Northern California Wedding Planner | We Don't Do It For The Cake

If you have ever watched a movie that involved a wedding or a wedding planner, it is more than likely that the scene focuses on the pretentious couple or the crazy bridezilla moments.  Our favorite scenes are of the ultra glam wedding planners who snap their fingers and order people around (not.) Happy to say that in reality weddings are not that dramatic or stressful, we promise! 

Recently, our whole team was busy working on two beautiful weddings. Being that it was literally 110 degrees on Saturday you can probably imagine that we were not the picture perfect wedding planners.  We were sweating it out while getting the tables in place, the linens on the tables and the napkin folds just right.  


We were also coordinating with a whole team of vendors who were not in ideal conditions either (the bar was in full sun, laptops were overheating, we needed to keep an eye on not blowing a fuse with running two massive fans) on top of the normal timelines we were managing.  The important part of above any set of challenges is that everyone comes together to ensure that everything is just as the couple envisions when they arrive to walk down the aisle.  

As a bride do you sometimes want to talk about your wedding, but don't want to bug your friends or wedding party? Do you have crazy obsessive thoughts about whether to have open or assigned seating?  Getting to work with couples through some of these questions and logistics is the fun part for us, plus we don't think your crazy for asking us "which blush color we like best!"

When we begin working with a couple we get to be invited into their lives, their love story and their closest circle.  Planning details that make a wedding day flow smoothly is not just to satisfy our obsession with a well organized day; it is about maximizing each element of that day which happens to go by super fast! 

We ask about details that seem super small at the time, but they help us anticipate our couple's needs and stay a few steps ahead. Communicating with the whole event team and sharing these key pieces of information keeps everyone on the same page. It also reduces the amount of questions that go to the couple in the weeks or days leading up to their event.  

Weddings are our jam, we will never tire of hearing emotional toasts, seeing tears in a proud parent's eyes, or the moment when the couple can let loose on the dance floor surrounded by their closest friends and family.  This is why we do what we do, we don't do it for the cake or for the pretty flowers (although we love both of those.)

Getting to keep in touch with our couples after their wedding is a pretty sweet bonus if you ask us, and seeing their milestones in life is the best. 

If you are newly engaged or finding that your wedding is coming up and are in need of some help to execute the details that you have planned, head over to our contact page to say hello!

~ Happy Planning!~