Bridemaids Movie Review

The hype about the Bridesmaids movie is well deserved because its a movie that will make you laugh out loud!  We can't go as far as saying that it is "the Hangover movie for girls" because it has slightly less shock value than the Hangover.  Bridesmaids is first of its kind, as the main character is the Maid of Honor (or shall we say Maid of Dishonor!) who feels rivalry with another bridesmaid (Little Miss Perfect), for the brides attention.

Lets meet the characters!

We will try not to spoil the movie if you haven't seen it yet, but you can learn some important lessons from the film.


  • You can choose your bridesmaids and maid of honor without having to worry if they will get along, because they will find a way to work things out because they love you!
  • Give each bridesmaid a task or a way to help you so that they all can have a moment to shine, and feel like they are helping.  Plus, You don't want to try to do all of that work on your own so let them help you.
  • Try to keep the events budget friendly, so that you don't put anyone in a hard spot.
  • Stay true to yourself and your vision for the wedding, your wedding party may have their own ideas but you shouldn't have to compromise what you want.
  • Your wedding may consume a lot of your free time, but don't forget to be involved in your friend's lives so that they do not feel neglected.  Make sure to be there for them, listen to them and support them in their lives too!


  • The bride chose each of you for different reasons, and you are dear to heart.  Avoid bickering or feeling like you have to compete to be the best bridesmaid, because the last thing the bride wants is to have her favorite ladies fighting!
  • Each of you ladies may have your own idea of how the bridal shower and bachelorette party should go, but try to agree on a plan that will make your bride feel special, and focus on spending quality time with her during this exciting time in her life!
  • It isn't your job to plan her wedding, so you will have to try to step back and let her make her own choices.  Offer your assistance and support, but you don't want to influence her to stray from what she wants.
  • If you are the Maid of Honor try to gracefully run the show but remember that it is not a dictatorship, so be open-minded to the other bridesmaid's input.

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