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Pinterest serves up wedding "inspo" on the daily, brides can become quite addicted to it because of the very real fear of missing out (affectionately called FOMO.)  We like to scroll through Pinterest as much as anyone else however we know that a wedding can't and shouldn't be everything you see on Pinterest all at the same time.  

the-530-bride_Pinterest Rabbit Hole

Often at the beginning stages of planning we will ask a couple if they have a Pinterest board or any photos they may have saved as inspiration, everything from the type of lighting/atmosphere to a color scheme.   We pull details from these boards and if we start to see a pattern or if the couple is able to define what it is that they loved about the particular photo or detail then we know we are onto something.  The goal is to find a focal point that you really care about and work on tying the other elements to this.  We also take your venue and gown style into consideration.   

Trends come and go. From the runway, motor vehicle trends, graphic design and home design there will always a new trend. "For 2018, our goal is to simplify and focus on getting to the root of what is necessary and essential. If a room is thoughtfully designed, there is less need to bombard the space with accessories and fluff to make the room feel complete." - Olivia Korenberg and Jenn Pablo, (co-founders of TwoFold Interiors )  As a wedding planner we'd like to aim for your wedding to be timeless and fun while incorporating your personalities and a even a few trends that you are in love with.

For the last 3-5 years or so, chalk board signs have become popular but also on the side of extreme because let's face it you don't need a sign for every aspect of your day.  To be fair this trend was also very popular with interior design.  Dining rooms or kitchens were adorned with "EAT" signs or "Coffee" above the coffee maker.  Full chalkboard walls also had a moment in home design, but have began to be replaced with other surfaces.  Who here has been greeted by a chalk board sign at the last wedding you attended..**raises hand!

We were curious what others thought about some of the wedding trends.  Here's Refinery 29's take on Pinterest Trends - Lookout Burlap, Mason Jars, Macrame, Naked Cakes, Chalkboard Signs & Floral Crowns you're just a few on the chopping block.  

What are your thoughts on wedding trends, was there any trend you were surprised to see mentioned on this list?