Wedding Planning Tip: Wedding Day Photography

weddingphotog. When you meet with your wedding photographer, make sure to discuss what is included in your wedding photography package.  From how many hours are included, if second shooters or assistants will be used, what the turnaround time will be for your photos etc.  Haven't found your wedding photographer yet? Use this handy planning sheet provided by Martha Stewart Weddings for your consultations!

Your photographer will likely recommend meeting at your wedding venue to walk through and cover some of the logistics for your wedding day.  You will want to know where you plan on having the ceremony, where you are walking down the aisle from and how long the ceremony will be (including any special readings or traditions) so that the photographer can gauge how much lighting/time will be needed and also where the best spot to shoot from will be.

Before your walk through your venue with your photographer, you may want to consider going to your venue at the time you believe you would like the festivities to begin so that you can observe the lighting.  If the sun is already going down, you may want to start earlier so that you don't miss out on optimal lighting for your photos.

To better estimate the time of sunset for your wedding date, you can look up your location and the date online at websites such as this one:

Happy Planning!

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