5 Reasons We Love DJ's

Your wedding DJ does more than play music, they are not only going to watch for cues from your wedding coordinator to keep your timeline on point but they will also be constantly reading the crowd to make sure your guests are having a great time.  

1. They Know Your Timeline - Leading up to your wedding, your DJ may have a wedding packet for you to work on which includes everything from details about the atmosphere you want to create, names of your wedding party and immediate family to specific songs for key points in your timeline in addition to your ceremony entrance or first dance.  If you are a few minutes behind, they can loop another song in to make sure your grand entrance is perfect!

2. Check 1, 2 - Communication with your guests
Keep in mind that guests naturally look to the emcee for communication on what is happening next, such as the open bar during cocktail hour, photobooths, reception entrances and dinner etc.  When you are planning a consultation with potential DJ's you want to make sure they are experienced and comfortable being a great emcee, and be sure to be clear on your expectation for the atmosphere and vibe that you want to set as well as the genres of music you prefer.  

3. Lighting
Many DJ's have excellent lighting and sound packages that will ensure your reception has just the right party vibe! 

4. Selection
Experienced DJ's have a wide variety of music and they know the crowd pleasing music. We have so many great examples of DJ's who were able to get even the most stubborn wedding guest out on the dance floor, which an Ipod simply cannot do!

5. Easy button
It makes our job easier because we can't be everywhere at once, so when we need to get the message across quickly "single ladies on the dance floor" or "last call" guests tend to listen up! 

If you are looking for recommendations on local DJ's in your area, hop over to our preferred vendor page or feel free to contact us and we can help you navigate through some of your options! 

~Happy Planning!~