how natural they look.  A newer trend is to have eye lash extensions applied before the wedding, and often brides will start having this service months before the wedding so that they feel more natural and you can find a good length/fullness that works for you.  Make sure to do your research before having  artificial lash extensions done to ensure you this person has experience and good results with other clients.  Don't be afraid to request to see before and after pictures or testimonials from past clients.

Whatever beauty regimen you decide to partake in, just remember that you don't need to do anything drastic to look stunning walking down the aisle.  Your future husband, friends and family already love you just the way you are! 

Photo Credits 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Bridesmaid dress

Floral Inspirations to Spring For!

Choosing your floral arrangements can be a little overwhelming, but sometimes all it takes is the right mix of color or textures to get you inspired.   Here are a few designs to put some spring in your step when working on your wedding to-do list. 1.  Ombre Floral Centerpiece - Green Wedding Shoes Blog

Ombre Centerpiece

2: Keep It Simple - French Wedding - Style Me Pretty


3.  Stunningly Budget Friendly - Astilbe The Wedding Flower Spring Flowers

4. Pretty In Peach - Want That Wedding peach

4. Spring Inspired Succulent Bouquet - Aileen Tran Events Rustic-vintage-bouquet2

5. A Bouquet that Pops! spring wedding bouquets, spring wedding bouquet, wedding bouquet

Custom Shapes For Your Cards at Zazzle

You're Invited ~ Teegarden Event Center Bridal Faire 4.11.13

The 530 Bride was invited to be a vendor in the first semi-annual bridal faire at the Teegarden House Event Center, Yuba City. We are excited to be a part of the event, and hope that guests will not only have a great time but also get an opportunity to tour the venue and get some face time with some of our area's premier vendors. Hope to see you all there!

Tackling Your Pinterest Board: how to focus ideas into a vision

By Christina Rafael

When I first got engaged, back in February 2012, I had a plethora of ideas I wanted to incorporate into my wedding and no idea how to execute them.

Was I a modern bride? Rustic? Should I call vendors? What about my dress?

These were just some of the topics I was mulling over in my brain and obsessing over in my dreams.

I had been planning—like most women I know—an imaginary dream wedding on Pinterest for quite some time before a ring was even introduced by my fiance. Anytime I would see something shiny or pretty, I would pin it.  Anytime something made me cry, I would pin it. And anytime I did a mini clap over a creative idea, I would pin it.

I got a bit shameless with my “pinnings” and needless to say, had no focus or clear vision for my big day (May 25th!)

I’m sure I’m not the only person who went a bit overboard with ideas and thought it might be helpful for our 530 Brides to know they aren’t alone!

Here’s some tips on how I was able to condense my  ideas, pave the road to planning and communicate with vendors who lacked psychic abilities to know EXACTLY what I wanted.

Take a Good, hard, look at your wedding Pinterest board

I set aside a morning to scan all three hundred pins (I know…) and look through them for repetitive ideas.

I recorded reoccurring themes and colors on post-it’s and found that I pinned, more than often, a LOT of burlap and blush-themed wedding ideas. As a result of this exercise I was able to determine my colors (neutrals with splashes of blush) and bridal style: rustic romantic. I was also able to select DIY projects I could successfully complete.

Folders, folders galore

My wedding folders can be classified as a bit obsessive. Once I was going through my Pinterest  on paper I decided to tackle it virtually. I saved actual images from pins to my desktop and classified them by what they applied to.

For example, if I loved a cake design I would have a folder entitled “Reception” and within that folder would be one named “Food”, within THAT folder would be a “cake” folder filled with several photos.

This organization prevented me from getting lost in my own ideas. It also came in handy to show family and vendors photos of what inspired me from my laptop without relying on wifi connection.

Look at vendor websites

One thing I’ve learned as a bride is to pay attention to the vendors you pick and why you pick them.

Many wedding vendors—from caterers to consultants—have social media you can look at to view previous work. If you seem drawn to a certain vendor, make sure to see what they’ve done in the past and branch off of it.

For example, if you find a dessert display (like the one pictured above) on a caterer's Facebook page, reference it to them when you discuss your own plans and discuss why you liked it.

Often times they’ll be flattered, know exactly what you’re talking about and can make it better than it was before.

Call in for re-enforcements

If your vision wanders, you feel overwhelmed or just have a small question as you begin this planning journey, give us a call or comment on a post through our website or on social media . We're always reading our feedback and love to hear from our brides.

Our services are also available, from full planning packages to specialized event coordination. We also offer hour-long consultations where you can get detailed answers to questions, help with vendor planning, guides for invitation wording  and much more.

Happy Planning and remember, we're here if you need a hand.

Dieting Stinks

All of us at some point may have felt the pressure or need to diet, but brides, their grooms, and other guests may feel an enhanced urge to shed a few pounds before the big day. We just got through the first few weeks of the New Year, the part of the year where we redeem ourselves for the splurge from the past year’s holidays, and start fresh. Whether or not you have tried a diet yourself, I assume most people are familiar with dieting; magic weight loss pills, and cleanses. Who can honestly say, “I love dieting! I love not feeling satisfied! I love feeling guilty when I slip up and eat that stupid piece of chocolate!” No one.

Other than the fact that dieting is physical and emotional torture on our bodies (and possibly wallets - cleanses and pills are expensive and not conducive to a wedding budget), dieting does not work! Well, let me rephrase that last statement. In a short time frame people can be successful on a diet and lose some weight. However, rarely anyone can maintain a diet for a lifetime, and even if you could, why would you want to? In dieting, or cleansing, or whatever other measures you choose to take, you may not be providing your body with sufficient nutrients. Think of your body like a beautiful car. Cars will not run without fuel – just as our bodies will not run without fuel, or food. We must properly fuel our body if we want it to perform. Or if you are not feeling the car metaphor, lovely lilies and hydrangeas will begin to wilt without sufficient water. Not eating enough, or enough of the right nutrient-dense foods will cause our bodies to become fatigued. Fatigue prevents us from doing the things we want or need to do - like planning our wedding, being active, working, and enjoying the winter sunshine. Just to clarify, when I say nutrient-dense food, I am talking about whole grains, fruit, vegetables, lean meats, and low fat dairy products - not a dense piece of German chocolate cake.

We cannot meet our weight loss goal and just go back to doing what we have always done…which was what got us into the predicament of needing to lose weight in the first place. If we always do what we've always done then we will always be what we've always been.

Weddings are a major life event, an event that will be photographed and remembered for a lifetime. Why not make a lifestyle change that will last as long as the memory of your wedding. A lifestyle change is something that we will be able to maintain throughout our lifetime – by itself it is not drastic or earth shattering, but over time will add years to your life, and quality to those years.

So how do we go about making a lifestyle change?

  1. Start with something that really matters to you – not media, not your friends – just you. Choosing something that really matters to you keeps you motivated to maintain the change.
  2. Start small. You do not want to make a huge change that cannot be achieved – that is essentially what dieting is all about. An example of a small change may be switching from a grande mocha with whip cream (330 calories) to a tall mocha without whip cream (200 calories). This small change would save you 130 calories each cup. Say you did this small change 4 days a week, that would save you 520 calories a week or 2,080 calories a month, or 24,960 calories a year. This minor change would save you from gaining over 7 pounds throughout one year! You are not eliminating your daily coffee; you are just modifying the size. This would be a change you could maintain for a long period of time, without feeling deprived.
  3. Make one change at a time. Choosing to take on too many changes at once can be overwhelming. Feeling overwhelmed can cause us to give up on our goals.
  4. If it helps, involve a friend, or ask for help. Being surrounded by people who support your new change will help you be more successful. That may mean having a walking buddy to meet you at the park or gym, or getting your fiance on board with a small nutrition change (like switching from full fat milk to a lower fat choice.)
  5. Remember that NO ONE is perfect. It would be ridiculous to assume perfection for anyone. We are human. The best thing to do after a slip-up is to get right back on the horse. Do not think that just because you slipped up one time, you have to wait until Monday (or after vacation, or the holidays, etc.) to get back on the saddle. If you splurged at lunch, have a healthy dinner. Or if you haven’t exercised in a few days, get up off the couch and go for a walk.

Here's to a happy engagement, amazing wedding, perfect honeymoon, and long healthy life with your other half!

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