Plan to Look & Feel Amazing for Your Wedding

As a bride (or groom), our wedding is one of the most important days in our lives so we naturally want to look and feel amazing.  Unfortunately, we often fall victim to the claims of the magic pill or fad diet that will make unwanted weight fall off,..when we should instead be planning on making lifestyle changes to achieve the nutrition and fitness level that we want to reach.  These changes will not only get you in shape for your wedding but will prepare you for the next steps in your life of starting out as newlyweds. If you ask any dietician or fitness trainer there is just no such thing as a quick fix or easy way out, it takes hard work but the results are worth it. Making the decision to change your eating habits and increase physical activity is a more than a challenge, it is a commitment to yourself to do better.  We believe the best way to stay on track is to have a coach or mentor for advice, tips & the education in order to get the best results.  Whether you just want to get toned in certain areas to look great in your dress or if you have more weight to lose it is a good idea to choose the best time and structure to meet your needs.  Group training is a great motivator so that you have encouragement to keep pushing, and the workouts are more varied so you stay interested.

The 530 Bride has teamed up with Paradox Fitness & Martial Arts in Chico to bring you advice on training & nutrition.  From Women's Only Classes to Strength & Conditioning & Martial Arts Fusion they truly bring it on every level, and can help you find what works for you.

Paradox Fitness Photo courtesy of Jeanette Krzyzek Photography

About Paradox Fitness & Martial Arts "At Paradox Fitness & Martial Arts we are committed to providing our clients with the most unique and progressive training techniques in small groups and one on one training. Through cutting edge technique, top notch instruction and unyielding motivation, we will help our clients achieve their athletic best and empower them to live life more fully. Paradox Fitness & Martial Arts is managed by its founders, Paula and Micah Hankins, who developed the facility out of a desire to have the most highly trained and educated clients while providing them the most unique atmosphere found in any fitness facility."

Stay tuned for some sweet work out tips & nutrition information from Paradox Fitness! In the mean time check out their website and contact information to learn more.

Paradox Fitness & Martial Arts (530) 774-3902  |  986 C1 East Ave. Chico, CA