Wedding Blues

KEEP CALM AND BE  HUSBAND  & WIFE  Poster"Wedding Blues".. is it a real thing?  Apparently so.  What makes couples fall into this spell of depression after their trip down the aisle, and how do you avoid getting the wedding blues you ask?   Our advice is to keep a healthy balance leading up to the wedding so that you don't get consumed by it.  Have regular date nights and make plans with friends and family to do non-wedding related activities.

While not all couples experience these post-wedding blues, it is common among couples that were under a lot of pressure for their big day.  If you are taking on the planning process you might want to reconsider, and look into having in the very least a Day of Coordinator to handle the logistics for you so that both bride and groom get to have an amazing experience.  The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is fold napkins or tie chair sashes on 150 chairs, when you could be spending more time with your ladies and a nice bottle of bubbly getting "beautified!"

Another idea is to have dedicated time after the wedding, even if you aren't going out of town for a honeymoon you can have an at home honeymoon just the two of you.  You can rest your tired feet from all of that dancing you did out on the dance floor, and just relax together as husband and wife.

If you are still in the planning stages for your big day, head over to our vendor directory where you will find local wedding professionals to help with all of your wedding needs.