This One is for the Groom!

Okay guys, we haven't forgot about you and we know you have a pretty big part in all of this wedding stuff.  You have to get fitted for your tux, have an awesome Bachelor Party, and stand at the altar to say "I Do!"  On a more serious note, you guys are the ones who listen to the bride's constant ranting and raving, and have the stress of making sure it is the wedding of her dreams.  That is a lot of pressure!  So we feel you deserve to have the best Bachelor Party a man could ask for. What is better than Black Jack or a game of Craps with a group of your closest friends? Funny, we couldn't think of anything either!  Talk to your groomsmen to clarify what the parameters are for the party, if for instance you have your heart set on Vegas, then you will need to start with hotel arrangements and of course entertainment.

If Vegas or Reno aren't your style, you don't have to travel to have a good time.  Here are a few local casino's to consider:

Casino 99 - Chico Rolling Hills Casino - Corning Win River Casino - Redding Gold Country Casino - Oroville

In addition to local casinos, did you know there are companies in our local area that can bring the Casino to you?

The Casino Party People offer a unique party experience which mimics a a real casino environment without the risk of losing money, so you and your guests can relax and everyone can be a high-roller for the evening!

So make sure you mention to your best man or groomsmen that you would like to have a casino party, and let them know to check out The Casino Party People.

For any Brides reading this, you could always suprise your Hubby-To-Be with a Poker Night, which would be a great way for you to score points with him and his guy friends!

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