Our List of The Top 10 Wedding Decor Items

1. Tables and Chairs - We felt this had to be number one, because we haven't seen a wedding yet where the guests didn't need to sit down at some point! Depending on your wedding venue or location you may have to rent tables and chairs if they are not included in your wedding package. Make sure to consider your guest count and how many people can be seated at a table, so that you will have plenty of room to move around. For a basic outline of table sizes and how many guests per table, check out www.kpeterson.com where we found this great diagram.

If you are having your ceremony and your reception at the same location, you might want to consider using the chairs from your ceremony for your reception.  You can opt to have designated helpers to move the chairs, or ask the guests to bring their chair into the reception area after the ceremony has ended.  This cuts down on your rental costs because you won't have to double your chair rentals.

Which style of chair will match your event? The first chairs are Chiavari Chairs which come many different colors and usually include a matching cushion.  These stylish chairs don't come cheap depending on where you rent them from so plan on spending anywhere from $3 -16 dollars per chair. Photos Courtesy of ChiavariChairRental.com

If you are looking for more reasonably priced chair rentals, the most common chairs are one of these varieties which range from $1-2 dollars per chair.

2. Wedding Altars - Say "I Do" at a beautiful altar which is a cymbal of your union as husband and wife, and a focal point for the ceremony. For ceremonies in a church use flowers, ribbons or tulle to dress up the pews or create a custom aisle runner! For backyard or outdoor weddings use gazebos, pillars, large trees, or even your back porch for an altar. Tie in your theme, add flowers or leave it simple its up to you!

3. Table Settings & Linens - Have you selected your plates & glassware, cutlery, chargers and napkins yet?  Keep it simple, or go all out! When it comes to table linens you will have the option of the more budget friendly basic linens that can come in almost any color, or select premium overlays, sheer or even textured linens. Ask your rental company what types of linens they have and the price per table or linen.

4. Centerpieces - Centerpieces are the wow factors of your reception (aside from your beautiful gown of course) this is where your creativity and vision for your event really shines.  Floral arrangements, paper flowers, vases, votive candles, glass pillars, manzanita branches &  candelabras are popular items for centerpieces. Coordinate your decor with the season or with your wedding colors.

5. Wedding Cakes - Cakes are for eating, but these days they are also an elaborate design element.

6. Candy Buffets & Treat Stations - Satisfy any sweet tooth by serving up treats! Candy buffets, sundae stations, serve smores, or chocolates.

7. Wishing Trees - Your guests can write all of their well-wishes for your new lives together and display them on the limbs of a beautiful wishing tree. 8. Photo Booths & Polaroid Scrapbook Stations - Guests will have a blast taking pictures in the photo booth, use the photo strips as a wedding favor and guests can also put their photos in your scrapbook. While guest books are still popular, another trend is to have your engagement picture matted and have the guests sign the matted portion of the photo as a keepsake such as the one below.    These ideas are  interactive elements to your reception which is entertaining for your guests and it will make them feel more involved with the festivities.

9.  Fairy Lights, Up-lighting & Chandeliers - Set the mood with romantic lighting, and change the atmosphere with amber, blue  & purple hues.  Fairy lights create a natural glow in an indoor or outdoor setting, while up lights transform the room.

10. Lounge Seating - This trend has become more popular over the years and is starting to become more affordable, so we felt it deserved to be in the top 10. Your guests will be sitting pretty while they take a break from dancing!