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Those mini cupcakes at the bridal show were awesome (and guilt free!)

Okay so we know there is more serious business to discuss after the bridal show, but the food and treats are so deliciously informative.. how else would you know about some of the new cake flavors?

Thanks for stopping by to say hello at our booth, wish we took more pictures but hey we were busy talking weddings! Thank you to  WeDo Designs ,  Molly Ryan Floral  and  Echo Designs  for making our booth our favorite one we have done so far. 

Thanks for stopping by to say hello at our booth, wish we took more pictures but hey we were busy talking weddings! Thank you to WeDo Designs, Molly Ryan Floral and Echo Designs for making our booth our favorite one we have done so far. 

It is probably safe to say that your hands were full holding your bag of wedding goodies and exhibitor information and that you went home wondering if you were more overwhelmed than you were before.  Maybe, but on the flip side you get to see the area's premier wedding professionals all in one place and offering some really great packages, raffles and giveaways.  

Our giveaway at the show was complementary planning and design sessions, customized for your wedding plans.  This is a great way to review the information you received at the show, narrow down some of the selections, talk budget & timeline and of course decor!. Our Day of Coordination package has been a great choice for couples looking to finish up some of the remaining details for their upcoming wedding a few months away, and our Full Service coordination package is perfect for the newly engaged couples planning to wed in 2016 and beyond.  Visit our services page to learn more. 

We had a blast meeting so many fun couples and getting to hear little tidbits of details such as color schemes and backyard weddings, double-weddings, and a young couple planning to elope.  We love it all!  

~ Happy Planning! ~ 

Pre-Wedding Fashion Ideas

Sure the wedding dress is important, but what should you wear for other pre-wedding fun like your engagement party or bridal shower, bachelorette party or even rehearsal dinner? Here is a few looks that could work for any of these events.

Casual Bride


Pre-Wedding Attire


The Maxi Dress


Elegant Bridal Look

Elegance is timeless.  This look features a 1920's inspired floor length gown with sheer caplet sleeves and mother of the pearl style beading.  Paired with a vintage crystal filigree and pearl hair comb and vintage chandelier earrings.

This is Elegance


Wedding TV Show's You Shouldn't Watch

bridezillas-4Okay brides, you get home from work or school and turn on the TV as you flip through the channels you may come across wedding shows like TLC's Four Weddings, Say Yes to The Dress, Bridezilla or even David Tuteras "My Fair Wedding."  While entertaining, these types of shows can hinder your planning process more than help; and here is why:

We TV's Bridezilla - Well this one is obvious, just because you are getting married you do not have an excuse to be ridiculous and treat your friends, family or fiancé badly.

TLC's Say Yes to The Dress - The gowns are beautiful and the brides usually do walk away with the gown of their dreams, but it's the idea of bringing your whole entourage with you to judge or comment on your gown that is a real downer.  I think the bridal consultant would agree that having a maid of honor or other family member like your mother or grooms mother present is special; the only opinion that the bridal consultant wants to hear is yours.  If you feel beautiful and special in a gown, you shouldn't let your 10 friends who came along tear down your choice.

TLC's Four Weddings - Your wedding is not a competition, in real life you will not have a panel of judges with a score card rating each component such as food or atmosphere.  Please don't lose sight of what will make your day special to you and your fiancé because you want to please others and impress them with your wedding.

Why you shouldn't watch WeTV My Fair WeddingMy Fair Wedding - Built on the premise that bride's can wait until months or even weeks before the wedding to get things in order and someone (David Tutera) will magically come in and save the day.  At this point the brides have usually made purchases and have deposits with vendors, and David comes in and "rescues" their wedding morphing it into a big (admittedly beautiful) production.   (Image courtesy of

When you are planning your wedding it is easy to absorb yourself into anything and everything wedding, but you should try to have a healthy balance.  Make sure you spend just as much time doing non-wedding things and most importantly focus on communicating and enjoying your soon to be husband.  The better your relationship before walking down the aisle, the better it will be in years to come.

Lastly, remember your wedding is not a contest or an excuse to behave badly! Hire professional vendors and you will have no problem staying on track and within your budget for your big day.

~Happy Planning~

The Big Question

The big question isn't "To be, or not to be" it is "Will you be my Maid of Honor?." This question shouldn't be taken lightly and you can't just ask anyone now can you.. it's sort of a big deal. Sure, you know who you want to have as your maid of honor, but have you considered how you want to ask or maybe you feel that it is a unspoken understanding that if and when you walk down that aisle, your bestie will be right beside you along the way. Either way we think we have found some pretty cute ways to ask:

1. Come right out and ask with a card The Big Question : Wild Strawberry Designed by Eleanor Grosch from: Shutterfly, Inc.

Stylish Request : Bay Designed by Tallu-lah from: Shutterfly, Inc.

2. Put a frame on it Maybe you don't have to ask, it is just a given.. place your fav photo here

Personalized Maid of Honor Frame from: Koyal Wholesale

3.  Pop the question Will you be my

Pop up Message from Etsy


See other articles on Will You be My Maid? 17 Fun Ways to Ask...

More products on Etsy

Propose to your bridesmaids

Wedding Planning Tip: Transportation

Post by: Alisha Rouland, Event Coordinator Depending on the logistics of your wedding, your ceremony and reception sites may differ. Many couples choose to offer a shuttle type of transportation from point A to point B (and sometimes even to point C.) Providing transportation for your guests will most likely be a welcomed service. However, to prevent delays in your wedding timeline, consider the following:

  • The number of guests that can safely ride in one limousine or shuttle.
    • For example, if one trip can accommodate 15 guests, and your guest list has 100 persons, you are looking at a minimum of 7 trips. This may or may not include a separate shuttle for the groom, groomsmen, the bride, her bridesmaids, and mothers.
  • The estimated time for round trip transportation, from location A to location B.
    • For example, for  a 4:30 p.m. ceremony, with a 15-minute round trip shuttle carrying 15 guests at a time from your 100 person guest list, you should begin shuttling guests a minimum of 1 hour and 15 minutes before the start of your ceremony.
  • The scheduling of other events, such as concerts, fairs, or graduation. Check local event calendars to see if  there are any large events that may affect your pre-determined travel time. Also consider day of the week and the time of day - weekday weddings during rush hour may pose a delay to your start time. Arming yourself with this knowledge will help you choose the best route, with the least amount of outside interference.
  • The age and mobility of your guests. For example, parents with young children may need to use an extra seat for a stroller or other baby items, while some elderly guests may require extra space for special need items (walkers, wheel chairs, etc.)
  • Give yourself some leeway in your travel time. Trying to coral all of your guests may take longer than you think, giving yourself a few extra minutes can help ease your mind, and ensure proper flow of your wedding day timeline.
  • Once you have figured out the transportation to your site, consider returning your guests. You may want to offer an early shuttle (for those with young children for example), and then a later shuttle to accommodate those who wish to stay until the end.

Happy Planning!

Three Tips To Successfully Creating Your Guest List

Posted by: Alisha Rouland, Event Coordinator Creating a guest list can be a daunting and confusing task! Should you invite all 500 of your facebook friends, your parent's college friend whom you've never met, or your favorite middle school teacher? Usually the size of the guest list is determined on your wedding budget. It is also helpful to consider the size of your wedding venue - a backyard wedding may not accommodate your 400 person guest list. Below are three tips to assist you in creating your wedding guest list.

1. Compile an initial guest list

Traditionally, half of the guest list goes to the bride's family, and half to the groom's family. Ask that each family create their own list of guests. Think of groups of friends or clubs of which you belong (example: church, co-workers, recreation leagues, etc.) Finally, go through your address books to make sure you did not forget anyone. Once you have your initial list compiled, the hard part begins...

2. Separate names into categories

With the help of your groom and family, begin to place people into three categories. Placing guests into categories, as terrible as it sounds, will be very helpful in getting your guest list count to an acceptable budget-friendly number. Let's say your wedding budget allows for 200 guests, and in your Group A and Group B you have 200 guests to invite, and 50 in your Group C. Typically 70-80% of guests invited attend, so as you receive a "No" RSVP from someone on the A or B list, you can send someone from your Group C an invitation.

1. Group A (Definite Invites): Examples of guests on this list would be those involved in the wedding (parents and bridal party for example) or immediate family members (grandparents and siblings.)

2. Group B (Probable Invites): Examples of guests on this list would be other family members and close friends.

3. Group C (Optional Invites): Examples of guests on this list might include friends you haven't seen in years, work acquaintances, distant relatives or children. While it is appreciated by single guests, if your guest list is overflowing, it is not necessary to invite all single guests to have a plus one.

3. Check your list for any duplications

Double check your list to eliminate any overlap that may have been caused during the formation of your guest list. It would be unfortunate to invite the same person twice and eliminate another potential guest.

Special Note: If you haven't already, consider sending RSVP Cards along with your invitations. Caterers and bakers require an accurate head count to make sure there is sufficient food for your guests. It would be a shame to run out of food before all guests are served or be costly if you have an overabundance of food. In addition, having an accurate list of guests helps when creating the seating arrangements. If this sounds overwhelming, remember that the Event Coordinators at The 530 Bride can help!

Happy Planning!

How To Avoid The After-Wedding Blues

When I tell people about what I do, they think of their own wedding and I often hear them say something along the lines of "I wish we would have..." or "If I could go back and change.." Although as a bride I too had some minor regrets about not dedicating more time to spending time with friends and family before and after our wedding, and not taking more family pictures; the point is you cannot go back and change it.  I encourage couples to remind themselves that no part of life is absolutely perfect, and a wedding is no exception.  Weddings bring together family and friends all to one place, and it will most likely be the first and perhaps only time that you ever plan such a large event.  If you have in your mind a play-by-play plan for your wedding, please accept and embrace the notion that somethings might not go exactly as planned. If there is anything that I can do to help couples avoid having these "post-wedding blues" it is to stress the importance of hiring professionals.    Brides that attempt to plan the entire wedding, and handle the day of coordination most often feel overwhelmed, and upset when things do not seem to be on track.  Having professionals on your side to keep your event running smoothly will certainly calm your nerves on your wedding day.

On some of the wedding forums that I belong to, brides commonly write a "Wedding Day Recap" post which usually describes their experience (good and bad.) Some brides have this overwhelming feeling now that their wedding is over, because they have put so much energy into planning and now its over.  What they should see though is that a whole new chapter is beginning, which is being a homeowner or living together, being a wife, and someday a mother will bring on a much bigger challenge than being a bride!

Some suggestions to help you enjoy your wedding experience, and avoid the post wedding blues:

Ask For Help Allow your wedding planner to assist you in task such as contacting venues, and setting consultations etc.  For the DIY brides, consider using some of the A La Carte Options offered by propesctive wedding coordinators such as site visits, contract negotiations and hourly services.  Meet with the coordinator as much or as little as you need, but you will be able to check in and make sure that your planning is on track.  If you have friends or family that have offered to help, consider delegating some of the tasks such as folding programs, tying bows etc.

Rehearsal Dinner The rehearsal dinner is pretty standard when it comes to a wedding, yet many couples don't take advantage of this time well.  Use your rehearsal dinner to run through the ceremony, and do not be afraid to ask to read the passages that your officiant plans to use.  You then have the ability to ask for any changes, and it may also help you get some of the jitters out.  Make sure to ask if your photographer is familiar with your venue, if not consider asking them to attend the rehearsal in order for them to get acquainted with the space.

Stay Active Before and After Your Wedding It is easy to get consumed with your planning process, so make time to exercise and get lots of rest in the weeks leading up to the wedding.  Stay involved with your friends lives as much as possible, you don't want to go overboard on wedding stuff, so make sure to be a good friend to others.  After the wedding, plan outings for you and your new husband to enjoy together such as sports games, or BBQ's with your families.

With that being said, I should say that every time I talk with someone about their wedding I notice they are smiling! Couples that have been married for 10, 20 or even 40 years talk about their wedding day like it was just yesterday and they remember what it felt like to walk down the aisle and dance together for the first time as husband and wife. Even when talking about some of their wedding day bloopers, they are still smiling because it was an amazing experience and they got married to the love of their life!  Sometimes the best thing to do is to share your frustrations with others, so feel free to drop us a line and tell us about your wedding planning experience!

On the road to 'I Do' Melissa and Gavin

Melissa is a very special to The 530 Bride team and so we are so very happy for her and so very excited to do this feature! When we asked Melissa to be one of our featured brides she sent me a beautiful reply with the details of their engagement and wedding. Instead of repeating her... I will just share what she had to say.

We are both very dedicated people, not only to one another, but to our aspirations and dreams. I just graduated with my Teaching Credential in December 2010 and Gavin graduated with his Bachelors of Science soon following in March 2011. We are now in a new branch of our lives, anxiously looking forward into the future that's fast approaching.

Everyone describes us as the couple that are meant for one other. We compliment each others differences and laugh at ourselves often.

Gavin proposed to me on 12/11/10. We went up to Grass Valley for his mom and step-dad's house warming party for their new home they purchased only a few months before. We were all wandering around talking to each other. Gavin's mom called everyone to gather around the living room to hear the minister bless their home. He read selections from the book, saying a blessing for different rooms in the house. After he was done and everyone applauded, it seemed everyone was going back to their conversations and that is when Gavin said, "Excuse me, can I have everyone's attention please? I have something I want to say, since we are all gathered around I'll say it now.." He got down on one knee next to me and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

Our wedding is going to be in Chico, California at The Palms. The ceremony will be outdoors in the garden surrounded by the Koi ponds and cabanas. The reception will be at the same location, only indoors in their Pavillion building. Our DJ is Dream Lighting and Sound, also the owner of The Palms. Our photographer is from Sacramento, Robinson Portraits. Also from Sacramento, our videographer Reel to Real Productions. We will be using the photo booth vendor that Veronica and Danny Enns used because we loved it so much! For the flowers and decor(centerpieces, linens, place settings, embellishments, etc) my mom and I will be doing it all mostly ourselves. We are having my step dad, Corey cook the food. Last, but not least, liquor is being provided by Finnegin's Jug.

The color theme is turquoise, pink, and chocolate brown. The bridesmaids will be wearing dresses unique and specially hand made by my mom. The groomsmen will be wearing tuxedos from Men's Warehouse that are black with turquoise vests to match the bridesmaid dresses.

The 530 Bridesmaid (and Bride of course) will be attending Melissa and Gavin's wedding so stay tuned for a post on their amazing day!

Melissa and Gavin's Wedding Invitation

Melissa's Bridal Shower was on June 11th, at the 5 Mile Recreation area in Chico.  The Bridal Shower invitations were thoughtful and creative, thanks to her Maid of Honor Kendy. Inside the invitation read:

"Lets fill their house from room to room with needed things like a mop or broom. Or pretty things like a lamp or vase. Lets make their home a pretty place!"

The park was beautiful, and the tables were decorated with Pink Table Covers & Hydrangea centerpieces.   a fun celebration, with lots of games and laughter.  Pictured below is the Bride-to-be Melissa adorned with her toilet paper fashion accessories, compliments of her bridal shower guests! Also pictured is her bridal shower favors, which were filled with chocolates and matched her wedding colors perfectly!

**Update! Congratulations to Melissa and Gavin as they are officially married!! We are so happy for the new Mr. & Mrs. Dorenzo! Click here to see their Real Wedding!