Northern California Wedding Planner | That Ring Makes You Look...Engaged!

We made it! It's 2017 now that we have packed up the ornaments, put away the New Years Eve party hats it's time for a whole other reason to celebrate...engagement season! Literally our newsfeed is filled with the sparkly goodness, and perfect ring selfies and it will never get old to us.  Every story is unique, maybe the proposal didn't happen in a hot air balloon or even on the top of the mountain captured by a stealthy photographer but that's okay because obviously the romantic and casual proposal melted your heart so much so that you said yes!

Not that we've counted but there are probably several thousand articles out there telling you what you should do the minute you get engaged.  We are willing to bet you've already told those closest to you and likely shared that beautiful announcement to the social media masses so you can check that one off of your list! 

Next, let's just focus on the easy stuff before we get ahead of ourselves.  

  • Think about who you want at your wedding and what location feels right. If you love your hometown or the city you met in back in college add it to the list.  Does your family have a property that you could reasonably host a large event? 
  • What are your must-haves?
  • Now that the wheels are turning what's a ball park budget that you both feel comfortable with? 
  • Talk to a wedding planner, no talk to several wedding planners if you'd like until you have been able to ask all of the reasonable questions that you need to until you feel that you have a good idea of what you want and who can help make that happen for you.  Wedding vendors are people first, and not all people jive so make sure to give yourself an opportunity to have a phone call, a video call or an in person meeting if possible. 

Now, we figured you might need to learn the lingo of your fellow engaged community:

We couldn't help ourselves..

We couldn't help ourselves..

~ Happy Planning!~