TBT | Bella Swan Got Hitched

The most talked about vampire wedding ever!

Okay so this might be the first vampire wedding we have ever talked about, but on this throwback thursday we are looking back at the Twilight Saga wedding and how it has influenced the wedding world!  From the vintage style ring, to that lace gown team Jacob fans cried as these two walked down the aisle!

The Ring 


The Dress

Since the rumor of the wedding in the Breaking Dawn movie surfaced, the internet went crazy over what the dress would look like.  It is safe to say this dressed sparked the revival of the lace, vintage movement and that is fine with us!  There have been countless replicas of the gown, not to mention extensive media coverage and press covering Bella Swan's look.  

It took designer Carolina Herrera, and four seamstresses, over six months to make and was custom-made specifically for Stewart to wear in her on-screen wedding to her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen. Made using crepe satin and French Chantilly lace, the dress features 152 buttons on the back and 17 on each sleeve.
— Vogue

The Details

Image Courtesy of  BridalGuide

Image Courtesy of BridalGuide


In Bridal Guide's interview with Tammy Polatsek, the creative genius behind this fantastic wedding she says that the wedding scene took 4 weeks to create and would have cost around $300,000.  Where did Polatsek get her inspiration for the scene? She says “Since the wedding took place in a forest, we wanted to mimic the life that a forest can give you,” she said. “We drew inspiration from the surrounding trees, stones, ferns, and everything else that grows in a forest.” 

The cascading wisteria was hung by a group of 20 people, and due to the weather some of the flowers had to be replaced hourly! Yikes! Polatsek said, "The centerpieces used delphiniums, viburnums, white lilacs, ranunculus, and sweet pea, plus stones, ferns, and moss. “We didn’t want the typical rose/hydrangea combination." - Bridalguide.com 

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

We'll never tell, but either team you were on it just goes to show you how even a fictional wedding can shape the fashions & trends all over the world!

 ~ Happy Planning ~