Northern California Wedding Planner | Choosing Your Creative Team

We don’t always talk about the business side of weddings much on the blog, but when we do - it’s mostly going to be directed towards the importance of professionals working together as a team. Why? Because this is the secret sauce for a wedding that feels so smooth, effortless and fun. When a creative team of photographers, videographers, florists, bakers, caterers, DJ’s, designers, venue owners, shuttle drivers… well you get the picture.. when we all work together .. couples will have a much better experience.


Couples will benefit greatly when they have a collective team who communicates and collaborates on the details in order to set everyone up for success. A smooth timeline = more time for portraits. More time for portraits without jeopardizing the timeline = ceremony starts on time and caterer’s appetizers are in place without sitting out too long, the florals look great, the music is cue’d and the reception details are on point for dinner. It’s all connected.

Our clients know just how passionate we are about the importance of hiring a DJ for example because we practically shout it from the rooftops, we could never tell someone that a DJ isn’t needed and that instead they should use an ipod or playlist. A professional DJ who understands the communication involved with being an emcee and will keep guests informed of what’s happening next, read the crowd for the music selection and help keep the vibe consistent throughout the event.

Wedding planning has so much more than just the “day-of” in play - it’s putting together the logistics of a site plan and layout, it’s understanding the intricate family dynamics to ensure the wording on the invitation is perfect, managing the budget & expectations throughout the planning process to ensure that the final design will meet and exceed the client’s vision.


It’s those pesky calculations on just how many pounds of ice we need and planning on extra dessert forks for the late night snack that was added on, each of those details are connected and are often behind the scenes out of the peripheral view of the majority of vendors and guests.

Those details are what a lot of planners thrive on, heck you could say we are just wired a little different - but ultimately that is our craft. Much like a photographer has this insane talent for catching the light and seeing what others don’t see in order to create magic.


Well our magic is in the details & the quiet satisfaction of sending a couple down the aisle after 18 months of planning and knowing they are setting foot into a fun-filled celebration surrounded by their loved ones without a care in the world!

How can couples choose professionals who will not only be a great fit for their wedding? We recommend discussing your preferences during your consultation and letting potential companies know that you are looking for someone who can collaborate with all of the wedding vendors for their event. You can always ask for referrals, recommendations and read reviews or chat with potential wedding planners about their experience with being a team player.

Happy Planning!