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To us, a successful bridal show involves booth design we love, a smooth set-up and meeting new couples.  The Redding Bridal show was just that, a big success! We enjoyed learning from couples about what their stresses are, what they felt they needed the most help with and also connecting with so many exceptional vendors.  

Hundreds of couples braved the Redding heat and made it to the show at the Civic Convention Center.  We loved that there were two floors and a great stage so bride's really got to walk around and experience each area.  

From caterers, florists, photographers, rental companies, DJ's, salons, gowns and fun photo booths, there was a lot to see.  Not to mention the amazing prizes!

2018 brides were ready to lock in their dates and check off booking their vendors from their to-do list.  We will be planning a lot more weddings in the Redding area including McCloud, Mt. Shasta, Red Bluff and Anderson.  If you missed the Redding Bridal Show but would like to attend an upcoming bridal show, check out our calendar of events.

We will be getting back to each couple this week, if you missed our booth or didn't grab a card please feel free to contact us at and we are happy to help! 

~ Happy Planning~ 

Northern California Wedding Planner | We Just Plan Weddings

Plain and simple.  We are wedding planners because thats our jam! We have a fabulous list of reputable and professional vendors for all of your wedding needs, and we are always happy to share our recommendations.  Why a blog post on the topic? Well, because the only one-stop shops that I like are when I am grocery shopping!  We want our couples and our vendor teams to know that we won't try to step in to be a florist, a photographer, a hair or make-up stylist, etc. This not only ensures that our wedding clients get the planning experience they expect instead of being preoccupied with services that are not our specialty.  

the-530-bride_We specialize in wedding planning.png

We know that hiring professionals for these services is so important, and we respect the craft of each aspect of the wedding team.  Budgets are a real thing, and understandably couples have to prioritize how they allocate their spending.  That being said, having a wedding planner who knows the local market enough to try to help match up with professional service providers who are within budget saves time and money in the long run.  

Please take our advice and use extreme caution when having a friend of a friend provide any type of service for your wedding.  If unavoidable make sure to have a written agreement of some kind that clearly states the expectation and terms of any service or product being supplied.  The same advice goes for someone who is just starting out or building their portfolio.  Everyone starts somewhere so you could end up getting a great value but you take a bigger risk in this case. 

If you are still looking to complete your wedding plans and need assistance, please feel free to send us a message and schedule a free consultation.  You can ask us anything! Meet us in person at the upcoming bridal shows

~ Happy Planning ~

Northern California Wedding Planner | Speed Dating With A Wedding Planner

What would you ask if you could sit down with a wedding planner?

We met with hundreds of couples at the Chico Bridal Show.  We wanted to hear from couples what their one question was in their stage of planning.  Read on to see what our top questions were:

We met with hundreds of couples at the Chico Bridal Show.  We wanted to hear from couples what their one question was in their stage of planning.  Read on to see what our top questions were:

We haven't set a date, how do we start planning?

There were lots of couples who just got engaged on Christmas, so congrats! First off if you don't already have a date that is significant to you we recommend giving yourself time to take it in and not jumping into selecting a venue until you have thought about your must haves. Then after you have found a venue that meets that criteria, check their pricing, amenities and availability. Choose an ideal date from their list of open dates.

Our venue has a coordinator included, would we still need a wedding planner? 

A venue coordinator will be an excellent resource for any venue related questions, and overall logistics of their staff such as what time the chairs will be set out what time the first course is served etc.  They won't however attend vendor appointments with you, or assist with contracts of outside companies or work with you to create your overall design concept of your wedding.  No matter where we come in (Full Service, to Day of) we are looking at the big picture.

How do we choose a wedding venue?

Choose a venue that provides your must-haves which are different for everyone.  The more amenities included (tables, chairs) the more your budget will thank you!

What will a wedding planner do for us?

Every couple's needs are different, for those who are busy working or going to school they simply do not have the time do manage vendor communication, research venues, create a timeline, secure contracts, and more.  We can be your wedding wing-women or we can chauffeur you through the planning process. From design concept, attending fittings, vendor selection, managing your save the dates/invitation/rsvp's to full set up and break down it can be done.  Check out our services page for a little more information on how best we could assist you.

You can read more of our F.A.Q's or If you haven't already downloaded our free planning guide, do so now at the link below for even more planning tips!