Wedding Toasts with a Twist

Weddings follow many traditions, one of them being the often dreaded wedding toasts.  As a guest at a wedding, the toasts can either get the party started or can be a major buzz kill!  Imagine yourself at a wedding where the energy level is high, dinner has been served and the night is still young.  Then a series of long, akward or even inappropriate speeches proceed and though you may get a few laughs; you are secretly wishing they would end so that you can get back to the party!  Here is a video proving just how painfully long a toast can be...

What if those speeches weren't akward or long but rather heartfelt, creative and fun?  Considering 2012 is on its way out, we think it is time for a new generation of wedding traditions and out of the box ideas that will give your guests a treat.  So now go back and imagine yourself at a wedding and you are finishing your meal and the DJ asks you to direct your attention to a projection screen.  Then a video clip begins of a member of the bridal party beginning to speak about the bride or groom, and instead of appearing nervous or unprepared with a microphone they are calm and comfortable.  A professional videographer has assisted them with preparing a knockout toast and has edited the video with music, and photos of the speaker and the bride and/or groom.  This is not only entertaining but it is meaningful because it gives the couple a touching keepsake that can be combined with their wedding videography.  Each clip is kept short and fun, allowing the party to continue without the bloopers of an open mic!  Remember, not everyone is comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and can be even harder after a few glasses of champagne.

Some of our inspirations to this idea include on-site visit to the couple's highschool to walk down memory lane, or talking about their childhood years and friendship leading up to this important day.  For friends and family of the bride or groom who have not met their new new spouse it gives them an insight and a little more prospective about their personality.

This element could be done with or without the couples knowledge and could also be made available to the parents of the couple.  If the couple is involved they could also plan a clip that would be played at the end of the night thanking the guests for coming.

Love or hate this idea?  Let us know what you think about changing up some of the wedding traditions by commenting on this post.