How Many Lives Does a Wedding Dress Have?

We don't have to tell you that the times have changed when it comes to parents footing the wedding bills.  Couples have become more creative in finding ways to save and budget for their wedding without compromising their dreams.  DIY projects have become the new buzzword, because brides are getting hands-on for everything from napkin folding & making their own favors to even creating their own wedding gown. When it comes to the price tag, it may be hard to find a designer wedding gown to fit into your budget.  Not every bride was born a seamstress, and we don't think you should have to settle for a wedding dress that doesn't take your breath away.  What if you could have the dress of your dreams, and not feel bad about a little splurging?

No one thinks twice about the groom renting his tuxedo & shoes, and then returning it in a couple days and never wearing it again.  The budget for your grooms attire is considerably less than what you will have to spend to get a dress, shoes, & other wedding accessories.  We understand that a wedding dress is not just an ordinary dress and is symbolic in many ways.  But is an inexpensive wedding gown any less symbolic?  Consider asking other brides what they did with their gowns after their big day, and many of them will tell you that their dress is stored away somewhere in their closet or in their attic!

You may want to open your mind and consider one of these ideas:

Buy a Used Wedding Dress - Buy a beautiful used gown from a consignment store, local classified ads such as Craigslist, or an online bridal store. If you have a local American Cancer Society Discover Shop, buy a used wedding gown and the proceeds will go to supporting the fight against cancer. Save hundreds of dollars when you buy a used gown, often only worn once or sometimes never worn at all!  Find the designer dress you have always dreamed of wearing, and pay only a fraction of the price. An added benefit is knowing that its okay if you end up changing your mind and purchasing another dress, because you will have saved so much on buying the first gown!

Rent a Wedding Dress - Wear a beautiful gown for your big day, without having to to worry about getting it cleaned or having to store it away somewhere.  Bridal shops offering rental services are popping up all over the map, and are easy to find online.  Make sure to do your homework by getting sized, and trying on several wedding gowns to be sure about which style of gown you would like to rent.

To read some great tips on renting a wedding gown or formal dress, checkout Alexandria's Formal Gown Rental.  Have you rented or bought a used gown before? Share your experiences with other brides by leaving us a comment!