Plus Size Bridal Gowns

For the curvy brides out there, it difficult to find the perfect dress but we found some great advice from other brides out there who have been in your shoes! Perhaps the hardest part is finding a local bridal boutique that carries a variety of sizes. There are very few things more frustrating for a bride than to not be able to try on the dress that she loves, because the store doesn't have her size! If you are concerned that your local bridal boutique may not carry your size or dress designer, call ahead! Keep in mind, that many stores only carry sample sizes, and they may have limited sizes depending on the designer. In most cases, a gown can be let out up to three sizes, so if you find a gown that you love consider having it let out.  Another tip is to look for a gown with a corset/lace-up back because this gives you a little more flexibility in exactly how tight or loose you tie it.

Some fun tips we found from other brides to make dress shopping stress free:

1. Take your own shoes. 2. Choose your entourage wisely, you want to be surrounded by positive energy.  Your closest friends and family will be there for you to find a gown that fits your personality and they will be honest with you about how a dress looks. But you don't want someone negative there to make you feel uncomfortable. 3. Bring photos of what you have envisioned yourself looking life on your wedding day.  Give the consultant an idea of your style, and type of gowns you are drawn to. 4. Don't be afraid to tell your consultant what you like about your body and things you would like to accentuate! 5. Take the consultants recommendations on dresses to try on, they can find gowns that are flattering for any shape. 6. Most importantly remember your fiance proposed to you as you are, not "Will you drop X pounds and marry me?" If you want to  lose weight for yourself and your health that is great, but in the eyes of your fiance you are beautiful right now, as you are, so don't feel you automatically have to lose weight because you are getting married!

If you are looking for more styles and sizes and would like to order a gown online, check out these websites:

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