Wedding Party Thank You Gift Ideas

Some couples choose to give their wedding party members gifts or tokens of appreciation for being a part of their special day, though it is not required it is usually customary to do so.  These gifts can range from the inexpensive, to the ultra luxe it just depends on your particular tastes and budget.  Popular items for the bridal party are jewelry, photo frames/keepsakes, personalized robes or tote bags etc.  For the groomsmen, cuff links, flasks, pocket knifes or mugs are among the most popular gifts. Can you venture outside of these parameters? Absolutely!

Here are some fun ideas to get you inspired:

1. Welcome Boxes bachelorette-welcome-boxes1 Fill with small items that are personalized for each member of the wedding party. For instance their favorite candy, a perfume scent or nail polish color you know they would like,  mini bottle of their favorite adult beverage, or a new cd by their favorite artist? The options are endless. Photo Credit:

2. Sports Tickets/apparel giants If the best man is a hard core fan of the local team, take advantage by seeing if you can snag some good tickets or official apparel/memorabilia that will be sure to be appreciated.

3. Handmade Goods totes


If you are gifted with craftiness, put your skills to good use and make things like scarfs, jewelry, coin purses, throw pillows or artwork.  Not only will they be original gifts, but will feel more personalized for your wedding party.  Not so crafty? Not to worry, Etsy to the rescue!  Photo Credit:

4. Individual Gifts gift card Who says everyone in the party has to get something similar? If a groomsmen is big into gaming, and a bridesmaid has been wanting to try a new lunch spot who says gift cards or individualized gifts aren't the perfect solution.  If you have a wedding party that is difficult to shop for or is very involved in the community, you could also consider making donations in each bridal party members name to a special cause, like the local animal shelter etc.

5. Gift your talent/services If you are in the service industry or have a side passion such as gardening or painting you could offer your services such as a haircut/color, massage or day in the garden.  Not only is the service appreciated but it is a great excuse to get together and do something non-wedding related!

Keep in mind that thank you gifts do not have to be expensive and are often best when they come from the heart, so don't be afraid to do something different if you would like to.  Of course a personalized flask or shot glass can always come in handy down the line so if thinking outside the box isn't on the agenda you will be fine either way!

Happy Planning!