30 Day Dash | The 530 Bride

It's not too late to hire a Day-of Coordinator for your wedding!

"Day of Coordination is my cup of tea..you should be taking selfies with your bridesmaids, not fielding phone calls! " - Veronica 

It is never easy for me to hear people tell me their experiences as a guest at an unorganized wedding, from dinner running behind or the marriage license left behind.. it can happen.  Having a coordinator to help you put together an organized timeline, confirm your vendors, create a packing list of what items to bring on your wedding day (like the marriage license) can help you avoid these little bloopers.  

Even for the couples who have their items packed, and their timeline written out it still shouldn't feel like you are the job site foreman on your wedding day.  You need to hand over the clip board and go drink a cocktail with your friends and family! No seriously.

Day-of Coordination is my cup of tea. It involves reviewing the details already planned by the couple, confirming vendor agreements, fine-tuning the timeline and being the point person for all of your friends, family and vendors on your wedding day so that you can take those selfies with your bridesmaids instead of fielding all of the phone calls.  

If you are in the 30 day dash leading up to your wedding day or know someone who needs a wedding planner intervention please contact me today to get started. 

We have packages to fit any budget and we are always happy to create a custom package for you. Please hop over to our services or FAQ's page to learn more.   

~ Happy Planning! ~