Northern California Wedding Planner | How to Choose Your Wedding Accessories

Around here you hear us talk a lot about timelines and logistics, but we swoon over the pretty stuff too!  When planning your wedding and collecting your details/accessories try to imagine them in your wedding album that you will cherish forever {Then you can justify spending a little more on those Jimmy Choos!}

After you have said yes to your wedding dress, it is time to start looking for accessories that not only compliment your gown but that also pull in the elements from your day.  

1. Match Your Metals/Stones
When selecting your jewelry you can start with the metal type (rose gold, yellow, sterling silver etc) or the stone itself such as morganite, diamonds or pearls to name a few!  Consider the color of your gown, as certain metals look better than others with ivory or diamond white gowns.

2. Less is More:
Statement pieces like drop earrings or four strand pearls are sure to channel your inner Audrey! You don't have to over do it when it comes to selecting accessories.  

Wear accessories that flatter.
Did you know a cathedral-length veil will elongate your frame? To lengthen your neck, swap out studs for drop earrings. And never underestimate the power of a sash or belt, which highlights your leanest point. - Brides Magazine

3.  Make it Personal:
Pieces that are personal to you or handed down, (think something borrowed) will always be a beautiful addition to your wedding day accessories.  If you find a piece that you love like a locket, who knows you could be passing it on to your family some day!

There are so many options! But don't let it overwhelm fact have fun with it! 

{Photo Credits: Jocey Shannon and Jenn Martin Photography, Lindsey Gomes Photography, Anna Perevertaylo, Diane Nicole Photography}

~ Happy Planning~