Northern California Wedding Planner | The Pressures of Planning

When it comes to wedding planning, there is no shortage of excitement but it also brings unsolicited advice and a lot of opinions. If you are feeling the weight on your shoulders, this post is for you.

Photo by Morgan Chantelle Photography

Photo by Morgan Chantelle Photography

Plain and simple, it can be hard to please everyone all the time, at some point you may even hurt some feelings along the way. Trying to have every girl you’ve been friends with since second grade in your bridal party will only cause more headaches down the road, so keeping your bridal party super close knit is probably best!

Aside from hurting feelings, could wedding planning hurt your relationship? What if you are bickering about the smallest details like which flatware style to rent or what style limo you want to book.. yes these are among some of the decisions you need to make but try to take a step back and consider what you will actually remember or care about on your wedding day.

As wedding planners we get to know so many different couples and no matter if they have been highschool sweethearts going on 10 years or a shorter engagement; we know that making all of these decisions and trying to stay under budget can add stress to your relationship. What is important is that from day one of planning you set a realistic budget that you both are comfortable with and agree to communicate about the costs. This will help ease both of your minds and reduce the financial pressure even if it means cutting back on some of those wish-list items.

If you feel like wedding planning has opened up concerns in other areas of your relationship, seek advice and be willing to open up so that you don’t carry forward any resentment or stress post-nuptials! A healthy marriage takes a lot of forgiveness, trust, communication and understanding so try to apply these principles in your planning process and just remember that a wedding day comes and goes - but your marriage needs to always come first.

~ Happy Planning!

Welcome to Our Cozy New Space | Chico Wedding Planner

We couldn't wait to show you a peek of Chico's newest wedding planning studio!  It's a space just perfect for getting to know our clients better, working on creative projects and attacking that wedding to-do list.  


We have to give a shout out to Platinum Productions, who invited us to move into the space and it has been an inspiration to get to know Sana and his team.  His passion for his business and his spirit for giving back to the community is contagious.  Make sure to follow #payitforwardninja on Instagram and you'll see the latest adventures!

Next on the agenda is preparing for the Chico Bridal Show on January 10th, at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds.  Check out the website for more details, and stay tuned for your chance to win free tickets to the show! Here is a shot of our booth from the August Show, we had a blast meeting so many new couples and seeing all of our favorite wedding professionals. 


~Happy Planning~