What You Should Know Before You Book..

In our daily lives we are consumers of everything from the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the phones we use to communicate, the cars we drive and the list goes on.  We have the freedom to choose the products, companies and services that we want to use and there are many different factors that lead us to this decision.  You may purchase products based on only the price, the packaging, brand name recognition, or a referral from a friend.  These same factors apply when you are looking for products and services for your wedding. Even at a time when we have the internet at our fingertips, word of mouth is still the most valuable referral.  Hearing or even reading another customers first-hand experience with a business can give you insight on what you can expect.  If you read several reviews that a business has repeatedly delivered rental items late, or in bad condition you should consider this a red flag and proceed with caution.  To be fair, one bad review can be situational so you shouldn't rule them out based on that.

I recently came across a business online that boasted the cheapest rental rates and fastest service, it seemed too good to be true.  It was when I read at least 20 reviews from customers who all had very similar experiences with this company that I saw the business had repeatedly left customers scrambling to find replacement rental items just days or even hours before their event.  It was sad to think how much time, energy & money these customers could have saved by looking into the companies reputation.

Some vendors will provide a list of recent customers that you can contact to ask about their experience and satisfaction with the service.  This can be helpful if you are considering multiple vendors and are on the fence about which one to choose.  Websites such as Yelp,  WeddingWire, and TheKnot are just a few of the resources you can use to research local vendors.

If you really want to thank your vendors for doing a great job, offer to write a testamonial about your great experience working with them, and refer friends and family to use their products or services as well.    I have had the pleasure of meeting so many reputable and hard-working businesses in our area who strive to give you the service above and beyond your expectations.   Did you find a website helpful for reading reviews? Share the website here to help others who are also in their planning stages.

Happy Planning!