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Around here we talk a lot about weddings, but perhaps what we should be talking about is anniversaries! Where do you see yourselves in 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now? Owning a home, raising a family, traveling, ultimately celebrating your anniversaries and milestones along the way.  

It wasn't until last week when it was my mom's 25th wedding anniversary, and she told me how she was watching her wedding video that it donned on me: I wouldn't have a wedding video to watch because we felt we didn't "need one."  As a bride, I kept thinking that I wouldn't want to watch myself on video or that we wouldn't be into it but now I realized that in twenty five years I would likely really enjoy re-living our special day.  

How can you create a wedding day to remember? Hire a wedding planner who will focus on you as a couple and finds creative ways to bring out those personal touches that are authentic and will be special to you in years to come.  Making sure to give you guys intimate moments during your wedding day, a chance to breath and take it all in!  We work hard to fine tune your wedding budget and prioritize on the items and services that are the most important and impactful for you.  For more information on our coordination packages, check out our services page. 

We are lucky to have really awesome resources for videography/cinematography and many of which have packages that combine photo and video.  Just check out a really sweet wedding film by TreCreative, and we think you will be convinced!

Tre Creative

Films like these will last forever and we guarantee that in 5, 10, 20 years and beyond you will feel just as special watching your wedding film as you did on the day you walked down the aisle.  Head over to TreCreative's website to learn more, or contact us today to help you get started on creating a day to remember!

~ Happy Planning!~