Wedding Planning 101: Wedding & Event Insurance

You may have a moment of confusion when a wedding venue lists having "Wedding Insurance" or "Event Insurance" as a requirement in their rental contract.  This may because with all of the planning you are doing, and research you have done to make sure you don't forget anything; this seems to be the one things that goes off the radar. What is Wedding Insurance? Each insurance company may have different policies and exclusions so make sure you read the fine print and that you find a policy that meets your needs. In general, wedding insurance policies cover your expenses should a vendor or venue cancel on you, go bankrupt, or can not accommodate your event as promised.  In addition, it will also protect you from injuries, extreme weather or other emergency events out of your control which would cause you to not be able to have your event.

It covers your wedding against extreme situations that might cause postponement (severe weather, accident, sudden illness) and against financial loss if the event goes on but you have a glitch along the way – no-show vendors, lost photographs, damage to the wedding gown, and more.

  • If you're worried about recovering your deposits if a vendor goes bankrupt or doesn't deliver as promised
  • If you're concerned that extreme weather or an unexpected illness or injury could force you to postpone
  • If the bride or groom is in the military and approved leave could be canceled

A recent story of a bride and groom traveling by plane to their honeymoon, and the plane had to turn around because of a hostile environment at their destination country.  A gift of wedding/honeymoon insurance from the grooms aunt actually protected the couple from losing their deposits, flight & hotel money.  Well worth it! Wouldn't you agree?

What is Event Insurance? Simply put, it protects the venue you are having your wedding festivities at so that they are not liable if anyone should be injured or any damages occur to the property during your event.  There is misconception that the insurance is covered through your security deposit which is not the case.  The good news, is that most policies are very affordable and are only effective for the day of your event.

Having event insurance will give you peace of mind, so that if anything happens you will not be held liable.  While the majority of venues do not allow candles or open flames, the insurance can still cover you in the case of a fire or any other problems that occur during your event.

Don't let something minor be the reason your wedding gets postponed! Read on to find information on what type of coverage you may need, and the where you can find coverage.


What you should know before you shop for insurance: - The date and location of your event - The requirements from your venue, look over the contract to see if the amount of coverage required, for example: Policy Coverage               Limit                                    Deductible General Aggregate           $1,000,000.00             $0.00 Each Occurrence              $1,000,000.00             $0.00


Understanding the insurance terms: Event means the private reception and accompanying ceremony, if any, described on the declarations page. Event includes set up and break down and any rehearsal or rehearsal dinner scheduled within 48 hours in advance of the event if the event is a wedding.

Incident is an accident, or an event, including a series of related offenses giving rise to an actual or alleged personal injury committed at the event location.

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Did you have purchase wedding or event insurance? Tell us about your experience and if you felt it was a necessary precaution.