Lost in Wedding Planning Chaos?

Posted by Kendall Arelleis, Event Coordinator with The 530 Bride I ran across an image online the other day, and it really hit home. It reads:

Needless to say, I now have it set as my computer background.

No one hides the fact that planning a wedding can be stressful. We hear stories of "Bridezillas", partly as cautionary tales, partly as laughable fair warning, as if it's inescapable. It's also widely pronounced that Brides-to-be should try to enjoy this time, as if that's possible while sitting in a circle of receipts, toolkit budgets and contact lists, magazine clippings, half-finished DIY projects, and so many rewritten to-do lists that you've lost track of which is the most recent. Note to "self": start writing dates and times on any loose wedding scratch paper.

As a professional planning my own wedding, it's semi-shocking to me that it is a lot scarier when it's 100% on your shoulders, rather than assisting a bride with her vision. I sympathize with all brides, myself included. How does one do this without an army of help, and either a vacation from work, or else a really nice boss who'll let you sneak hits of Pinterest and online shopping?

The better question is "How do I keep this from consuming my life?" As a Bride, I find myself lying awake fretting about not having booked my makeup stylist yet, whether I made the right choice for my veil, which design would be best on the programs, and weighing out my floral options. And then there's the nightmares; whether it's showing up naked to your wedding, or falling behind schedule, sometimes it seems better to lie awake fretting. I think it's quite possible internal monologues of "The Little Engine That Could" chanting "I think I Can, I think I Can" counts as talking to yourself.

We say all the time that Brides need to find a balance between their day-to-day lives and planning this memorable day, but the best I can get is, "Hey honey, let's go out to a nice dinner, and then I won't shut up about brainstorming for our photo session next week", or, "Let's cuddle on the couch and watch Wreck It Ralph, and while we do that, I'm going to finish the wax seals on these last invitations."

However, there is one adage about wedding planning that is absolutely true and endlessly comforting; the marriage bit is all worth it.

Other truths I've learned to be...well, true: 1. Give yourself an appropriate amount of time to plan. more than a few months to plan ; having a small wedding doesn't exempt you from all the hullabaloo. 2. Don't be afraid to ask for help, no matter how self-reliant you are. 3. Be sensible with your budget. Know where to splurge, how to sacrifice, and when to hussle! Read more about how to make a wedding work on a tight budget. 4. Work closely with your vendors; they are a wealth of information, and can save you the headache of trying to figure things out on your own. 5.

If you'd like to share your story of wedding planning madness, we're here to listen and console.

Posted by Kendall Arelleis, Event Coordinator with The 530 Bride