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Trends have changed a lot over the years when it comes to wedding gowns and accessories.   Although this look is from 1956, many of the current wedding gowns on the runway have similar elements.  Timeless is always in style!

Grace Kelly, in a gown by MGM costume designer Helen Rose, kneeling at the altar during her wedding at Saint Nicholas Cathedral to Prince Rainier III of Monaco in April 1956.  Image Courtesy of Brides.com

Pre-Wedding Fashion Ideas

Sure the wedding dress is important, but what should you wear for other pre-wedding fun like your engagement party or bridal shower, bachelorette party or even rehearsal dinner? Here is a few looks that could work for any of these events.

Casual Bride


Pre-Wedding Attire


The Maxi Dress


The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid

It is always an honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor in a wedding.  Being by the side of your good friend or family member when they stand at the altar on their big day and sharing in the journey to get there is pretty special!  All of that aside, it does come with some expenses.  We found an infographic on the web aimed to breakdown some of those costs:cost-of-wedding-high

Image courtesy of Dimespring.com

Couples should try to keep these figures in mind when planning the involvement of their wedding party and make sure to communicate with everyone in their party to ensure that the expenses are not a hardship for anyone.  Being open to cost alternatives makes the experience better for everyone, a $200 bridesmaid dress may not be doable for some so its good to consider choosing a color and material and allowing the bridal party to find a dress that fits their style and their budget.

Are you a bridesmaid in a wedding?  Take our poll on the expenses of being in a wedding: [yop_poll id="4"]

Invitations: Set The Tone

Finding an invitation that matches your overall theme and vision for your event is sort of like finding your dress, ( when you know, you know.)  Invitations give your guests the information they need in order to make plans to attend & guests will also be getting a sneak peak about what to expect at the event.  Save The Dates can tie in with your overall theme & stationery or you can think outside the box with the style to really have fun with it.  Here are a few styles that could set the tone for your big day! 1. This elegant design ties in any chalkboard elements you may be using and could easily fit in with a DIY/Rustic wedding or and elgant affair.  Very versatile & fun!

A Chalkboard Marriage Wedding Invitations from: Minted

2. Lighthearted

Pink Primrose Wedding Invitations from: Minted

3. Turning the expected into the unexpected!

Vintage Typography Poster Save the Date Cards from: Minted

4. Elegant

French Vintage Wedding Invitations from: Minted

5. So Ombre!

Ombre Stripes Save the Date Cards from: Minted

6.  Wedding Gram meets glam, just add a metallic envelope and done!

WeddingGram Wedding Invitations from: Minted

7. Seedpack Invites  will match with your garden or eco themed event

Seed Packet Wedding Invitations from: Minted

8. Who doesn't love Tiffany Blue? Bookbinder Wedding Invitations from: Minted

9. Proud to Serve Air Force Salute Wedding Invitations from: Minted

10. Keep it simple, all we need is love Picnic Basket Wedding Invitations from: Minted

Whether you have custom invitations made, use a retail company or DIY your stationary we know that the options are endless!  If you need assistance with invitations, wording, rsvp tracking & more we are here to help.

Where did you fall in love with your invitations? Leave us a comment here to gush about your stationary crush! ___________________________________________________ *The 530 Bride is an affiliate member of Minted.com*

DIY Inspiration

The Topper

Wedding Cakes have transformed from a fancy dessert to the focal point of the evening, (besides THE dress!) If you have seen shows like Cake Boss, or Cake Wars you know the design ideas are endless.  A cake topper is the finishing touch, accenting the cake design and even show a little flair of your personalities.  Here are a few different spins on the cake topper, which one fits your personality? 1. Traditional or Personalized "Wedding Couple" toppers Photos Courtesy of www.weddingstar.com

2. Floral - Fresh Flowers, Icing Floral Designs Photos Courtesy of www.marthastewartweddings.com

3. Paper Cake Toppers Photos Courtesy of www.eventsbychloe.com, and www.papermoss.com

4. Monogram Topper Photos Courtesy of www.weddingcuts.com and www.roxyheartvintage.com

5. Love Bird Topper Photo Courtesy of weddingwallpaper.net and bridalwave.tv


Happy Planning!

Style Trend: The Birdcage Veil

As the vintage theme gets more popular, we have started to see more ways to mix the old with the new.  One great vintage piece in particular has caught our eye; the birdcage veil.  Compatible with many different wedding gowns and hairstyles, the bird cage veil is a great accessory for your big day.  Brides, keep in mind that this look also works really well for bridesmaids as well and can be made in any color.

For all of the DIY Brides out there, check out a DIY tutorial for making your own Bird Cage Veil.  Complete with step-by-step directions and photos, you are sure to have no problems creating your perfect Bird Cage Veil.  Click here to read the article on www.weddingchicks.com.

Wedding Hairstyles

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair you have probably spent a lot of time thinking about how you would like to wear your hair on your wedding day.  If you plan on having a professional hairstylist or a friend do your hair, you should try to narrow it down to a couple different styles. Set up a trial with this person so that you can test out the different styles, and so that the stylist can get used to working with your hair.  If you have curly or extremely fine hair, the stylist will need to prepare by having the right products and pins etc to make sure everything goes smoothly on your big day.

Plan on bringing a veil even if it isn't the veil you will be wearing on your wedding day.  This gives you the opportunity to see the different options you have with your veil and see what feels the most comfortable and secure.

If you are considering using hair extensions, the trial would be a good chance for the stylist to determine the length and how many extensions they will need to complete your look.  Sally's Beauty Supply has an affordable selection of hair extensions of many different colors.

When considering if you should wear your hair up or down, make sure to think about the time of year if you are going to be outside.  If its the middle of August and its hot outside, you might not to have your hair down because you may get overheated. If its fall weather and there is a possibilty of wind you may want to have your hair secured in an up-do to avoid your hair being in your face for your wedding photos. 

You can add accessories like hair pins, clips, feathers or rhinestones to add a little drama to your ensemble, it's your day afterall!

To veil..or not to veil...

When you picture a bride, do you think of a woman in a white dress with a veil and a bouquet of flowers?  

Although there are many different variations of wedding traditions among different cultures, It is fair to say that most people still associate a bride with a flowing white veil.

Traditional, but not a mandatory accessory these days because times have changed; but where did this tradition come from anyway?

We have consistently found evidence of veils being worn as early on in Europe as the time of the Crusades. At a time of arranged marriages, the groom would often be seeing his bride for the first time when he lifted her veil.

Veils were used as a symbol of virginity and purity for brides given to their mates. Through the years the veil styles have changed somewhat dramatically.

Veils come in many different lengths, from single up to three tiers (layers) and can be anywhere from short blusher veils to floor length or cathedral length which is up to 120 inches long.

In addition to a veil many brides also wear a headpiece such as a tiara, headband or clips.  Depending on the hairstyle you choose for your wedding day, you have a lot of options for how you want to wear your veil if you decide to wear one.

For more helpful info on veils, or custom veils online checkout http://www.veilubridal.com/.

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