Northern California Wedding Planner | Tips for Staying Organized

Pinterest and Instagram are only showing you the pretty, tidy photos but let's be real.  Life is busy & messy, and no one is perfect.  The best way to keep your hectic days together and stay on top of all of the to-do lists is to find a system that works for you.  Some of us are visual, while others really thrive with checklists or bullet point journals.  As wedding planners we get to be involved in our clients lives and understand just how busy their schedules are.  Here are a few tips to get your organization rolling:



Track your goals 

At the beginning of each week, choose anywhere from 1-3 goals to start with and write them down! These don't have to be earth shattering or life altering goals, heck just start with easy ones like organizing your sock drawer! Then when you have accomplished one of your goals, acknowledge it and move to the next goal.  If you feel like you are getting stuck on one goal in particular try to document the specific issues that are holding you back, maybe its that you need to take a break from it and come back or that you need to break the task down into separate smaller tasks.

Aisle Planner Dashboard

Visualize your progress

When it comes to wedding planning, we love that our clients get the best of both worlds when they log into their personal dashboard.  Not only do they get to see a progress bar moving ever closer to 100% but there are checklists, budget trackers and a beautiful style guide to keep all of the details organized.  Aisle Planner is where we house all of our wedding client's information and we love how streamlined our planning process is from start to finish!

Take time for yourself 

Make sure to allow yourself time for personal care (exercise, sleep well and hydrate!) and enjoying all of the activities you loved before you began your wedding planning journey. 

~ Happy Planning!~