Love Is In The Air. | What To Do On Valentines Day!

Love is in the air, can you feel it?! Valentines Day is a day to show compassion and appreciation for those you love, (along with every other day of the year of course). 

Being wedding planners in Northern California, we believe in cuddling, hot chocolate, and a good movie. Whether you're doing these things with a significant other, or your best friend, it's still just as comforting!

Today on the blog, we are going to be talking about some fun activities that you can do whether you're newly weds, engaged, dating, or even if you're single! 

1. Spread The Love With Candy & Chocolate!

Valentines Day is on a week day this year, which is kind of a bummer, but can also be a fun time! This is the day where you work your hardest, so when you get home, you can indulge in the Valentines Day candies that your wonderful significant other has waiting for you on the kitchen counter. Or, if you're single, buy a ton of chocolates, give some to your boss and co-workers for extra brownie points, and eat the rest in bed!

2. Hand Make Your V-Day Gifts!

Personally, I am a sucker for personalized gifts. They are personal and you know that they come from the heart! The holidays can put a huge damper on anyone's wallet, and that wasn't too long ago. So take the initiative to save some money, and make your own master piece! This can even get romantic, by placing pedals in a shape of a heart on the bed, with pedals leading up to it. Or, this can involve Elmer glue and fake pedals on a piece of construction paper. Get creative! 

3. Go On An Adventure!

Adventuring with your honey or best friend is the best medicine in life. Whether it is on Valentines Day or not, this should be a weekly activity you do! Grab a blanket, a picnic basket with delicious sandwiches (and more chocolate) and head out to the hills, or lake, or some beautiful location that you love going to, and enjoy each other's company. 

4. Go See A Movie, Or Stay In!

I don't know why, but going to the theater is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Especially when a trip to the local dollar store happens (Sh, don't tell anyone!) But if that doesn't seem romantic, why not stay in for the night and watch your love's favorite movie, or even YOUR favorite movie! Spoil yourself and rent something and enjoy buttery popcorn, with chocolate.. I swear it's delicious with popcorn too.

As this beautiful Hallmark holiday approaches, I just wanted to express the love we have for all of our past couples, our current couples, and of course for our future couples! I hope this was a fun blog to get you inspired and to get you in the mood of LOVE!

Happy Valentines Day,
Delphine | The 530 Bride