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If you're knee deep in checklists and wedding magazine's you might be getting tired of hearing what you should and shouldn't do when it comes to planning your wedding.   There's a lot of contradicting advice you've heard along the way and likely a lot of pressure to get it right.  Today's blog post is all about less worrying about all of that and more about finding ways to be authentic and present in your wedding day. 


Life happens and work gets busy, vacations & holidays or getting the keys to your new place.. it's normal to have things come up and have to sideline planning for a bit.  We promise it will be fine, take a breathe, and take a long walk with your fiance! (we know it still sounds funny to say fiance right?!) If you were to take this long walk together, what would you talk about? What would be the fun memories that make you laugh, or the best food you've ever had together? Those little memories and quirks are what make your relationship so unique and fun, THAT's the good stuff right there.

Now the question is how can we infuse those quirks and those great stories into your wedding day to make your guests feel like they have been invited into the celebration of the most important story of all; your love story.

Hold that are going to be surrounded by your closest friends and family on your wedding day and likely the few days before or after as well.  How can we create a wedding weekend timeline that makes the most of the time you get to spend with them?  We certainly don't want you to be worrying about centerpieces or chair sashes when you could be drinking mimosas with your girls while getting dolled up.  The answer? Trusting in the professionals that you've hired to produce the event and let them focus on the logistics to ensure everything is set in place just as you've imagined.  

Such a fun tribe at Cate & Chris's wedding, captured by  Julia Lukash Photography

Such a fun tribe at Cate & Chris's wedding, captured by Julia Lukash Photography

Imagine being invited to a friends house for her birthday dinner and everyone is sitting in the dining room while your friend is slaving in the kitchen and buzzing around trying to make everything perfect.  Sure the table settings are beautiful, and dinner smells delicious but it's hard to celebrate your bestie's birthday when she's stressed or MIA. 

So here are our top tips:
1. Keep your guest list in check -
An intimate wedding allows you to connect and interact with your guests and allocate more of your budget on guest experience. 
2. Highlight one of your favorite treats or drinks - You and your sweetie love craft beer? Host your favorite craft beers during cocktail hour or name some of your tables after your top choices.  Guests will get to experience a little more of what you share together.
3. Curate your playlist - Work with your DJ to highlight some of the music that brings back memories that you've shared together or with your guests.  
4. Personalize your Wedding Vows - Naturally we've been to a lot of ceremonies in our day, but we're such a sucker for those sweet vows an notes about what it is that you have found in each other to forge this beautiful union and that you will share the rest of your lives together.  Ugh...tissues please!
5.  Stay Grounded - Keep busy with your normal day to day lives without letting wedding planning and all of the articles cloud your mind, spend time with friends and family doing non-related events.  If you need to vent, get it out but give your friends the ok to let you know if you're borderline bridezilla...

~ Happy Planning! ~

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