Northern California Wedding Planners | Wedding Day Hangover

Put your feet up and try to control that giddy smile you have, at least that's what I tell myself after I get home from a 15 hour wedding day.  I'm a closet adrenaline junkie except that my rush doesn't come from jumping out of an airplane or going 100+ miles on a instead I find absolute joy when a couple has literally danced the night away and everyone is exhausted from so much fun.  

Wedding Recap

To still get chills every time a processional goes down the aisle perfectly, and the couple exchanges their vows means I'm on to something.  Toasts, first dances, and the incredible romance of it all has us hooked and keeps us so inspired in this wedding business of ours.  

Aside from all of the beautiful elements of a wedding day, our minds also replay other parts like set-up or interactions with the event partners (caterers, DJ's, photographers, decor) and the couple's family and friends.  Did we do everything that we could have done to make the event go smoothly, did we communicate and set up the event team for success? These recaps are crucial for always striving to improve our service to our couples and to the wedding pro's who become like a second family to us during a busy season.  

As wedding planners sometimes the only reassurance we need are hugs from our couples, happy text messages before they board their honeymoon flight and seeing their status change online from engaged to married! 


I could say that I did put my feet up and catch up on Netflix today but if you know me well enough you know that isn't my style.  Instead my afternoon was busy with phone sessions to catch up with a few of our couples and also a week-three session of a coaching group that I am participating in to take things here at The 530 Bride to the next level.  

XOXO - Veronica

~ Happy Planning ! ~