Northern California Wedding planner | Money saving tips for your ceremony

A lot of thought and energy goes into creating a beautiful ceremony as it symbolizes your commitment to each other.  When you begin your design concept for your ceremony we encourage couples to find decor items or floral arrangements that are not only complimentary to the reception design but that can also be easily relocated to other areas of their wedding.  

Here are some of our top tips on how to use your beautiful ceremony flowers, arches, shepherd hooks, and even the aisle runner at your reception.

1) Altar Decor
How do you envision your ceremony altar? By creating a focal point at the Altar you will draw your guests eyes front and center even before you walk down the aisle.  Large stands, columns, or wood stumps/rounds of varying heights are the perfect way to display large floral arrangements that can be moved to your reception location (On or next to the buffet, framing the dessert table, bar etc).


2) Vases With Flowers
Vases full of gorgeous flowers can be a bit pricy, so why not put these gorgeous statement pieces next to, or on top of your dessert table, or near your photobooth? Depending on how large the vases are, this can create an entirely different, yet beautiful ambience at your reception! 

3) Shepherd Hooks
Your aisle pieces, such as shepherd hooks with mason jars, can be utilized as an entry way into your reception venue. This can, not only look absolutely stunning, but it will ensure that your guests know exactly where to go fro the reception! Win-Win!

4) Aisle Runner
Usually aisle runners are pretty wide, but your wedding planner can fix that! You can use it on the dessert table, or as another entry piece as people walk into the reception. If you are having more of a rustic wedding, burlap can also be cut and be used as more decor! 

Using pieces from your ceremony will not only save you money, but it will also ensure that your entire wedding is cohesive, and look seamlessly put together.

~Happy Planning~