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It's All About The Details - Even The Ring Box Carrying Your Wedding Bands Down The Aisle!

As a wedding planner, we like to see couples get creative with their ceremony details and include the ring box/ring pillow in their details for their photographer to shoot because it really adds to their wedding day story.  Plus, who knows maybe they can pass it down for their children for their wedding day!

We not only ask the couple WHO will carry the rings and have them during the ceremony, but we'll want to also have an idea of what the box/pillow will look like so that we know if there are any extra steps for the ring bearer or officiant etc. 

Here's a few inspiration photos to get you started on your search for the perfect wedding ring box!

Modern Lucite/Acrylic Ring Box 

Classic Velvet Ring Box 

The MRS. Box  Photo by @JoseVilla

The MRS. Box Photo by @JoseVilla

Rustic Wood Ring Box 

Wood Ring Box hand-crafted by  Jacob MccKay Studios  

Wood Ring Box hand-crafted by Jacob MccKay Studios 

Simple Ring Pillow 

What style jumps out at you or inspires you for your wedding day? Tip: f the ring bearer is young or a bit of a wild card you can also have them just walk down holding a pillow/box and then have the rings safely in the pocket of the best man or officiant.  Just remember the kids are seriously adorable and they can do no wrong when it comes to the level of cuteness (even if they take off in the other direction - Just have a plan B!) 

~ Happy Planning! ~ 

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