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Happy Spring! Today we're talking all about keeping up with communication during your wedding planning process and how a wedding planner can help you stay organized.  Let's assume you have anywhere from 5 to 10 wedding vendors from your venue, caterer, florist, DJ and rentals to bakers, tent company and stationery designer.  That's a lot of moving pieces!

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As a wedding planner, communication is our top priority because when everyone is on the same page for your wedding day we know things will go smoothly as planned.  If details and updates aren't distributed across the board you can bet there will be a snag in the process which can ultimately cost you money if you need to add something that was missed, or an important detail isn't executed as promised.  It is imperative for your wedding vendors to work as a team, and we want to ensure that everyone is set up for success from day one.

Email communication 
As convenient as text messages are these days, it still isn't a professional form of communication and because texts are often very short and sweet it is always going to be more thorough to communicate via email.  This also will be helpful in the long run in case you need to look back through your previous emails to refresh your memory on a decision or update from a few months prior.  

Organized Master Timeline
Without an organized master timeline to serve as the main anchor point for your event, you could easily have several different variations of your wedding timeline with each vendor.  It doesn't seem like 10 minutes here and there make a big difference but when it comes to the caterer pulling lids off of the buffet and food being served fresh and hot, every minute counts.   We also want to make the most of your coverage with your photographer so giving enough time for formal portraits but keeping dinner and toasts running smoothly will ensure you have time for those dreamy sunset photos! 

Efficient Decision Making
A wedding planner can help present options to you in an efficient manner, making side by side comparisons based on your budget and preferences.  This will cut down on the back and forth emails to get the information you are looking for and can also streamline the time that it takes to book vendors.  Decision making was one of the 5 toughest things about planning according to WeddingWire

Details, Details, Details! 
We can only imagine what your day looks like inside your mind until we get to draw this out and break it down detail by detail.  This will ensure that no one is coming to you with questions on your wedding day while you are getting your hair and make-up done.  We will work with your vendors to review set up and breakdown details, and the smallest detail when it comes to your preferences. 

Managing your calendar
We want to assist you with making sure you know when appointments and payment due dates are with your vendors, when you need to have your final guest count, where and when you need to purchase event insurance and if desired we'll follow up on your behalf to ensure you receive your deposit back from your venue after your wedding. 

Planning Dashboard
Our couples have access to their personalized planning dashboard where they can access their wedding details 24/7.  They will have the ability to view and customize their planning checklist, master timeline, budget details, guest list, rsvp tracking, vendor contact info and contracts, design details and more.  This makes us happy wedding planners because we know they can relax knowing exactly where they are in the process. 


Every couple is different with respect to how involved they want to be in their day-to-day planning, so we have different packages and options to serve those needs individually.  We'd love to chat with you about your wedding plans even if are just looking for an extra set of hands on your wedding day.  

~ Happy Planning! 

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Wedding Tips | Making the Most of Your Engagement Photos

You're Engagement Session is Scheduled..It's Getting Real! 
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The first rule is to think of what scenes would feel the most authentic to you as a couple? Are you super fans of a local micro-brewery, or maybe there is a family cabin that is your home away from home.  Choosing a location that makes you not only feel comfortable but that highlights your love story is one way to make the most of your session.  

Wardrobe: After you have selected your location, talk with your photographer about his or her recommendations on wardrobe for the specific lighting and desired look.  Then choose a few looks that are easy to change into for example jeans and a cute top for one look, throw on a cardigan to change it up and lastly for the third look switch the jeans for a cute maxi or pencil skirt depending on the vibe.  (Tip: Bring a blanket along not only to give you the option to sit down but your sweetie can hold it while you change if needed) Finally, bring a few statement pieces like a chunky necklace, or colorful bangle bracelets, watch etc for the nice close-up shots of your hands and that beautiful ring. 

Make-up: Wouldn't it be nice if you had your own personal glam squad? Sometimes it works out to schedule your hair and make-up trial on the same day as your engagement session.  This is great for seeing how your make-up look photographs and it may give you that extra boost of glam confidence.  If you are doing your own hair and make-up for the shoot, be mindful if you are shooting outdoors that wind can blow your hair around and you may have to keep adjusting before each shot.  An updo, bobby pins or some hair accessories are helpful to avoid any hair malfunctions! Eye make-up can always be a tad more dramatic for photo's but you shouldn't need to wear extra blush or bronzer depending on the lighting. 

Enjoy a cocktail or cozy beverage before you begin shooting, it can help loosen both of you up and get you ready to smile in front of the camera.  Some couples have even opted to take some photos that include them loosening up at their favorite pub or cafe.  

Have more questions? Chat with your photographer and wedding planner to relieve any of your pre-session nerves!