Northern California Wedding Planner | Foresthill Wedding ~ Rebecca & Justin

We get to work with amazing couples and wedding professionals, so when Christopher Armstrong reached out about one of his couple's who were in need of a wedding coordinator we were excited to learn more! Rebecca and Brandon are super sweet and one of those couples who are so adorable together you just fall in love with them! 

Their wedding venue was the Forest Hill Veterans Memorial Hall tucked away in the beautiful trees of Foresthill, CA.  The setting was absolutely peaceful and beautiful which made sense for a couple who love the outdoors. Fun fact, their date (April 22nd fell on Earth Day!)

Rebecca & Brandon_Christopher-armstrong-photography

Say Cheese!

There are many ways to capture the memories and kodak moments of your big day. From the professional photos or videos taken by your photographer, to candid snapshots taken by your guests.  A photobooth gives you a combination of the two, because the photos are taken with a professional camera and it is just plain fun!

Photobooth companies often supply props and costume pieces that allow the guests to take as many playful pictures as they want.  You can have your names and date or monogram printed onto the photo strips so that they become a keepsake for you and for your guests.  Give your guests the option to keep half of the photo strip and place the other half into your scrapbook where they can write a personalized note to you.  Keep in mind that in most cases you will get a cd with all of the pictures on it for you to enjoy, and make extra prints if necessary.

So in between the father daughter dance and your bouquet toss just throw on a cowboy hat and some oversized sunglasses and have a unique photo with your friends and family forever!

Check out these examples of Photobooth Fun, and don't forget to checkout our directory to find local photo booth rentals.