5 Reasons You Should Create A Wedding Website | The 530 Bride

Why Create A Wedding Website? Here are 5 Reasons!


1. Share Your Love Story
Where did you two meet? How did he pop the question? Give a little of your backstory to guests who may be meeting you or your fiancé for the first time. This is especially helpful for couples who have had a shorter engagement or whose families haven't met yet. 

2.  A Central Place for Your Guests 
 Feel like you are getting 21 questions from your friends and family? Use a wedding website to provide information such as your wedding date, time and location.  This is the appropriate place to list registry information rather than within your invitation.  Going on a honeymoon? List your honeymoon plans if you have registered for a honeymoon registry so that guests can contribute to your trip.

3.  Out of Town/Destination Accommodations 
If the majority of your guests are not local to where your wedding will take place, it is helpful to provide some information about the town including accommodation & lodging resources.  Have a few favorite restaurants or other fun spots to visit in case guests have some extra time to explore.  

4.  Your Vendors Can Get To Know You Better
Your vendors may find your website helpful to learn a little more about you, and also to connect with any additional details that may help them provide better service.  Vendors who might want to get you a thank you gift can even find something on your registry or contribute to your Honeyfund! 

5.  It's Fun..and Free!
Creating a wedding website will give you another outlet for getting into the wedding excitement and also having a sense of control so that you have shared the information that you feel your guests need to know.  Your groom may not have his hand in as much of the planning, so giving him the link to share will allow him to communicate the details without having to ask you!  You can share as much or as little as you'd like and even have fun designing the style and theme that fits your personalities.  

Ready to get started?

You can start by checking out a few of the free wedding websites below: 

Happy Planning!