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A beautiful Durham, California wedding wouldn't be complete without an incredible couple who worked their booties off getting this property ready to go for their special day! 1 Year ago in April, we had the opportunity to take a look at the property that they wanted to re-vamp into a wedding venue for their big day a year later. They were concerned that we wouldn't have seen their vision; but automatically, we did. 

We saw their wedding come to life on April 28th. With hard work and perseverance and of course love, they made it happen! From knee high grass and houses planted on the property, to a beautiful open space with designated areas for specific moments, it was magical!

Alie and her ladies were pampered and were getting ready to go for the wedding at the one and only Hotel Diamond, in downtown Chico. We're always so giddy when we get to drop off flowers to our couples there! 

Tyler and Mayela with Ranalla Photo and Films captured their love so beautifully in a way that is hard to explain... so here are some highlights that we absolutely love!

Alie and Brian Wedding-Ranalla Photo _ Films-1487.jpg

We wish we could put this entire album on this one blog post, but we will leave you with these! Thank you to all of our incredible vendors for making their day absolutely beautiful!

Makeup: The Powder Room // Hair: Julia LynnFox // Photographer: Ranalla Photo & Films // Venue: Durham Backyard // Coordination: The 530 Bride // Getting Ready Location: Hotel Diamond // Wedding gown: Always Elegant // Rentals: Chico Party Rentals // DJ: The Wedding DJ // Catering: Truckaroni

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Throw the Ultimate Bridal Shower

Bridal Showers are a fun event to throw because let's face it you mix a little champagne with some pre-wedding excitement and everyone has a good time!  Besides, the design options are endless so get creative with your theme.  Note:  You do not have to stick with the colors the bride has chosen for the wedding! I consider the bridal shower as an event that the bride really shouldn't really have to much input it other than the guess list.  She has enough on her plate with the wedding, so let this be something that even she will be surprised when she walks in!  However, if your bride to be is very hands on, this approach may not work so play it safe if need be.

Suggestion: Contact a local wedding coordinator if you need assistance getting organized or getting vendor suggestions for  food, rentals (such as tables, chairs, linens) or even fun favors!  

1. Decor  Choose a playful or glam color scheme with fun pops of color or textures.  Save yourself time by finding coordinating paperie/decor packages that include invitations, banners or signage.

Minted's "Wildflowers" theme uses graphic prints and an understated color palette which allows you to throw in mixed textures and metallics for accents.

Wildflowers Party Decor - $1.70 from: Minted

You can mix textures like glittered champagne flutes to add a little sparkle. Catch the How-To Project on DIY Champagne flutes here.   Original_Farima-Alavi-glitter-champagne-flute-step-2_s4x3_lg


Create a simple floral arrangement and spruce it up by adding the glitter element on a variety of glassware.

Photo Credit:

"Botanical Wreath" Mixes a variety of colors which gives you a lot of options for decor. You could easily choose a cream or blush linen to keep it light, or add a hint of formality with a black linen. Botanical Wreath Party Decor - $1.70 from: Minted

Botanical Wreath Circle Garlands - $1.70 from: Minted Botanical Wreath Table Signs - $1.70 from: Minted

2. Refreshments Lets face it, a party just isn't a party without yummy treats!  Depending on the time you plan on starting the event, you can choose to serve light refreshments, heavy hors d'oeuvres or a full meal/dinner.  We found a few inspirational ideas: powdered-donuts-with-rings-for-bridal-shower-sweets CocktailRollerPlatterSmall-582x313 meatballs



Photo Credits: www.Bridal Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Photo Credit:

3. Entertainment

Choose the entertainment based on the group, usually a couple of games will get the party going and the crowd to mix. Bridal Shower Bingo Exclusive Personalized Things in a Bride's Purse Game Exclusive Personalized Why Do We Do That Game

If you know the bride well, and want to create a little spicier of a party: Ask the guests to each bring a pair of panties (you can call each guest and tell them what size the bride is and explain the game) so that the bride will have to guess who brought what, and turn a few shades red.. Panty Game Check out this blog post from "Skip to the Details" where we found the game (it looked like a fun bridal shower!)

There you have it, the bride will be sure to remember this day as a time when her friends and family threw her a kick *** party!  Send the bride home with some treats, and of course the list of who gifted what so that she can get started on those thank you cards!

Happy Planning! Related Articles: 50's Theme Bridal Showers

************************ Affiliate Disclosure: The 530 Bride is a member of Minted Affiliate Marketing and may receive compensation for products purchased via links on our site.

What's in your wedding day bag?

bride_bag_contents We have all read in the wedding magazines about some of the bloopers that have gone down at a wedding, as simple as someone stepping on the back of your gown and ripping the bustle or maybe the waterproof mascara wasn't all that it was promised to be.  Either way, being prepared is never a bad thing.

I don't like the term "Emergency Kit" for a wedding because it reminds me of the jumper cables and flash light that you keep in your trunk, rather than something to ease your mind on such a big day.

The list of what items are wedding day worthy may seem excessive to some, but could come in handy depending on the circumstance.  I would say the following items are the basics, so we will start with those:

  • Extra Copies of toasts, ceremony information, seating arrangement etc (Just in case)
  • Brides Make-up Bag
  • Mini Sewing Kit
  • Snacks
  • Super Glue
  • Bandaids
  • Pair of flats
  • Deodorant
  • Rubber Bands/Hair Ties/Bobby Pins
  • Wet Wipes/Towelettes
  • Stain Remover Pen or Wipes
  • Dental Floss
  • Tums, Excedrin etc
  • Pack of Tissues

Now here are some items that are also helpful but could be brought in a separate bag or brought by a member of the wedding party if needed:

  • Extra contact list of wedding party, and essential vendors
  • Extra phone charger
  • Sun Block & Bug Spray (good idea for an outdoor setting)
  • Lighters (Keep those candles burning!)
  • Bottles of water
  • Ipod/Music with player
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Safety Pins
  • Plastic Bags for belongings or even for trash bag
  • Tampons
  • Compact Mirror
  • Small amount of cash (just in case)
  • Extra Hair Products
  • Nail File

The good news is that you will be surrounded by your friends and family on your big day, so they will be there to help should you need anything. So pack your day of bag and as always, Happy Planning!

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Style Trend~ Watercolor

We always keep an eye out for the latest trends and new decor/theme ideas for couples to tap into.  Watercolor is a refreshing trend that can be used cohesively throughout your event or just as an accent on details like the table numbers, menu cards & signage.  Visit our pinterest board for some of the ideas that caught our eye! Pinterest Board

You can view the rest of our Pinterest boards here

What is your take on this emerging trend? Leave us a comment here or submit a link to your Pinterest board if you are all about watercolor!

~Happy Planning~

Tackling Your Pinterest Board: how to focus ideas into a vision

By Christina Rafael

When I first got engaged, back in February 2012, I had a plethora of ideas I wanted to incorporate into my wedding and no idea how to execute them.

Was I a modern bride? Rustic? Should I call vendors? What about my dress?

These were just some of the topics I was mulling over in my brain and obsessing over in my dreams.

I had been planning—like most women I know—an imaginary dream wedding on Pinterest for quite some time before a ring was even introduced by my fiance. Anytime I would see something shiny or pretty, I would pin it.  Anytime something made me cry, I would pin it. And anytime I did a mini clap over a creative idea, I would pin it.

I got a bit shameless with my “pinnings” and needless to say, had no focus or clear vision for my big day (May 25th!)

I’m sure I’m not the only person who went a bit overboard with ideas and thought it might be helpful for our 530 Brides to know they aren’t alone!

Here’s some tips on how I was able to condense my  ideas, pave the road to planning and communicate with vendors who lacked psychic abilities to know EXACTLY what I wanted.

Take a Good, hard, look at your wedding Pinterest board

I set aside a morning to scan all three hundred pins (I know…) and look through them for repetitive ideas.

I recorded reoccurring themes and colors on post-it’s and found that I pinned, more than often, a LOT of burlap and blush-themed wedding ideas. As a result of this exercise I was able to determine my colors (neutrals with splashes of blush) and bridal style: rustic romantic. I was also able to select DIY projects I could successfully complete.

Folders, folders galore

My wedding folders can be classified as a bit obsessive. Once I was going through my Pinterest  on paper I decided to tackle it virtually. I saved actual images from pins to my desktop and classified them by what they applied to.

For example, if I loved a cake design I would have a folder entitled “Reception” and within that folder would be one named “Food”, within THAT folder would be a “cake” folder filled with several photos.

This organization prevented me from getting lost in my own ideas. It also came in handy to show family and vendors photos of what inspired me from my laptop without relying on wifi connection.

Look at vendor websites

One thing I’ve learned as a bride is to pay attention to the vendors you pick and why you pick them.

Many wedding vendors—from caterers to consultants—have social media you can look at to view previous work. If you seem drawn to a certain vendor, make sure to see what they’ve done in the past and branch off of it.

For example, if you find a dessert display (like the one pictured above) on a caterer's Facebook page, reference it to them when you discuss your own plans and discuss why you liked it.

Often times they’ll be flattered, know exactly what you’re talking about and can make it better than it was before.

Call in for re-enforcements

If your vision wanders, you feel overwhelmed or just have a small question as you begin this planning journey, give us a call or comment on a post through our website or on social media . We're always reading our feedback and love to hear from our brides.

Our services are also available, from full planning packages to specialized event coordination. We also offer hour-long consultations where you can get detailed answers to questions, help with vendor planning, guides for invitation wording  and much more.

Happy Planning and remember, we're here if you need a hand.

Free DIY Resources

Tackling a do-it-yourself wedding project is a great way to add a personal touch to your event while impressing guests with unique ideas and creativity. Though many DIY projects can save money and are fun to create with bridesmaids, they can also be time consuming. Fortunately many wedding websites offer free resources for visiting brides—in the form of print templates and speedy projects —that bring the fun back to crafting your special day!

Here are a few of our recent finds online that we'd like to share with our 530 brides.

Please make sure to follow any copyright or use instructions on the following websites. 

We would love to see your finished creations and feel free to share the resources you have found along your  journey!

~Happy Planning~

Free Custom Monograms.

A Whole Collection of Adorable Mason Jar Designs.

DIY Fringe Cake Topper.

Free Guestbook Fingerprint Tree Print.

Free Printable Table Numbers.

Free Chevron Patterned Print for Invitations, Save the Dates and Inserts Cards.


The Chico Bridal Show Recap

Chances are you're coming down from your sugar high from cake samples, and your feet are a little sore from the Chico Bridal Show today.  There is one thing we know for sure, you won't leave a bridal show hungry with all of the food, sweets & refreshing drink samples.  We want to thank all of the couples who stopped by our booth today, we always enjoy having the opportunity to meet new people and share in your excitement.  We look forward to sitting down with all of the couples who signed up for a complimentary consultation.  Don't forget, all of the couples who meet with us for a consulation will be entered to win coordination for their bridal/wedding shower.  If you need more information about the drawing please email us with any questions.  For anyone who wasn't able to attend, here are just a few images we snapped of the show (forgive us for our iPhone photography!) Thank you to WeDoDesigns & Cambray Rose for collaborating on the open concept design of our booth for the show. We hope all of the attendees liked our booth and we are looking forward to a great show in August! For more information on any of the vendors you see here, you can check out our Bridal Show Page for direct links.

Happy Planning!

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Charity Wedding Gown Sale!

We want to spread the word about how you can get involved in helping others, while getting a great deal on your dream dress!  These are local events that benefit brides or couples who are battling illnesses or who need assistance in a difficult time. Brides for a Cause will be hosting a special Charity Wedding Dress Sale on January 31-February 3 at the Courtyard Marriott in San Jose to support locally based Wish Upon A Wedding, a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing weddings and vow renewals for individuals facing terminal illness and other serious life-altering circumstances.

The wedding dress sale will feature hundreds of new and gently used wedding dresses that have been donated to Wish Upon A Wedding over the past couple months by individuals and bridal stores around the country to be resold at discounted prices by its partner organization, Brides for a Cause, as a way to help raise funds for the charity. Gowns will be discounted up to 75% off the retail prices. Prices will start at just $150 and will feature a variety of designers and styles. Sizes will range from 2-20. Visit  for details and to register.

During the festivities, Wish Upon A Wedding is also searching for local wish recipients in the San Jose area who are in need of a dream wedding. Couples who are faced with a life threatening illness are encouraged to apply for a wish by visiting

DATE: VIP Sneak Peek on Thursday, Jan 31 from 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. Get first dibs on the gowns and enjoy complimentary champagne and dessert bar; $15 per person - tickets available online at Brides for a Cause Dress Sale Friday, Feb 1 from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 2 from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 3 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Free admission, open to the public WHERE: Courtyard by Marriott San Jose/Campbell 655 Creekside Way Campbell, CA 95008

Reposted from


If you are interested in donating a gown, please check out the donation page

How To Avoid The After-Wedding Blues

When I tell people about what I do, they think of their own wedding and I often hear them say something along the lines of "I wish we would have..." or "If I could go back and change.." Although as a bride I too had some minor regrets about not dedicating more time to spending time with friends and family before and after our wedding, and not taking more family pictures; the point is you cannot go back and change it.  I encourage couples to remind themselves that no part of life is absolutely perfect, and a wedding is no exception.  Weddings bring together family and friends all to one place, and it will most likely be the first and perhaps only time that you ever plan such a large event.  If you have in your mind a play-by-play plan for your wedding, please accept and embrace the notion that somethings might not go exactly as planned. If there is anything that I can do to help couples avoid having these "post-wedding blues" it is to stress the importance of hiring professionals.    Brides that attempt to plan the entire wedding, and handle the day of coordination most often feel overwhelmed, and upset when things do not seem to be on track.  Having professionals on your side to keep your event running smoothly will certainly calm your nerves on your wedding day.

On some of the wedding forums that I belong to, brides commonly write a "Wedding Day Recap" post which usually describes their experience (good and bad.) Some brides have this overwhelming feeling now that their wedding is over, because they have put so much energy into planning and now its over.  What they should see though is that a whole new chapter is beginning, which is being a homeowner or living together, being a wife, and someday a mother will bring on a much bigger challenge than being a bride!

Some suggestions to help you enjoy your wedding experience, and avoid the post wedding blues:

Ask For Help Allow your wedding planner to assist you in task such as contacting venues, and setting consultations etc.  For the DIY brides, consider using some of the A La Carte Options offered by propesctive wedding coordinators such as site visits, contract negotiations and hourly services.  Meet with the coordinator as much or as little as you need, but you will be able to check in and make sure that your planning is on track.  If you have friends or family that have offered to help, consider delegating some of the tasks such as folding programs, tying bows etc.

Rehearsal Dinner The rehearsal dinner is pretty standard when it comes to a wedding, yet many couples don't take advantage of this time well.  Use your rehearsal dinner to run through the ceremony, and do not be afraid to ask to read the passages that your officiant plans to use.  You then have the ability to ask for any changes, and it may also help you get some of the jitters out.  Make sure to ask if your photographer is familiar with your venue, if not consider asking them to attend the rehearsal in order for them to get acquainted with the space.

Stay Active Before and After Your Wedding It is easy to get consumed with your planning process, so make time to exercise and get lots of rest in the weeks leading up to the wedding.  Stay involved with your friends lives as much as possible, you don't want to go overboard on wedding stuff, so make sure to be a good friend to others.  After the wedding, plan outings for you and your new husband to enjoy together such as sports games, or BBQ's with your families.

With that being said, I should say that every time I talk with someone about their wedding I notice they are smiling! Couples that have been married for 10, 20 or even 40 years talk about their wedding day like it was just yesterday and they remember what it felt like to walk down the aisle and dance together for the first time as husband and wife. Even when talking about some of their wedding day bloopers, they are still smiling because it was an amazing experience and they got married to the love of their life!  Sometimes the best thing to do is to share your frustrations with others, so feel free to drop us a line and tell us about your wedding planning experience!

Mark Your Calendars ~ 2012 Winter Bridal Shows

It's that time again, so mark your calendars with these important dates! You don't want to miss out on your local bridal shows because this is where you will meet professional & talented vendors who specialize in weddings.  By walking through a bridal show, you will see exhibitor booths for caterers, photographers, wedding planners, DJ's, wedding venues & more.  Taste samples of wedding cake and entrees like tri-tip & chicken. You will have the opportunity to save money with exclusive bridal show offers, and enter contests to win some sweet prizes. Tips: Wear comfortable shoes, bring a bag to hold all of your bridal show goodies & if possible have address labels printed to save you the trouble of handwriting your name and address on all of the contest entry forms!

2012 Winter Bridal Shows

Chico Bridal Showcase Sunday, January 8th, 2012 12:00 AM - 4:00 PM Silver Dollar Fairgrounds Chico, CA

The Bridal Guide Wedding Show Sunday, January 15, 2012 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Simpson University Event Center Redding, CA

Yuba Sutter Bridal Show Sunday, January 29th, 2012 Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds Yuba City, CA 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Winter Wonderland Bridal Show Sunday, January 29th, 2012 The Beda Place Meadow Vista, CA 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Wedding Extravaganza Sunday, February 19th, 2012 Holiday Inn Redding, CA 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Life After I Do!

As a bride we often get consumed with the thought of walking down the aisle, and the big moment when we will be introduced to all our friends and family as husband and wife.  What about what comes after I Do? After you have sent out all of your thank-you cards to your guests, it is time to put those gifts to use and learn to be a good host for future dinners and entertaining events for friends & family.We are fans of the Better Homes and Gardens Bridal Edition Cookbook which includes tips & tools to get familiar with cooking terms, ettiquette & table manners tips on welcoming guests to your home and of course how to throw a great party! Learn how to pair wines with meals, food safety & food storage, and lots of delicious recipes.  This book makes a great gift for new couples who are starting a whole new chapter in their lives.

If cookbooks aren't your style, you can you can always search online for the correct table settings for your occasion, as casual dining will differ from formal or buffet-style dining.  We found a helpful diagram online at Todays Bride Online showing how to set your table for both informal and formal dining.

Learning  basic table manners will not only be a good idea for going out to eat but also for having guests over for dinner, and teaching your future children the do's and don'ts at the table. A few tips: 1. Flatware: Take silverware from the outside of the place setting for the first course and work your way in toward the plate. 2. Nakpkins: At informal meals, put your napkin on your lap when you sit down. At formal meals wait until after the hotsts puts the dinner napkin in his or her lap.  If you leave the table temporarily, place the napkin on your chair or folded to the left of your plate. 4. Finger food: When in doubt, use ustensils! Find more information on all things etiquette, check out Emily Post.

When it comes to planning a meal, think ahead by selecting recipes that you feel comfortable making because you don't want to be stressed out while you are cooking.  Make sure to read each recipe carefully, and ensure that you have all of the necessary ingredients.  If possible, plan time two weeks ahead of time to try cooking any new recipes so that you are not cooking under pressure, and you have had a chance to work out any issues with oven temperatures or flavors.

"For holiday meals, ask your mother-in-law to bring the holiday dish she is known for. She'll be flattered, and you wont have to worry about recreating her masterpiece while she critiques your efforts at the table." (Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, 14th Edition; Family Celebrations)

You can find great printable recipes online at some of these helpful websites!

If you have questions on etiquette or wedding registry, shoot us a line! Ask The 530 Bride

WeDo Designs Showcase August 19th 2011

If you were one of the many brides who attended the WeDo Designs showcase at The Palms Pavilion, this will be a fun recap for you! If you weren't able to make it to the event we will let you know what you missed!  WeDo Designs offers affordable decor including luxury linens, centerpieces, dishes & flatware rentals, chair covers, uplighting, wall paneling and more.  For brides still in their planning stages, visiting a showroom that displays many different colors, textures, table settings and centerpieces will give you an idea of what you are drawn to. When guests arrived at the showcase they signed up to be entered into a drawing for luxury linens for up to 100 guests, provided by WeDo Designs.  There were also photo albums full of beautiful photos of designs and decor by WeDo Designs, that really shows the creativity and versatility of this company.  Guests enjoyed tasty treats by Bacio Catering and some refreshing punch provided by Holiday Inn.

Peacock feathers and deep blue tones grabbed the attention of guests right away! Every inch of the room had something interesting for your eyes, and I couldn't count how many times I heard brides say "Oh, I love that!"

[gallery columns="2" orderby="rand"]

When it comes to linens, WeDo Designs carrries a multitude of colors and textures that can fit perfectly with any decor and color scheme.  One lucky showcase guest will win a set of luxury linens for up to 100 guests for their bridal shower or other event, so ladies and gentlemen make sure to stop by WeDo Design's Facebook page tomorrow evening at 5pm to find out who won! (Click here to visit the WeDo Designs Facebook page.)  The 530 Bride will keep you posted on other local events, and other chances to win great prizes and services.

Which table setting was your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment here!

Win a Gift Basket from Amanda's Party Gals!

Our next awesome giveaway package is fromAmanda's Party Gals!

 A great idea to incorporate into a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party is having a Party Gal's consultant come to your house (or wherever you are hosting the shower/party). It is a fun and inexpensive option for having an awesome party that everyone will have a blast at!

Make Margaritas or Cosmo's, serve the Brides favorite snacks and make it a Slumber Party (see this post for Slumber Party ideas) or follow your Party Gal's party with a night on the town.

One of our readers will win a Fabulous Gift Basket from Amanda's Party Gals valued at over $150. To enter leave a comment on this, or any other post on The 530 Bride starting today and ending Tuesday, August 23rd. For your entry to be counted, please include your email address so we can contact you if you are the winner!

If you would like an extra entry to the contest, Visit Amanda's Party Gals on Facebook and Like her and tell her that we sent you!

The winner will be announced next Wednesday and will have 24 hours to reply claiming their prize before a new winner will be chosen.




It's almost here! Get your Chico Bridal Showcase tickets in advance!

This weekend is the Chico Bridal Showcase, only a day and a half left to get your advance tickets and save money! Advance tickets are $7.50, and tickets at the door will be $10.00. Visit the Chico Bridal Showcase website to purchase your tickets!


Be sure to look for The 530 Bride, we look forward to meeting all of you!!!

Wedding Traditions...where they came from?

Everyone has heard of  "Something old, something new...Something borrowed, and something blue" right? Have you ever wondered where that tradition started? We decided to look for the origins of a few popular wedding traditions. "Something old, something new...Something borrowed, and something blue"

 The "old" was usually a personal gift from mother to daughter, a symbolic piece of wisdom for married life. The "new" symbolized the new family being formed by the marriage. "Borrowing" is especially important since it is to come from a happily married woman, thereby lending the bride some of her own marital bliss. "Blue" has two traditions, ancient Roman maidens wore blue on the borders of their robes to denote love, fidelity and modesty, while Christians associate it with the purity of the Virgin Mary.


The Bridal Shower

The Bridal Shower tradition has its roots in the 1800's. The story is told of a poor miller who fell in love with a wealthy maiden. But, the father of the maiden was against the marriage. He refused to provide a dowry for her, and a bride could not marry without a dowry. The story goes that the bride had generous friends who "showered" her with so many gifts, they could forego the missing dowry.


The Bride and the Grooms "side"

In very early days, fathers would offer daughters as peace offerings to warring tribes. Because of the hostility, the families were placed on opposite sides of the church so the ceremony could proceed without bloodshed. The ceremony united the two warring factions into one family, and the danger was resolved. Today, family members still sit on opposite sides.


The Wedding Party

During the "marriage by capture" era, close friends of the groom-to-be assisted him when he kidnapped the bride from her family. The first ushers and best men were more like a small army, fighting off the brides angry relatives as the groom rode away with her.

Bridesmaids and maids of honor became more common when weddings were planned. For several days before the marriage, a senior maid attended to the bride-to-be. This maid or matron of honor, as we know her today, ensured that the bridal wreath was made and helped the bride get dressed. All bridesmaids helped the bride decorate for the wedding feast.

For a long time, bridesmaids wore dresses much like the bride's gown, while ushers dressed in clothing that was similar to the groom's attire. This tradition began for protection against evil rather than for uniformity; if evil spirits or jealous suitors attempted to harm the newlyweds, they would be confused as to which two people were the bride and groom.

The Honeymoon

In ancient times, the Teutonic people began the practice of the honeymoon. Teutonic weddings were only held under the full moon. After the wedding, the bride and groom would drink honey wine for one full moon cycle (thirty days). This "moon" (i.e., "month") became known as the "honey moon." While the name survived, the purpose of the honeymoon changed. After the wedding, newlyweds would leave their family and friends to go and do what newlyweds are supposed to do. Today that purpose survives, only now a vacation is incorporated, usually to a romantic get-away locale.

Wedding traditions have carried on from past centuries and will continue on, but you don't have to stick to what has been done by everyone else.  Traditions have to start somewhere, so there is no harm in starting your own family wedding tradition to be passed down to your future generations!

Wedding Planning Made Easy ~ Why You Should Attend a Local Wedding Expo~

Wedding planning is different for everyone, some do extensive research online before ever talking to vendors, and some go through a wedding coordinator who handles all of the details for them.  No matter where you fall on that spectrum it is still a good idea to take the opportunity to meet local wedding vendors face-to-face and learn about the products and services they offer.  Not sure if a Wedding Expo is your scene? Read on and you might change your mind! Some of the vendors you will meet include Photographers, Videographers, Photo Booth Companies, DJ’s, Wedding Venues & Ceremony Sites, Officiants, Wedding Coordinators & Event Planners, Wedding Cake Decorators/Bakeries, Caterers, Bridal Shops & Formal Wear, Florists, Jewelers, Party Rentals & Décor, Travel Agents, Stationary and more.

Taste samples from caterers and bakeries, drink champagne, and mingle with other brides who are planning their weddings. Bring your walking shoes and a notepad so that you can ask vendors all of your burning questions!  A great piece of advice we found was to have mailing labels made with your contact information so that you can enter into all of the great drawings and raffles for prizes without getting a cramp from writing!

Did the words Drawings & Prizes get your attention?  The expos offer you the chance to win giveaways, discounts and other sweet prizes.  Wedding Dresses, Romance Packages, Beauty Packages, Cakes and other goodies can be yours just by being the lucky winner!

If you are looking for great deals, a wedding expo is the place to be.  Vendors will be offering discounts and deals for booking with them at the expo.  Pick up business cards, brochures, coupons and product information that will help you be more organized when choosing the wedding professionals that are right for you.

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events:

Chico Wedding Weekend August 18 & 19th, 11 AM TO 3 PM Neighborhood Church 2801 Notre Dame Boulevard Chico, CA 95928 Click Here to Purchase Tickets

Luxury Wedding Show   Sunday, August 19, 2012, Noon - 4:00 pm Tsakopoulos Library Galleria 828 I St Sacramento, CA

The Yuba-Sutter Fall Bridal Show   Sunday, September 9, 2012, Noon - 5 pm Yuba City Fairgrounds, Yuba City CA

Chico Wedding Weekend January 11-13, 2013

The Yuba-Sutter Bridal Show   Sunday, January 27, 2013, Noon - 5 pm Yuba City Fairgrounds, Yuba City CA

The Dream Wedding Show February 24, 2013, 11 am - 4 pm Cal Expo 1600 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento

Have you attended Wedding Expo’s before? We would like to hear your opinions about your experience!

Vendor Feature: Adornments by Debbie!

Are you looking for unique handmade jewelry for your wedding, or maybe as a gift for your bridesmaids? We recently found Debbie, a great local lady with a fabulous online jewelry store Adornments by Debbie.  

  " Hello my name is Debbie and I have a shop on Etsy where I sell my handmade jewelry and hair accessories.  The name of my  shop  is Adornments by Debbie, a one woman show where you  will find a  wide  array of jewelry for weddings as well as everyday  wear.  I  offer free  shipping on all items and I love custom orders  so  feel  free to contact  me.  Please stop by often as items are  continually  added."

Debbie's items are beautifully crafted and she offers custom jewlery so you can be sure that everything will go with your chosen colors!


We love this Rhinestone and White pearl set, classy with a touch of bling!






Debbie is offering a 10% off sale right now with FREE shipping! Enter 10offplusfreeship at checkout to receive your discount!

If you love your purchase from Adornments by Debbie, please come  back and comment here!