Northern California Wedding Planner | Wedding Day Roles & Responsibilities

So who does what on your wedding day?  This can be confusing, and sometimes you just don't know what needs to be done in the first on for just 5 of the many roles that are essential for a seamless wedding day!

It's scientifically proven that you can't be in two places at once so how can you reduce the stress of making sure that everything is done according to plan on your wedding day? This question should be considered long before you hire your wedding vendors, because if you select a venue, caterer or rental company who does not set-up the tables & chairs or handle any of the labor - you'll need a small army to take on the task.  Want the short version? -- > Meet with a wedding planner who can help you book full service professionals! 

1) Tables and chairs - This is one that seems to sneak up on people because you may have only considered that you need 150 chairs for your guest count, but will you need to rent two sets (ceremony + reception) or have one set that needs to be moved over during cocktail hour? Table set-up is straightforward in theory but you do want to ensure that all of the tables are spaced evenly and leave enough room for chairs/guest movement. A full service caterer is well equipped with an efficient staff to handle the set-up and break-down of tables, chairs and food service areas for your event. 

2) Centerpieces & Decor - We love when couples personalize their wedding by incorporating design elements that are authentic to them as well as photos and signage. As wedding planners we assist with overseeing the placement of your rentals and putting the final touches & personal decor together for your welcome table, ceremony area, guest tables etc. 
Tip: Try to hold back the temptation to go crazy on Etsy, Amazon, Pinterest and other rabbit holes so that you won't need a U-Haul just for all of your decor.  We recommend finding focal points that have an impact and being conservative with extra items - sometimes less is more! 

3) Guest tables - You probably have an idea where we are going with this by now - but it is imperative that you have a catering staff on board who is prepared with the correct event details, brings adequate staffing, and will handle bussing/clearing plates & garbage etc.  Don't get left with plates piled high at your guest tables and dishes to wash for 150 guests, that's not cool.

4) Pop Fizz Clink - Thinking of your wedding has you reaching for the champagne bottle - but hold that thought! What will your guests be drinking out of (glassware or disposables?) and who will be providing/delivering/stocking/serving and last but not least - cleaning up your bar? 
Be sure to double check with your venue about required license/insurance requirements for the bartender

5) Order of events - A wedding day goes by so fast and there is only so much lighting to go around, having an organized timeline including all of the photos that you are planning to incorporate is important.  Your wedding planner and photographer will work together on the timeline details along with your DJ and caterer to ensure that everyone is on the same page.  Your wedding planner will be there to cue each element (ceremony processional, wedding party introductions, toasts etc) while your DJ will be the emcee to keep guests informed throughout the evening. 

We hope these 5 wedding day responsibilities are helpful for you, and that you have a rockstar team to handle the details! If you have questions about tasks or need more information to organize your vendors feel free to reach out or leave a comment below! 
~ Happy Planning!~ 

Invitations: Set The Tone

Finding an invitation that matches your overall theme and vision for your event is sort of like finding your dress, ( when you know, you know.)  Invitations give your guests the information they need in order to make plans to attend & guests will also be getting a sneak peak about what to expect at the event.  Save The Dates can tie in with your overall theme & stationery or you can think outside the box with the style to really have fun with it.  Here are a few styles that could set the tone for your big day! 1. This elegant design ties in any chalkboard elements you may be using and could easily fit in with a DIY/Rustic wedding or and elgant affair.  Very versatile & fun!

A Chalkboard Marriage Wedding Invitations from: Minted

2. Lighthearted

Pink Primrose Wedding Invitations from: Minted

3. Turning the expected into the unexpected!

Vintage Typography Poster Save the Date Cards from: Minted

4. Elegant

French Vintage Wedding Invitations from: Minted

5. So Ombre!

Ombre Stripes Save the Date Cards from: Minted

6.  Wedding Gram meets glam, just add a metallic envelope and done!

WeddingGram Wedding Invitations from: Minted

7. Seedpack Invites  will match with your garden or eco themed event

Seed Packet Wedding Invitations from: Minted

8. Who doesn't love Tiffany Blue? Bookbinder Wedding Invitations from: Minted

9. Proud to Serve Air Force Salute Wedding Invitations from: Minted

10. Keep it simple, all we need is love Picnic Basket Wedding Invitations from: Minted

Whether you have custom invitations made, use a retail company or DIY your stationary we know that the options are endless!  If you need assistance with invitations, wording, rsvp tracking & more we are here to help.

Where did you fall in love with your invitations? Leave us a comment here to gush about your stationary crush! ___________________________________________________ *The 530 Bride is an affiliate member of*

Tackling Your Pinterest Board: how to focus ideas into a vision

By Christina Rafael

When I first got engaged, back in February 2012, I had a plethora of ideas I wanted to incorporate into my wedding and no idea how to execute them.

Was I a modern bride? Rustic? Should I call vendors? What about my dress?

These were just some of the topics I was mulling over in my brain and obsessing over in my dreams.

I had been planning—like most women I know—an imaginary dream wedding on Pinterest for quite some time before a ring was even introduced by my fiance. Anytime I would see something shiny or pretty, I would pin it.  Anytime something made me cry, I would pin it. And anytime I did a mini clap over a creative idea, I would pin it.

I got a bit shameless with my “pinnings” and needless to say, had no focus or clear vision for my big day (May 25th!)

I’m sure I’m not the only person who went a bit overboard with ideas and thought it might be helpful for our 530 Brides to know they aren’t alone!

Here’s some tips on how I was able to condense my  ideas, pave the road to planning and communicate with vendors who lacked psychic abilities to know EXACTLY what I wanted.

Take a Good, hard, look at your wedding Pinterest board

I set aside a morning to scan all three hundred pins (I know…) and look through them for repetitive ideas.

I recorded reoccurring themes and colors on post-it’s and found that I pinned, more than often, a LOT of burlap and blush-themed wedding ideas. As a result of this exercise I was able to determine my colors (neutrals with splashes of blush) and bridal style: rustic romantic. I was also able to select DIY projects I could successfully complete.

Folders, folders galore

My wedding folders can be classified as a bit obsessive. Once I was going through my Pinterest  on paper I decided to tackle it virtually. I saved actual images from pins to my desktop and classified them by what they applied to.

For example, if I loved a cake design I would have a folder entitled “Reception” and within that folder would be one named “Food”, within THAT folder would be a “cake” folder filled with several photos.

This organization prevented me from getting lost in my own ideas. It also came in handy to show family and vendors photos of what inspired me from my laptop without relying on wifi connection.

Look at vendor websites

One thing I’ve learned as a bride is to pay attention to the vendors you pick and why you pick them.

Many wedding vendors—from caterers to consultants—have social media you can look at to view previous work. If you seem drawn to a certain vendor, make sure to see what they’ve done in the past and branch off of it.

For example, if you find a dessert display (like the one pictured above) on a caterer's Facebook page, reference it to them when you discuss your own plans and discuss why you liked it.

Often times they’ll be flattered, know exactly what you’re talking about and can make it better than it was before.

Call in for re-enforcements

If your vision wanders, you feel overwhelmed or just have a small question as you begin this planning journey, give us a call or comment on a post through our website or on social media . We're always reading our feedback and love to hear from our brides.

Our services are also available, from full planning packages to specialized event coordination. We also offer hour-long consultations where you can get detailed answers to questions, help with vendor planning, guides for invitation wording  and much more.

Happy Planning and remember, we're here if you need a hand.

Free DIY Resources

Tackling a do-it-yourself wedding project is a great way to add a personal touch to your event while impressing guests with unique ideas and creativity. Though many DIY projects can save money and are fun to create with bridesmaids, they can also be time consuming. Fortunately many wedding websites offer free resources for visiting brides—in the form of print templates and speedy projects —that bring the fun back to crafting your special day!

Here are a few of our recent finds online that we'd like to share with our 530 brides.

Please make sure to follow any copyright or use instructions on the following websites. 

We would love to see your finished creations and feel free to share the resources you have found along your  journey!

~Happy Planning~

Free Custom Monograms.

A Whole Collection of Adorable Mason Jar Designs.

DIY Fringe Cake Topper.

Free Guestbook Fingerprint Tree Print.

Free Printable Table Numbers.

Free Chevron Patterned Print for Invitations, Save the Dates and Inserts Cards.


DIY Inspiration

Real Wedding at Yuba City Fairgrounds

When planning a large wedding couples might not think of the local fairgrounds, but considering the ample indoor space, parking, and on-site kitchen you may want to keep the fairgrounds in mind.  Besides, we haven't seen the Yuba City Fairgrounds look this cool in well, ever.  Our team assisted WeDo Designs with setting up for this 600+ wedding, and we heard it was quite the party!  Table settings, linens, decor, florals, glassware & flatware provided by WeDo Designs.  Congratulations to Navi & Raj  Kalkat![gallery columns="1" orderby="rand"]

For information about events & rentals at the fair grounds click here.

Does it pay to be a DIY bride?

Some of our most popular pages are related to Manzanita Branches, Wishing Trees and DIY Decor.  If you are considering going the DIY route, make sure to consider the pros and cons of purchasing vs renting and make sure you are making budget friendly decisions.  Some items can easily be resold after your event such as mason jars, tea lights, manzanita branches and linens etc.  Purchasing your own linens and spending the time to hem and sew all of them may be biting off more than you can chew so-to-speak. We recommend meeting with a wedding coordinator and discussing your budget.  Focus on the areas that you feel are most important for you to personalize with a DIY project, for instance if you can't stand the idea of using store-bought escort cards then you should have that on your list of DIY must haves.  Other projects such as cocktail menus or table numbers might not be as much of a priority to you personally, so decide if it would be best to purchase or rent those.  Your coordinator may have some items that he or she includes with their service so it doesn't hurt to ask ahead of time!

A DIY Bride can find items and make things from scratch, or find easy projects to purchase the items and assemble them herself (or hopefully with the help of a small army!) Choose projects that are worthwhile and that will have the most impact on your event.  Making personalized programs, welcome baskets or favors is always a nice touch or focus your efforts on making an awesome DIY photobooth or wishing tree.  The options are endless!

If you want to price things out, Koyal Wholesale is a great place to get started:

Table Settings 10.25" Bulk Dinner Plates - Black from: Koyal Wholesale

PLASTIC CUTLERY - Assorted Fork/Spoon/Knife (288 Pieces) Shimmering Silver from: Koyal Wholesale Comes in other fun colors like magenta, school bus yellow, tropical teal, apple red & more!

Cupcake Stands Laila Large Round Cupcake Tower (Holds 100 Cupcakes!) BEST SELLER! - $29.99 from: Koyal Wholesale

Branches REAL Manzanita Branches (Natural Brown) - 5 Sizes - $13.96 Retail Price: $23.96 You Save: $10.00 from: Koyal Wholesale

Curly Willow Burnt Oak 3-5ft BULK (144 branches) BEST SELLER! - $99.99 Retail Price: $109.99 You Save: $10.00 from: Koyal Wholesale

Centerpieces & Decor 12" Clear Cylinder Pillar Centerpiece Vase (Case of 12 = $13.22/Vase) BEST SELLER! from: Koyal Wholesale

32" Tall Venus Square Crystal Chandelier Tree Centerpiece from: Koyal Wholesale

Regal Table Decoration Personalized Vase Centerpiece from: Koyal Wholesale

Peacock Feather Bouquet/Centerpiece Picks (4/Pkg) - $2.68 from: Koyal Wholesale

Moss Moss, Reindeer Moss Spring Green BULK (BEST SELLER!) - $69.98 Retail Price: $79.98 You Save: $10.00 from: Koyal Wholesale

Votives Hanging Votive Candle Holder w/Wire BULK (72 Holders) BEST SELLER! from: Koyal Wholesale

12 Hour Burn White UNSCENTED Votive Candles (30 Pack) BULK - $11.98 from: Koyal Wholesale

Hanging Crystals Hanging Diamond Crystal Teardrops - 1.5" (BULK 35 Pieces) BEST SELLER! - $19.98 Retail Price: $29.98 You Save: $10.00

Table Runner Damask Flocking Table Runner 12" x 108" Long - Red Damask - $9.98 from: Koyal Wholesale

Aisle Runner Personalized Aisle Runners - Regal Wedding Aisle Runner - $95.00 Retail Price: $105.00 You Save: $10.00 from: Koyal Wholesale

Other popular items: rose petals, paper lanterns, Vintage Burlap Ribbon, washi tape diy bride

These are only a few of the fabulous items that you can find at Koyal, you can get a great deal on bulk items. If price matching is your game, then print out what you find online and ask a vendor if they can price match. You may find that it is cheaper to rent, and less of a hassle because you won't have an abundance of wedding items left over to have to either resell or give away.

Did you find a great resource for savings on event supplies? Share with other brides by leaving a comment with your ideas.

Open House at The Palms ~ Recap

Good times were had at The Palms' Open House and for those of you who couldn't join us, here is a recap!  The lush landscaping of The Palms set the mood with the beautiful fountains, waterfalls and koi fish.

WeDo Designs teamed up with Cambray Rose to create these lovely table settings!

Head Table Decor featuring Gold Chiavari Chairs by 530 Events

Mims Bakery Showed off their lovely Cake Design Steelhead BBQ Catering Company was a crowd pleaser with their delicious Tri-Tip, Ribs and Pulled Pork Tastings along with the pasta salad, green salad with citrus dressing, and baked beans; yum!

John the DJ got turned down the lights and turned up the music...

Stay tuned for futre Open House events at Local Wedding Venues so that you don't miss out on a great opportunity to not only take a tour but to also speak with local wedding professionals about the services they can provide for your upcoming event.

~Happy Planning~

Display Your Wedding Keepsakes with A Shadow Box

Wedding Photography captures your big day, but what about physically preserving some of your most sentimental wedding items?  Shadowboxes are a great way to put some of your most cherished items on display.

If you plan to use your bouquet or other fresh flowers in your shadow box, check with your florist to see if they offer preservation services.

A DIY Shadowbox could be a great project to keep your creative juices flowing after the wedding, and help reduce some after wedding blues that some brides experience.  Consider making a set of shadow boxes to include your milestones as a couple, (honeymoon, family vacations, first home, birth of a child etc.) Shadow Boxes don't have to be large, you can mix and match the sizes and styles.

Happy Planning!

The Topper

Wedding Cakes have transformed from a fancy dessert to the focal point of the evening, (besides THE dress!) If you have seen shows like Cake Boss, or Cake Wars you know the design ideas are endless.  A cake topper is the finishing touch, accenting the cake design and even show a little flair of your personalities.  Here are a few different spins on the cake topper, which one fits your personality? 1. Traditional or Personalized "Wedding Couple" toppers Photos Courtesy of

2. Floral - Fresh Flowers, Icing Floral Designs Photos Courtesy of

3. Paper Cake Toppers Photos Courtesy of, and

4. Monogram Topper Photos Courtesy of and

5. Love Bird Topper Photo Courtesy of and


Happy Planning!

Say 'I Do' Unconventionally!

Who says your wedding guests have to know they are going to a wedding?  Recently, we have seen a spike in Surprise Weddings and we think it is trend that could stick around.  It is perfect for the couple who has gone around and around about where they would want to have their wedding, how much they want to spend, and those who aren't particularly fond of the traditional wedding process. How does one plan a surprise wedding?  Well first thing is first, ..Location!  If you happen to have a spacious home or a large backyard, or know someone who would be willing to host in your honor than you are in luck.  Guests probably won't question a backyard event, so you could use some alternative occasions like an Engagement Party, a Summer Lau, Graduation, or Tri-Tip Cook-off to use as the decoy reason for gathering.  Second, decide who you want to let in on the surprise.  You can choose to tell your parents, maid of honor, best man or whom ever you would like as long as they can keep a secret!  Besides, you will need some helpers to pull this off!

If you do not have the space available, contact some of the local venues for information on the amenities and pricing.  You will need to know your approximate guest count, and a potential date.  Consider asking the venue if they offer lower rates for weekdays compared to Saturday and Sunday rates.

We know a surprise wedding is not for everyone. For brides who have dreamed of their wedding day for years, a more traditional wedding with a set date and invitations may be more appropriate! However, if the thought of a big fancy wedding stresses you out, you may feel relieved by knowing that your guests are going to be blown away by the surprise and it will be a fun and memorable wedding for all!  You can still have a lot of the same elements of a traditional wedding like the bouquet toss, and first dance.  The best part is that it is up to you!

Some of the perks of a surprise wedding are a lower overall budget because you won't have a lot of the formalities such as the cost of invitations & postage, venue (if you are having a backyard event), and you may end up with a smaller guest list which will greatly reduce your expenses.  The biggest perk is getting to be creative, and coming up with a plan on how to carry out your scheme and keeping it a secret until the big reveal!

Want to read more about Surprise Weddings?  Here are some related posts: Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla - Surprise Wedding 100 Layer Cake: Marisa + John - Surprise Wedding Surprise..We Got Married! Rebecca & Damien - Suprise Wedding

DIY Resources on the Web

If projects like embossing, or making your own ceremony programs really gets you excited then check out a few of these great resources for all things DIY! Here we will give you the run down of where to find helpful step-by-step instructions. 1. A cozy winter DIY Wedding Favor created by gives you the instant warm & fuzzy feeling which would be perfect for a winter wedding!

2.  Message in a Bottle Favors  by Beau-Coup - Set the tone of your tropical or beach theme wedding with these mini bottles!

3. Burlap Coffee Bean Favors by - Write a personalized thank you note, and let the aroma of the coffee beans do the rest!

4.This DIY Rustic Cake Stand gives an instant sense of the outdoors found on

5.  Rice Crispy Heart Favors by MyOwnLabels.Com

6. DIY Moss Letters by

7. Fabric Flower for Hair Pins, Sashes and Bridal Shower Favors found on 8.  Save the Date Magnets by Project Wedding, Simple and Adorable!

9. DIY Table Numbers in a Bottle by 

10. DIY Hanging Ornaments "Let It Snow" project featured on

To find step-by-step instructions for the projects above follow these links: 1. Ginger Bread Mug Favors ( 2. Message In A Bottle Favors ( 3.  Burlap Coffee Bean Favors ( 4.  Rustic Chic Cake Stand ( 5.  Rice Crispy Hearts ( 6.  DIY Moss Letter ( 7.  Fabric Flower ( 8. Heart-Felt Save The Dates ( 9. DIY Table Numbers ( 10. DIY Hanging Ornaments (

Have a project that you want to share? Contact us at

WeDo Designs Showcase August 19th 2011

If you were one of the many brides who attended the WeDo Designs showcase at The Palms Pavilion, this will be a fun recap for you! If you weren't able to make it to the event we will let you know what you missed!  WeDo Designs offers affordable decor including luxury linens, centerpieces, dishes & flatware rentals, chair covers, uplighting, wall paneling and more.  For brides still in their planning stages, visiting a showroom that displays many different colors, textures, table settings and centerpieces will give you an idea of what you are drawn to. When guests arrived at the showcase they signed up to be entered into a drawing for luxury linens for up to 100 guests, provided by WeDo Designs.  There were also photo albums full of beautiful photos of designs and decor by WeDo Designs, that really shows the creativity and versatility of this company.  Guests enjoyed tasty treats by Bacio Catering and some refreshing punch provided by Holiday Inn.

Peacock feathers and deep blue tones grabbed the attention of guests right away! Every inch of the room had something interesting for your eyes, and I couldn't count how many times I heard brides say "Oh, I love that!"

[gallery columns="2" orderby="rand"]

When it comes to linens, WeDo Designs carrries a multitude of colors and textures that can fit perfectly with any decor and color scheme.  One lucky showcase guest will win a set of luxury linens for up to 100 guests for their bridal shower or other event, so ladies and gentlemen make sure to stop by WeDo Design's Facebook page tomorrow evening at 5pm to find out who won! (Click here to visit the WeDo Designs Facebook page.)  The 530 Bride will keep you posted on other local events, and other chances to win great prizes and services.

Which table setting was your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment here!

Featured Vendor ~ Jaz Events

Many brides spend some time reading bridal magazines and watching shows on T.V. like My Fair Wedding, or Platinum Weddings, and they may think that the beautiful weddings they see are beyond their reach.  We hope to show Northern California Brides that you have access to vendors that can create events that are magazine and t.v. worthy. Jaz Events is the go-to source for event furniture that can transform your venue, and make a lasting impression on your guests.  Offering both indoor and outdoor furniture, Jaz Events can help stage the furniture to flow with your venue and your decor.  Jaz Events can take the couple's vision and concept for the event and add their expertise which equates to some pretty cool events if you ask us.

As you can see the combination of the furniture and some uplighting can really create an exceptional atmosphere.   The ladies of Jaz Events think outside of the box, and offer an affordable way to style your venue and add that wow-factor you have been looking for.

Where do you start, you ask? Simply set up a consulation with Jaz Events to look through their catalogue and find the furniture that will suit your needs.  After considering thinks like the layout of your venue or party location, how many guests you are planning on having, the number of seating areas you would like, and the atmosphere you would like to create; Jaz Events will take it from there.

We asked about set-up and rental, and Jaz Events makes it easy.  They deliver the furniture, set-up/stage your event, and then pick it up after the event.  Pretty simple!  What we found impressive were all of the different furniture and staging options, and the endless possibilities you have at a very reasonable price.

You may have seen some of the lovely designs by Jaz Events at the January Chico Bridal Showcase, or the recent Open House at the Palms.  When you meet with Jaz Events it is very clear that these ladies love what they do, and take pride in their work! You can check out their portfolio of designs, or contact them to schedule a consultation by visiting their website at