Wedding TV Show's You Shouldn't Watch

bridezillas-4Okay brides, you get home from work or school and turn on the TV as you flip through the channels you may come across wedding shows like TLC's Four Weddings, Say Yes to The Dress, Bridezilla or even David Tuteras "My Fair Wedding."  While entertaining, these types of shows can hinder your planning process more than help; and here is why:

We TV's Bridezilla - Well this one is obvious, just because you are getting married you do not have an excuse to be ridiculous and treat your friends, family or fiancé badly.

TLC's Say Yes to The Dress - The gowns are beautiful and the brides usually do walk away with the gown of their dreams, but it's the idea of bringing your whole entourage with you to judge or comment on your gown that is a real downer.  I think the bridal consultant would agree that having a maid of honor or other family member like your mother or grooms mother present is special; the only opinion that the bridal consultant wants to hear is yours.  If you feel beautiful and special in a gown, you shouldn't let your 10 friends who came along tear down your choice.

TLC's Four Weddings - Your wedding is not a competition, in real life you will not have a panel of judges with a score card rating each component such as food or atmosphere.  Please don't lose sight of what will make your day special to you and your fiancé because you want to please others and impress them with your wedding.

Why you shouldn't watch WeTV My Fair WeddingMy Fair Wedding - Built on the premise that bride's can wait until months or even weeks before the wedding to get things in order and someone (David Tutera) will magically come in and save the day.  At this point the brides have usually made purchases and have deposits with vendors, and David comes in and "rescues" their wedding morphing it into a big (admittedly beautiful) production.   (Image courtesy of

When you are planning your wedding it is easy to absorb yourself into anything and everything wedding, but you should try to have a healthy balance.  Make sure you spend just as much time doing non-wedding things and most importantly focus on communicating and enjoying your soon to be husband.  The better your relationship before walking down the aisle, the better it will be in years to come.

Lastly, remember your wedding is not a contest or an excuse to behave badly! Hire professional vendors and you will have no problem staying on track and within your budget for your big day.

~Happy Planning~