Northern California Wedding Planner | Choosing Your Creative Team

We don’t always talk about the business side of weddings much on the blog, but when we do - it’s mostly going to be directed towards the importance of professionals working together as a team. Why? Because this is the secret sauce for a wedding that feels so smooth, effortless and fun. When a creative team of photographers, videographers, florists, bakers, caterers, DJ’s, designers, venue owners, shuttle drivers… well you get the picture.. when we all work together .. couples will have a much better experience.


Couples will benefit greatly when they have a collective team who communicates and collaborates on the details in order to set everyone up for success. A smooth timeline = more time for portraits. More time for portraits without jeopardizing the timeline = ceremony starts on time and caterer’s appetizers are in place without sitting out too long, the florals look great, the music is cue’d and the reception details are on point for dinner. It’s all connected.

Our clients know just how passionate we are about the importance of hiring a DJ for example because we practically shout it from the rooftops, we could never tell someone that a DJ isn’t needed and that instead they should use an ipod or playlist. A professional DJ who understands the communication involved with being an emcee and will keep guests informed of what’s happening next, read the crowd for the music selection and help keep the vibe consistent throughout the event.

Wedding planning has so much more than just the “day-of” in play - it’s putting together the logistics of a site plan and layout, it’s understanding the intricate family dynamics to ensure the wording on the invitation is perfect, managing the budget & expectations throughout the planning process to ensure that the final design will meet and exceed the client’s vision.


It’s those pesky calculations on just how many pounds of ice we need and planning on extra dessert forks for the late night snack that was added on, each of those details are connected and are often behind the scenes out of the peripheral view of the majority of vendors and guests.

Those details are what a lot of planners thrive on, heck you could say we are just wired a little different - but ultimately that is our craft. Much like a photographer has this insane talent for catching the light and seeing what others don’t see in order to create magic.


Well our magic is in the details & the quiet satisfaction of sending a couple down the aisle after 18 months of planning and knowing they are setting foot into a fun-filled celebration surrounded by their loved ones without a care in the world!

How can couples choose professionals who will not only be a great fit for their wedding? We recommend discussing your preferences during your consultation and letting potential companies know that you are looking for someone who can collaborate with all of the wedding vendors for their event. You can always ask for referrals, recommendations and read reviews or chat with potential wedding planners about their experience with being a team player.

Happy Planning!

Northern California Wedding Planner | Friday Introduction!

Hello there and welcome to our blog! If you are new here, I hope you will check out some of our recent posts & tips and recent weddings. I’m back from a short vacation to Hawaii, and since we just so happen to have some awesome new photos by the fabulous Diane Nicole Photography, it seemed fitting to throw in a quick introduction post!

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Veronica and I have been blessed to watch this business grow over the last 8 years. It is such a blessing to be able to serve our couples, and to consistently improve upon our craft with education and experience with every event along the way.


A little about me

  • I’d take a cold brew coffee over a glass of wine any day

  • Got married on 10/10/10 to my husband Daniel

  • Mommy to two girls under 5 (yes it can be just as chaotic as it sounds)

  • Currently teaching myself sketch rendering and hope to eventually learn 3D rendering

  • Obsessed with anything related to real estate, and HGTV fixer upper shows

  • Have serious puppy envy, but settling with fish pets for now!

  • Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, so I will always have a soft spot for fall weddings

I can’t wait to post some more photos from our shoot and introduce our whole team of ladies here at The 530 Bride! In the meantime, you can hop over to our about us page to learn more!

Northern California Wedding Planner | Elopement Planning

We’re so excited about all of the recent engagements and that we have the opportunity to work with couples with such a range of vision, from a large rustic ranch wedding to an intimate evening for 40 guests. Over the last few years we have been seeing more unique elopements and love when couples can really hone in on the experience they want to have without feeling any pressures to make plans outside of that vision.

If you can see yourself with your fiance and maybe a handful of your closest family members or friends and tying the knot in a location that speaks to you, then an elopement is really a wonderful option. We would love to chat with you about your ideas and help you create a magical memorable day with an incredible team of vendors to handle all of the details for you from photography, florals, beauty and more.
~ Happy Planning!

Northern California Wedding Planner | Real Talk ~ Budget Breakdown

With the recent news of Style Me Pretty closing it had us thinking a lot about where couples find inspiration for planning their wedding.  If you are engaged and starting to dive into the rentals, decor and design aspects of your wedding you might feel unsure of pricing or how to even go about putting together the overall look.  We're going to break down the budget of a wedding reception and talk real numbers!

The 530 Bride _ Real Talk - Budget Breakdown.png

Let's take two side by side wedding tables for example and see if anything jumps out.  At first glance, they are both round guest tables with white linens.  But the full drop linen on the left is double the price of the linen on the right.  

Will your reception chairs be pre-set at the tables or are you using the same set of chairs for ceremony and moving them to reception?  Consider the cost of doubling the set of chairs vs upgrading to full drop linens and see which is a priority to you.  In some cases couples choose to use standard linens on the tables and only have one set of chairs so just make sure you have a plan for getting chairs moved over. 

Now, let's move on to your place settings and visualize what you would like to have on your tables.  The first question we would have is if your caterer will be providing china and flatware or if they use heavy chinette disposables.  If the caterer gives you the option or you are considering renting dishes just make sure to work out the numbers for rentals, and labor for bussing the dishes.

Image: Matthew Lim Photography 

Image: Matthew Lim Photography 

So let's ball park the numbers for a wedding reception of 150 guests assuming we are using round guest tables that seat 8 guests and basic polyester linens. *Keep in mind the pricing is based on average rental pricing in Northern California and it can vary quite a bit depending on the company* 

148 guests + the couple

1 48 inch round wood table (sweetheart table) 8.00 ea
1  108 inch round full drop polyester linen (sweetheart table) 10.95 ea
19 60 inch round wood tables  8.95 ea
19 120 inch full drop polyester linen 12.95 ea
150 White resin padded folding chairs 2.50 ea
150 China package (dinner plate, flatware, water goblet, wine glass and champagne glass) 2.60 ea

This would bring us to $27 per person and a subtotal of $3,996 for the guest tables and then $4,014.25 including the sweetheart table + linen before tax, delivery and maintenance/wear & tear fees (typically 10%) We would also want to add a welcome table, buffet tables, bar tables, dessert tables etc along with linens for all of your service tables. 

Depending on if you are renting through a full service rental company or your caterer, you will also want to factor in set-up and breakdown fees for ceremony and reception items.    

Image: Bloom Portraiture 

Image: Bloom Portraiture 

Choosing a caterer is a big decision not only because it is such a large portion of your wedding budget but because choosing the package can determine the service level for the event.  If you envision passed appetizers, staff going around to keep the beverage glasses full, having champagne poured at the tables and staff to handle cake cutting then you will want to look into a full service caterer.  {For more tips on choosing a caterer check out our recent blog post.}

If you are choosing a buffet and would like to keep costs down, consider using heavy chinette disposables to reduce the rental costs and labor for bussing tables.   You can also have stationary appetizers instead of passed as it will be less labor intensive. 

Hopefully this was helpful to see some line items but if you need some assistance with getting your overall budget together, feel free to reach out and we would be happy to chat!

~ Happy Planning ~ 


Northern California Wedding Planner | Engagement Session Giveaway

You still have time to enter into the Engagement Session Giveaway by Julia Lukash Photography!  Head over to our Instgram and follow the giveaway instructions, entries are valid until Sunday 4/22 at 5 pm.

We've been swooning over Julia's work since we first met years ago and we cannot wait to work with her for upcoming weddings.  We love Julia's fun personality, and her passion for photography.  You can check out her website to see more of her work or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.  

Don't forget to enter for this awesome giveaway, or feel free to share with other engaged couples!

~ Happy Planning!~ 

Northern California Wedding Planner | Real Talk - Vendor Communication

Happy Spring! Today we're talking all about keeping up with communication during your wedding planning process and how a wedding planner can help you stay organized.  Let's assume you have anywhere from 5 to 10 wedding vendors from your venue, caterer, florist, DJ and rentals to bakers, tent company and stationery designer.  That's a lot of moving pieces!

The 530 Bride _ Real Talk - Vendor Communication.png

As a wedding planner, communication is our top priority because when everyone is on the same page for your wedding day we know things will go smoothly as planned.  If details and updates aren't distributed across the board you can bet there will be a snag in the process which can ultimately cost you money if you need to add something that was missed, or an important detail isn't executed as promised.  It is imperative for your wedding vendors to work as a team, and we want to ensure that everyone is set up for success from day one.

Email communication 
As convenient as text messages are these days, it still isn't a professional form of communication and because texts are often very short and sweet it is always going to be more thorough to communicate via email.  This also will be helpful in the long run in case you need to look back through your previous emails to refresh your memory on a decision or update from a few months prior.  

Organized Master Timeline
Without an organized master timeline to serve as the main anchor point for your event, you could easily have several different variations of your wedding timeline with each vendor.  It doesn't seem like 10 minutes here and there make a big difference but when it comes to the caterer pulling lids off of the buffet and food being served fresh and hot, every minute counts.   We also want to make the most of your coverage with your photographer so giving enough time for formal portraits but keeping dinner and toasts running smoothly will ensure you have time for those dreamy sunset photos! 

Efficient Decision Making
A wedding planner can help present options to you in an efficient manner, making side by side comparisons based on your budget and preferences.  This will cut down on the back and forth emails to get the information you are looking for and can also streamline the time that it takes to book vendors.  Decision making was one of the 5 toughest things about planning according to WeddingWire

Details, Details, Details! 
We can only imagine what your day looks like inside your mind until we get to draw this out and break it down detail by detail.  This will ensure that no one is coming to you with questions on your wedding day while you are getting your hair and make-up done.  We will work with your vendors to review set up and breakdown details, and the smallest detail when it comes to your preferences. 

Managing your calendar
We want to assist you with making sure you know when appointments and payment due dates are with your vendors, when you need to have your final guest count, where and when you need to purchase event insurance and if desired we'll follow up on your behalf to ensure you receive your deposit back from your venue after your wedding. 

Planning Dashboard
Our couples have access to their personalized planning dashboard where they can access their wedding details 24/7.  They will have the ability to view and customize their planning checklist, master timeline, budget details, guest list, rsvp tracking, vendor contact info and contracts, design details and more.  This makes us happy wedding planners because we know they can relax knowing exactly where they are in the process. 


Every couple is different with respect to how involved they want to be in their day-to-day planning, so we have different packages and options to serve those needs individually.  We'd love to chat with you about your wedding plans even if are just looking for an extra set of hands on your wedding day.  

~ Happy Planning! 

Veronica Blog Post.jpeg

Northern California Wedding Planner | Hello 2018!

How was your New Year, can you believe it is 2018? I know, we're already almost half way through January but it still feels weird to write 2018 and 2019 dates on our calendar.  Here's what we've been up to since the first of the year!

updates in 2018

1. Logo refresh! 

Thanks to Nerissa, our new in-house graphic designer!

Thanks to Nerissa, our new in-house graphic designer!

2. We grew ~ Formal Introductions of each of our new team members coming soon! 

A few of our newest additions to our team after rocking set-up of a beautiful winter wedding at Patrick Ranch.

A few of our newest additions to our team after rocking set-up of a beautiful winter wedding at Patrick Ranch.

3. Featured on Cake and Lace - Romantic Barrel Room Styled Shoot

4. First Wedding of 2018 ~ Congrats to Cambria & Tyler! 

We can't wait to see the beautiful images captured by Morgan Chantelle Photography!

We can't wait to see the beautiful images captured by Morgan Chantelle Photography!

5. Checked off a major goal! Your feedback is so important to us!


Thank you to much to all of our amazing couple's who shared about their experience, it truly means the world to us knowing that we made an impact on such an important day! 

6. Now offering Wedding Stationery & Signage Design!

We are so excited to offer custom wedding invitations, stationery & design services for couples looking to create something unique and personal for their upcoming wedding. Having an in-house graphic designer (The talented Nerissa Quinn!) allows us to sit down together with couples and work through the design process to bring out the elements that matter most to you, that's the good stuff! {Photo by AnnaMae Photography}

We are so excited to offer custom wedding invitations, stationery & design services for couples looking to create something unique and personal for their upcoming wedding. Having an in-house graphic designer (The talented Nerissa Quinn!) allows us to sit down together with couples and work through the design process to bring out the elements that matter most to you, that's the good stuff! {Photo by AnnaMae Photography}

7.  Wedding Planner Intensive Course - 8 weeks of learning the latest best practices for wedding planners.


8. Better Together - We've Officially Partnered!

We've officially partnered, so The 530 Bride will be the force of two planners and a full event team.  We want our couples to know that we have them covered and always have a team approach to our weddings.  This was a dream of ours and to finally make it official is beyond exciting.  ~ Happy Dance!

We've officially partnered, so The 530 Bride will be the force of two planners and a full event team.  We want our couples to know that we have them covered and always have a team approach to our weddings.  This was a dream of ours and to finally make it official is beyond exciting.  ~ Happy Dance!

9. Putting the finishing touches on our office space

We added some of our favorite photos by Matthew Lim Photography from a recent wedding, and will be sharing more photos of our office space soon!

We added some of our favorite photos by Matthew Lim Photography from a recent wedding, and will be sharing more photos of our office space soon!

10. We had a blast at the Chico Bridal Show!


It has been an exciting first few weeks of the year to say the least, but our focus is to continually improve the experience for our couples as they plan their wedding.  We've invested in education for our team and for keeping up with the best practices in the planning industry.  

We know it is going to be an amazing year, stay tuned for more fun updates! 

~ Happy Planning! ~

Veronica Blog Post.jpeg

Northern California Wedding Planner | Keeping it Intimate - Ceremonies & Pop-Up Weddings

We're Loving Intimate Weddings - Here's Why: 

Instead of being lost in seating chart land or worrying over shuttles for 140 guests, couples can focus on their vows, experiencing the dining experience along with their guests, visiting and truly being in the moment.  Not to mention the budget can often be allocated on enriching your guests experiences with welcome bags, custom stationery at their place settings, or live music for example.  

Photos Courtesy of  Amanda Wei Photography

laura-and-leah_SF Wedding Day_the-530-bride

Many of our couples reside outside of Northern California, and are planning their weddings remotely so having us in the area to go on site walks and meet with their event team saves them a lot of the leg work while giving them peace of mind.   After-all for most, this is the first time planning an event of this size so it can seem overwhelming when they first set the date. 

Recently, we've had the pleasure of working with couples who are really looking to streamline their wedding day experience and are looking for an all inclusive approach.  This can mean finding a venue who provides many of the amenities such as the event space, tables, chairs, food & beverage, etc and we contract the event team to complete the must-haves including florals, sound & photography to name a few.  

foriegn-cinema-wedding_san francisco_The-530-bride

If you are curious about Pop-Up Weddings and how they differ between an intimate wedding or elopement, here is a comparison:

Elopement - The couple + witness(es) + officiant

Pop-up Wedding - One venue decked out with all of the wedding goodies + multiple couples at various times during the day, night or throughout the length of the event + 15-20 guests typically and can include some of the essentials like officiant, photography, champagne, appetizers, music and dancing depending on the package you select.

Intimate Wedding - The couple + 20-60 guests + officiant and venue which could be a back yard, restaurant or small venue.

Creating an intimate experience with only a few of your closest friends or family members allows you to focus on the elements that matter most to you.  Surprise your guests with your choreographed first dance? Yes!!


Through our experience of planning intimate weddings we've honestly enjoyed such genuine connections with our couples and even their families who we get to know in the process.  We are so thankful for these amazing couples and for the opportunity to witness such joy and happiness!

~ Happy Planning~ 

Northern California Wedding Planner | The Top 3 Scariest Wedding Tales

In true Halloween fashion, we've gathered up the three scariest tales for wedding days and hope to help couples avoid these coming true on their wedding day!

scariest wedding tales_the-530-bride

The Uncle Joe's

Despite the innocent appearing thought of having your friend's uncle Joe DJ, Photograph or even provide floral arrangements for your wedding, it can turn down right frightful very quickly.  This particular Uncle Joe claims to have over 10 years experience and "knows what he is doing."  What makes this so scary is that he isn't sharing what he is doing with anyone else, so no one is on the same page about what time to expect him there to set up, what he needs or what exactly he is providing.  Then since it's a friend of the family or your friend's uncle you feel between a rock and a hard place to complain or discuss your frustrations.  

The Mysterious No Shows

Two weeks before your wedding, you are chasing down RSVP's and making sure everyone has their hotel rooms booked (because they didn't book one under your room block..) and as you finally get these numbers confirmed with your caterer and rentals you feel like you are in the home stretch.  

Your cousin decides she wants to also get her hair done and you send a message to your hair stylist four days before the wedding to add one more to the headcount.  Oddly, you don't hear back but chalk it up to being a busy week and you move on to other tasks like making sure you have enough votive candles for each table and that your seating chart is spot on.   Fast forward to the morning of the wedding and you look at the clock, the hairstylist should have been here 20 minutes ago to set up. 

Someone confirmed with the hairstylist right? She knows which hotel you are staying at right?
We won't get into the gory details but without a timeline that has been distributed to each of the vendors and confirmed, how are you certain that everyone knows where to be and when to arrive? This is where a wedding planner comes in to play as we are checking in with your event team 6 weeks out and confirming once a timeline has been approved that all details are good to go.

The Death of The Timeline 

This last tale is one that has plagued couples in the past but can be easily avoided.  No one vendor runs the show, all have to work together to ensure that your day is smooth and that you make the most of it! So when we hear stories of the ceremony not starting on time because of hair and make-up, or dinner being late because the photography took longer to get all of the family shots, wedding party & and/or sunset etc we instantly ask *what did the timeline say? 
While a timeline is always meant as a guide and we don't force things to happen down to the minute, we do expect that all event partners are working together and that can only happen when all are following the same timeline.  

Don't let the sun go down and miss your sunset photos because toasts run 20 minutes longer than expected, plan ahead and consider who you would like to have toast then give this to the DJ.   

The moral of the story is to always hire professionals, have a point person *ahem* a wedding planner and discuss your wishes to everyone ahead of time.  You can have your dream wedding as long as you clearly tell others and plan to make this dream happen! 

~ Happy Halloween & Happy Planning~ 

Northern California Wedding Planner | A Wedding Planner's Monday

In the wedding industry, a Saturday isn't really a Saturday.. and Sundays are the time to recover from a 12-14 hour work day.  So what does a Monday look like in the life of a wedding planner?  

It's Monday, knock out your to-do list and feel good about the week ahead! Hey, we won't judge you if you finished a pot of coffee to yourself today! 

It's Monday, knock out your to-do list and feel good about the week ahead! Hey, we won't judge you if you finished a pot of coffee to yourself today! 

We'd love to say that it starts with waking up like a rock star and preparing for a week of J-Lo like awesomeness head set and all, but let's keep it real... we wake up with a messy bun just like everyone else! Can you say coffee?

What is it like as a wedding planner? We get asked a lot actually, so here is a snippet for you! Often our Monday's start with returning emails, sending additional information to couple's who have inquired about our planning services over the weekend and then updating our social media. (if you haven't followed us on IG yet, please do! @530bride) 

We check in with our planning clients, making sure they know what's happening next and what we will be working on this week.  Next we head out to return any rentals from our events over the weekend from linens, floral vases, cake stands etc.  

In the afternoons we catch a podcast from our favorite Wedding Industry groups and work on some housekeeping items like updating our website, adding details to our outlines and checklists and taking time to communicate with our team as a post-wedding brief.

After the day is in full swing we enjoy seeing sneak peeks and blog posts from the talented photographers from the recent weddings we've been a part of.  Like this recent blog post from Jen and J.D's day captured by the uber talented Katelyn Owens! 

Katelyn Owens  Jen and JD

What does your Monday look like? We hope you have a fabulous week! 
~ Happy Planning!~

Northern California Wedding Planner | We Just Plan Weddings

Plain and simple.  We are wedding planners because thats our jam! We have a fabulous list of reputable and professional vendors for all of your wedding needs, and we are always happy to share our recommendations.  Why a blog post on the topic? Well, because the only one-stop shops that I like are when I am grocery shopping!  We want our couples and our vendor teams to know that we won't try to step in to be a florist, a photographer, a hair or make-up stylist, etc. This not only ensures that our wedding clients get the planning experience they expect instead of being preoccupied with services that are not our specialty.  

the-530-bride_We specialize in wedding planning.png

We know that hiring professionals for these services is so important, and we respect the craft of each aspect of the wedding team.  Budgets are a real thing, and understandably couples have to prioritize how they allocate their spending.  That being said, having a wedding planner who knows the local market enough to try to help match up with professional service providers who are within budget saves time and money in the long run.  

Please take our advice and use extreme caution when having a friend of a friend provide any type of service for your wedding.  If unavoidable make sure to have a written agreement of some kind that clearly states the expectation and terms of any service or product being supplied.  The same advice goes for someone who is just starting out or building their portfolio.  Everyone starts somewhere so you could end up getting a great value but you take a bigger risk in this case. 

If you are still looking to complete your wedding plans and need assistance, please feel free to send us a message and schedule a free consultation.  You can ask us anything! Meet us in person at the upcoming bridal shows

~ Happy Planning ~

Northern California Wedding Planner | Taylor & Cory ~ White Ranch, Chico

The forecast weeks out had called for rain, but as just as Cory's father said in his toast during the beautiful reception "Cory is a lucky man." Take one glimpse at Taylor and that is easy to see, she was simply stunning in her gown and the way she looks at him says it all.  We love LOVE.  Photos by Bloom Portraiture 

Thank you to the vendor team who rocked, and made this day so beautiful! 

Venue: White Ranch Events 
Photographer: Bloom Portraiture
Caterer: Truck-a-roni
Florist: M Creations 
Cake: Mims Bakery
DJ: Elite Sound

Northern California Wedding Planner | StrongHold Ranch ~ Jessica & Chris Bagshaw

You know that feeling of having butterflies in your stomach? That is the feeling we had when we witnessed this incredible couple said "I do."

Chris and Jessica came to us in a frenzy due to a situation that pushed their planning process back. When we received a phone call from them, we immediately began tying loose ends to ensure that their wedding day would be the best day of their lives!

The best part about this scenario was that we had the opportunity to work with such a relaxed and amazing couple! It definitely makes this "job" much easier!  Their love speaks for itself in these gorgeous photos. 

Enjoy these gorgeous images taken by Rachel White Photography, based in Red Bluff California.

Venue: Stronghold Ranch in Redding California
Photography: Rachel White Photography
Florals: Mallery's Flowers
Catering and Rentals: Etched in Elegance
Cupcakes: Sublime Cake Design
Make-up: Makeup By Mayra
Event Management: The 530 Bride 
DJ: Netsound

Northern California Wedding Planner | Creating Your Vendor Team

In the movies wedding planning sure looks glamorous! We won't lie there are some pretty great perks to being a wedding planner like being able to witness so many beautiful wedding days, surrounded by lovely florals and decor.  With that being said, the point we want to hit home is that no one vendor is solely capable of executing the logistics of a wedding day.  We are absolutely a team and we rely on other professionals to be experts at their craft.  We are sharing a handy guide on venue and vendor selection, so make sure to grab your free PDF.


Today we met with wedding vendors who each blew us away with their incredible passion for their profession and for serving couples.  A florist who can take a few inspiration photos and pull pieces that took the design to the next level and made the bride so excited about her upcoming wedding she was instantly glowing.  Later in the afternoon we met with a DJ who gave great advice about the floor plan and had excellent song recommendations to help the couple capture the energy and essence of their relationship into their reception.  While every wedding is unique, there are common practices for weddings and large events that are important to not only keep the event running smooth but to also enhance the couple's experience with their guests.

Wedding budgets can be tricky and understandably it is tempting to want to start cutting costs or to reach out to friends and family who have various connections or interests in related fields.  Personally, if I could give one piece of advice to couples it would be to hire professionals across the board.  While aunt Linda bakes excellent cakes for birthdays and family reunions, taking on your wedding cake is another ball game!

So what goes on behind the scenes amongst vendors? How do they communicate and who gets to decide what is happening when? Well first off, you are the client and can decide when you want to cut the cake! Aside from those details, the main goal is to make the most of your day (it goes by so fast!)  Our preference is to help couple's curate their vendor team based on budget and style preferences but often for event management and partial planning packages the majority of the vendors have already been selected.

When we communicate with your vendors we start to gather details like how many hours of service they are providing, when they will set-up/break-down and any needs they have from us.  From a wedding planner standpoint, I like to start with the photographer's timeline first based on the hours of coverage and where the bride will be getting ready.  Then if the photographer's assistant or (second shooter) is able to capture the groom and groomsmen portraits we build that in as well.  Once we have designated the coverage and ensured that you will get everything that you need covered such as getting ready shots, first look photos, all the way through bouquet & garter if you are opting for those.

For the most part we very rarely have major changes to make on the timeline, but once the timeline has been reviewed by the couple, photo & video team, hair and make-up, caterer and florist we can pass it along to the remaining vendors.  Now, if couples are using a family member or friend I will also call them and go over the timeline to ensure they understand the expectations.  By not voicing your specific needs to your friend or family member even if they are gifting their services, it can easily lead to miscommunication or disappointment if outcome wasn't what you expected.  

Every couple's priorities are different as far as where they want to allocate their budget. For example, If creating an incredible dining experience for your guests is the top of your list you should start with a full service catering who can staff and execute the event to your standard and discuss venue options that are suitable for this experience.  

Make sure to download our free vendor and venue selection guide, this handy PDF is a great starting point. 

~ Happy Planning~

Northern California Wedding Planner | The Elite Wedding Team

As a wedding planner, we know that it takes a team of professional vendors to execute a seamless and truly memorable wedding experience.  Over the years we have worked with so many different types of wedding vendors from venues, DJs, florists, bands, bakers, caterers, bartenders etc and have learned that the service level can vary greatly depending on experience and skill.  Many times couples find vendors based on cost and book the first provider they meet with if the numbers are right.  While budget is a very real aspect of planning your wedding, it should only be a partial consideration when choosing your vendor team.  Why? Because the budget won't matter if the provider you book is not up to the task that you hired them for.  

This is why you will hear terms like "preferred vendors" from venues and wedding vendors.  When you find others that you work well with and you can stand by their referral, its a win-win.  We are excited to have joined with an amazing team of vendors who really are focused on providing quality services and experiences for their couples.   

The Elite Wedding Team is a collection of professional wedding vendors in the Chico/Butte Area who are curated and screened to ensure that each have 5 out 5 star ratings on Wedding Wire and Yelp from couples who loved their wedding experience. 

We do work with outside vendors of course, but we are happy to direct couples to the EWT when they are looking to secure their wedding vendors.  If you have questions or want to learn more please feel free to check out the Elite Wedding Team's website!

~ Happy Planning!~

Northern California Wedding Planner | 4 Reasons WHY you should focus more on your wedding music

Music is everywhere. In malls, in restaurants, and even in hair salons! Have you ever wondered why? Music sets the tone or attitude of your experience.  Have you ever been in the movie theatre and the music starts during the opening scene, you just know it is going to be good.  From the prelude music that guests hear when they arrive, to the very last song think of your music playlist as the soundtrack to your wedding day. 

At a wedding, it's crucial to not only have a solid playlist selected for your entire ceremony & reception, but it is also important to choose the right DJ. This could make or break your special day, but don't you worry, we've got you covered!

These folks held the dance floor down and danced the night away, you can tell from this group shot by  Bill Payne Photography  that  The Chico Wedding DJ  rocked the house and everyone had a great time! 

These folks held the dance floor down and danced the night away, you can tell from this group shot by Bill Payne Photography that The Chico Wedding DJ rocked the house and everyone had a great time! 

Here are the top 4 reasons WHY it's so important to put great care into your music playlist:

1. Technical Difficulties are Awkward. 

Although the attention is obviously on the bride and groom, the music leading up to this special moment is crucial. A well rehearsed ceremony is only as good as the music that plays as the wedding processional makes their way down the aisle. Awkward silence or other technical difficulties like the music cutting out when 100 or more of your friends and family are all in one spot in the weltering heat... See what I mean? Make sure to have your processional music ready, and of course your recessional playlist ready as well, to make sure uncle Tom doesn't get too uncomfortable.

2. Hire a Professional

You have prepared vows from the heart, and your maid of honor is planning to rap her own rendition of baby got back during her toast.  You need a sound system and a well timed playlist that corresponds with your the order of events.  Your wedding planner and DJ along with your vendor team work together to ensure that everything flows smoothly.  Your guests look to your DJ for communication of what is happening next. We also love a DJ who can read the crowd and play songs that get everyone out of their seats! Many DJ's have additional services like dance floors, uplighting, monogram/"Gobos" and more.

3. Lasting Vibes

After the wedding for years to come, your friends and family will remember certain aspects like great food and closing out the dance floor because the DJ was killing it, or, one of the least memorable because there wasn't a good selection. Even though it's YOUR big day, entertaining your guests is important too. Live bands or wedding singers always add a nice touch too!

4. Represent Yourself.

During the ceremony especially, the music that is being played is the music that means the most to you. This can also be said for the formal dances. Be sure to think about what songs mean the most to you, and use them to capture memorable moments on your special day.

Guests that have fun on the dance floor will talk about your wedding until... well, forever! Make these moments great for not only yourself, but the ones that showed up on this special day.

We are happy to help you find the professional vendor team for your wedding to make sure you rock the house and have an amazing time.  Hop over to our services page to learn more!

Happy Planning!