Wedding Tips | Making the Most of Your Engagement Photos

You're Engagement Session is Scheduled..It's Getting Real! 
Photo via Minted

The first rule is to think of what scenes would feel the most authentic to you as a couple? Are you super fans of a local micro-brewery, or maybe there is a family cabin that is your home away from home.  Choosing a location that makes you not only feel comfortable but that highlights your love story is one way to make the most of your session.  

Wardrobe: After you have selected your location, talk with your photographer about his or her recommendations on wardrobe for the specific lighting and desired look.  Then choose a few looks that are easy to change into for example jeans and a cute top for one look, throw on a cardigan to change it up and lastly for the third look switch the jeans for a cute maxi or pencil skirt depending on the vibe.  (Tip: Bring a blanket along not only to give you the option to sit down but your sweetie can hold it while you change if needed) Finally, bring a few statement pieces like a chunky necklace, or colorful bangle bracelets, watch etc for the nice close-up shots of your hands and that beautiful ring. 

Make-up: Wouldn't it be nice if you had your own personal glam squad? Sometimes it works out to schedule your hair and make-up trial on the same day as your engagement session.  This is great for seeing how your make-up look photographs and it may give you that extra boost of glam confidence.  If you are doing your own hair and make-up for the shoot, be mindful if you are shooting outdoors that wind can blow your hair around and you may have to keep adjusting before each shot.  An updo, bobby pins or some hair accessories are helpful to avoid any hair malfunctions! Eye make-up can always be a tad more dramatic for photo's but you shouldn't need to wear extra blush or bronzer depending on the lighting. 

Enjoy a cocktail or cozy beverage before you begin shooting, it can help loosen both of you up and get you ready to smile in front of the camera.  Some couples have even opted to take some photos that include them loosening up at their favorite pub or cafe.  

Have more questions? Chat with your photographer and wedding planner to relieve any of your pre-session nerves!