The Do's and Don'ts of Valentines Day ~ Ladies Edition

I was going to write about what men should do for their ladies on Valentine's Day, and then it hit me.  This whole site is about weddings, and "girlie" topics so it isn't likely that a man will be reading this.  However, Valentine's Day is a two-way street so here is the alternative: The Do's and Don'ts of Valentine's Day ~ Ladies Edition 1. What Wedding? Going out on a limb to bet that you have been talking wedding pretty much since he proposed, so number one on the list is to not talk about the wedding AT ALL! That's right, no talking about the wedding on Valentine's Day because you can't forget about the things you used to talk about and enjoy doing together before the wedding planning began.  Remind him of your sense of humor, and your spontaneity.

2.  The Key to His Heart Plan a dinner at a low key restaurant, somewhere that HE feels comfortable.  Flip the switch and pay the bill, a guy likes to be wined and dined once and awhile!  If you know your way around the kitchen, then whip out that family recipe and enjoy the evening together without having to deal with the crowds in town.

3.  It's The Little Things That Count Make a basket of his favorite items such as: - Favorite Coffee - His Favorite Jerky, or Snacks, Sweets etc - Sports/Hobby related such as a hat or t-shirt - Tickets to an upcoming event such as the races, sports game - Action Movies, Books or a CD These things may not sound like much but it shows him that you pay attention to even the small things that he enjoys

4.  Day Trip While not everyone can take the day off for Valentines Day, consider planning a weekend trip or day trip a few days later.  You can give him a card with a few hints about what you have planned over the weekend.   We are lucky in California to have so many natural beauties at our fingertips, so you don't have to spend a fortune on activities. Pack up your bikes or hiking shoes and just enjoy the outdoors together.

5. Royal Treatment Before you think you yourself that your guy would never step foot in a salon, keep in mind their are some easy alternatives to this.  Give the ultimate royal treatment with a couples massage, if you don't think you could talk him into going to a salon then bring the salon to him.  A mobile massage therapy company can come to your house and possibly even give you some pointers on technique for massage so that you know how to work out the knots yourself.

What do you think the ultimate gift is for your guy? Share your ideas or comments here!

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