To Elope or Not To Elope?

Weddings are about two people making the decision to commit to one another and spend the rest of their lives together.  However, weddings often become an event where you are aiming to please everyone which is impossible.  If things are getting too complicated, and you feel like you just want the wedding to be about the two of you; eloping might be the best option for you.  When couples elope they can have a romantic wedding ceremony, and also have a honeymoon all in the same trip!  No worries of favors, centerpieces, and rentals; just an intimate ceremony.  Some choose the city hall or locations like Tahoe, or Vegas to tie the knot but there are endless options.  Just make sure to plan on telling your friends and family either before or immediately following to avoid hurting anyones feelings. 

Some things to consider before you make your final decision:

Family If it's your first wedding, or your parents have been talking about the day they will get to see you walk down the aisle you might want to put some extra thought into your decision.  If you are worried that your family will not be receptive to the idea, consider sitting them down and telling them about your concerns with having a traditional wedding.  If you can come up with ideas on how to keep it low-key and more affordable, such as cutting the guest list or throwing a backyard bash you might find a happy medium.  Have you always thought of your grandparents being there on your big day, or having your darling nieces as your flower girls? Eloping might not be for you. 

Budget A wedding budget can take on a life of it's own if you don't stay organized, as the little things add up.  You will have to budget for things like cutlery, napkins & linens, security and transporation in some cases.  In order to lower your overall budget, you can keep your guest list in check or even make cuts if needed.  When you elope, you can choose affordable wedding packages that are designed to be budget friendly.  Packages often include an on-site coordinator, flowers, ceremony officiant, music, basic photography package, sweetheart cake and champagne.  Hotels offer honeymoon suites that are designed to celebrate your exciting occasion. 

Destination Envisioning somewhere tropical for your big day, but aren't sure that your guests can follow?  If you start your planning early, you can find packages that include a certain number of guests.  You can then send out invitations to close friends and family members that you would like to come if they can.  This lets them know that you would love to share your big day with them, if they can make it but you aren't pressuring them. 

If you decide that eloping is the best option for you, consider allowing your family or friends put together a casual reception to celebrate your union.  This is a great time to share your photos or videography from your special ceremony.  If you would like to stay local, contact a wedding officiant to inquire of any nearby locations that are available for small ceremonies. 

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